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  1. No problem i truly believe all churches are in a state of apostacy some way or another paul was called a sect of the nazarine by the high priest thats what we need to get back too.Man has changed our holy sabath and the very words in the Bible it saddens me.I pray God forgives us for what my brothers and sisters have done to his Holy kingdom.
  2. I never said salvation through works i stated that after the blood of jesus has me covered i try to make things better as a christian.
  3. These same voices were heard in heated arguing with my wife on both sides.That is the voices of destruction and sorrow.small words heard but never spoken that changed our entire relationship.Only through constant prayer and glorifying God can you overcome them.Do not be afraid to say in the name of Jesus it holds great power if you believe and are true.Jesus help you and give your mind peace.
  4. Beaujangles does these scriptures refer to the individual?If the Bride of christ is involved should it not be exposed?Just as paul did at many churches in the new testament.we must seperate ourselves from the world turn the cheek for them but the bride of christ is for correction and reproof.
  5. God tells us to expose wickedness and corruption i would gladly share my dark past to benefit anyone who may be in the same situation.Not saying i agree with your means of exposure but none the less if we want change we must examine our mistakes because we would not want to repeat them.The story of the israelites in babylonian times is a fine example of how people in power are corrupt and use any tool nessesary to establish the status of things.
  6. The music and television nowadays is centered around sin mostly if you take delight in these things i dont see how you call yourself a christian.I have my flaws but i refuse to take in obscene filth being spoon fed to our society.I fall on my face and ask Jesus to forgive me every day and spread his message above all else i love everyone and treat them with respect.when i felt truly saved i felt bad for being worldly and stoped absorbing the garbage in society.I still have flaws and am being chastised but it only shows me that my masters blood is on me and i am a disobedient child being punished,I Thank God for the blessings and curses it all tells me my reward is waiting if i just keep changing myself and the world for the better.We are all flesh we all sin Jesus was the only man to ever live sinless.who are we to know a mans heart all we have is his commands follow them and ask for forgiveness and i honestly believe you will pass through the narrow way.Isiah and other prophets said this was going to happen just more proof to me that God is in control and lets us make our own choice.
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