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  1. Does anyone know anything about the 12 Tribes Cult in relation to the Shofar Mountain group? I have attended a Messianic Jewish church in the past, and I am interested in finding a church community that has not been secularized or separated into denominations --one that is closest to the true church that Jesus founded. I have watched many of the Viking Preparedness videos on You Tube, and some if it is intriguing; however, they believe in some weird things, and are somewhat controlling and their doctrine resemmbles the 12 Tribes cult, and I do not want to get sucked into a cult. Also, they allow polygamy, which I am totallly against. The leader of Shofar Mountain and his wife resemble Eddie Wiseman and his public defender, Jean Swantko, who took over the 12 Tribes cult from the original 70s founder, and he was accused of condoning and particpating in child abuse. He was an elder in that group. Anyone have the scoop on any of this?
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