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  1. I asked her about the GoFundMe but she said it probably wouldn't help at this point. She cant get people to return phone calls or talk to her to get stuff done ☹
  2. Thank you, I will ask her about setting up a GoFundMe page.
  3. Hi, I am new to the site and need prayer for me. I know it's not a big issue to most people, but has me depressed. I met a friend a little over a month ago and we have become close. She has been dealing with some problems over last 6 months that has caused her major depression and anxiety real bad. I posted prayer for her the other day, her name is Wendy. The situation has caused her to shut down and wanting to be alone. It has caused her not feeling like even seeing me and caused me depression and some anxiety also. I am now starting to feel seperation anxiety. Please keep her and me in prayer, thanks.
  4. She is a Christian and knows that God's Will will be done, but not knowing when or how has got her stressed and depressed. The problem has led to a neighbor calling several people complaining and has led to the County she lives in filing on her and she has to see a judge now it is now less than 30 days she has to fix the problem. Everyone she has called and came out to her house tells her they can't help her or different things from the ceptic system not being up to code, though it was when the house was built..to she has to get a whole different type and the lot that the house was built on is small, so that is another issue. She is not doing good and is in deep depression and anxiety.
  5. I have a friend that needs a miracle. Her septic system messed up and has leaked in yard causing several problems. She has been trying to get it fixed for last 6 months with no success. Now she has 30 days to fix it or could lose her house. She can't come up with the money in 30 days which will be around $30,000 to get it fixed and scared she is going to lose her house. She has no family near her to stay with or help her. She is a single mom of 2. The situation has got her very depressed and stressed out. It is hard for her to function now. Please uplift her in prayer.
  6. Thanks...I have a prayer request but not sure how long it takes to get post approved so I can post one Update... sorry, just found I can now, so I will.
  7. I need prayer for a friend. Hope I can get this figured out in time. Sorry.
  8. Hi, I am Jeremy from USA, lot of life changes over last year, trying to get my life back in order with God first.
  9. Thank you, hope to learn a lot about God here
  10. Hi, I am new here and hoping to be blessed and make new friends.
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