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  1. In the sacrificial system there was an atonement sacrifice once yearly. With Jesus, He gave once for all, and now He lives to intercede for you and you have no further need for a yearly sacrifice. Outcast, you may have tried to slip away but in His love He found you anyways! I'm so glad for you! God granted you repentance and you took it and ran as fast as you could into His loving arms! You needn't worry about that verse now, but it's there to remind you Jesus died once for all, a gift not to be ignored. I appreciate hearing your resolve to run this race with patience! He's provided all you need to complete the course.
  2. It does seem that choosing to live those holy days is different than reading about them or listening to someone preach about them. And they make so much more sense than the subsequent replacements. Not interested in going back now.
  3. Welcome. I too have planted in hope. I hope you enjoy the forum.
  4. Welcome, Amanda. We all speak from what we've experienced. When a person experienced such difficulties as you have, I can see where it would create gaps for you. At this point you want to seek the real and living Eternal God but you sure don't want the controlling meanness that you see in the religion that you dad has. As you read through the Bible, you'll see that God isn't like that. Sure, there are lots of places where God warned people, but those people were doing awful things, the half is not recorded. To you, He is offering mercy, saying, if you turn to Him, He will draw you nearer. Repent - leave the wickedness of your past, leave the confusions - and come closer to His love and truth. The way is Jesus - given while you were yet a sinner. See Him in the light of Who He is, walk with Him step by step, and let the ways you've struggled and been confused become a part of your past. He can transform your mind, renew a right spirit in you, cleanse your heart, and give you His holy spirit to guide you closer to Him. You're in a blessed spot, Amanda. Be encouraged and continue to seek. I think Tzephanyahu's list is a good choice, and listening is a good idea if you can arrange it. Faith comes by hearing His Word. The answer is there in that written account because it shows us the Word of God - Jesus. Keep us posted on how things are going - we're family here. And some of us are also nice family who will speak to you from truth and love as best as we can.
  5. Welcome, Theology Student, I can't say I can add to your dissertation when it comes to dreams. Probably for the most part humans were too busy wallowing in their prisons of sin and then running out the door like schoolkids at the dismissal bell to be overcome with guilt at the price of their freedom. On looking back now over several decades of life since that point of being picked up and washed from my own filthiness, I can see that there was established in the old testament times a sacrifice for forgiveness for unintentional sin as well as the annual day of atonement (which is celebrated today, by the way). That blood was required was long established, even from Genesis. The blood of Jesus was that once-for-all sacrifice. If we continue to willfully sin after receiving that sacrifice, what is there to further forgive us? In order to see freedom from the past prisons, we have to place our confidence in Jesus as the Way to the Father, the peace being made by His blood. The crucifixion was a awful way to die, and the events around it point to how Jesus took on every human temptation and carried it all to His death. He was betrayed by his friend, he was mocked and beaten for something he didn't do, he was blasphemed and lied against, he was publicly humiliated and exposed, he was refused mercy. That's not an inclusive list. He experienced all the awfulness of the human experience. He took it all on for us in the great mercy of God. And He rose again after the three days in the earth, as He said He would, and now ever lives to intercede for us. Let us set aside our willful sins, let us be intentional about serving this amazing God who delights in mercy, lovingkindness, righteousness, holiness, and judgement and calls us to walk worthy, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
  6. Welcome, DivineWisdom! There are some good discussions on this forum and I hope they provide food for thought. That God exists isn't something I can deny. The fact that I see, as well as any item I might look at, whether around me, through a microscope or a telescope, everything shouts to me that the Creator is organized and has made man to be creative too. That God doesn't expect you to take off your brains to find Him is also evident. He made those brain cells. Granted, people use them to come up with all kinds of excuses, stories, and plans to exercise power over others, but still some people use them for higher reasons like understanding, finding useful solutions that don't crush others for self-gain, and those other more altruistic purposes. That the Bible can be misread, misunderstood, and misapplied is also evident, but it's also evident that it has some dynamic information. Whether discussing what makes life work or what might be coming depending on the choices people make, it's an amazing book to study. I looked in lots of places for answers to life and had that moment when I was plucked up by God's wonderful mercy from a vortex of destruction. The difference He made in my life has been worth believing. Be encouraged to keep searching! May your answer satisfy your heart as well as your mind in Truth.
  7. Welcome, Christina! I look forward to hearing your voice in the various threads!
  8. Hi Brandon, and welcome! You've asked a good question. The "undue hardship" is thinking that one is doomed from the start if we try to reach perfection by perfectly observing a checklist of behaviors, putting God, if He is that checklist maker, in a bad light, like a big ogre SMITE-BUTTON controller. God said He delights in lovingkindness, righteousness, and judgement. (Jer 9/24) But in the light of the great love that God has and showed for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us, we see His lovingkindness, righteousness, and judgement. As a very lost gentile, I put my faith in Jesus for entry to the very throne of mercy. Of course, I reached out for information to the churches. Along with the good news I found years of misinterpretations on misinterpretations. I frankly lived for decades with the confusions of what I read in the Scriptures and what was taught in Sunday School books and well meaning pastors and teachers. But in looking back, Jesus was a teacher of the law. He taught as one having authority, not relying on years of misinterpretations on other misinterpretations. In Jesus we can see what is was that God said and intended with no veil in place. When I read the books of the law in the old testament, I see that same God, full of lovingkindness, righteousness, and judgement. I realize that basis (the old testament scriptures) was all the early church had - they didn't have letters written to various congregations to address issues or the general letters written by those that walked with Jesus during His 3.5 year ministry. They saw the truth of what Jesus taught in the scriptures they had access to at the synagogues. They saw beyond the idea of "undue hardship." They saw the definition of sin and the definition of right actions, and the script for the acting out of the plan of salvation year after year in the holy days given in Leviticus 23. So that's how I see it. Now, granted, in reading the various threads on the forum you'll find the ongoing argument as to law versus mercy, works versus grace. But that started in the new testament where people by emphasizing James/Peter against Paul come up with arguments. There is a lot of discussion whether one position will end up being "right," although the answer is obviously NO. The end of the commandment is love out of a pure heart. What God was offering the whole time was the ability to be close to Him, and without holiness, no man will even see Him. He offered right standards and blood sacrifices to Israel with the idea that it was good for their society and good for them to be a light to the dark gentile nations worshiping pagan gods and ruining their societies. Through Jesus He offers the once-for-all blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of all our sins and the opportunity for us who believe to be a light to the whole world. There never was a sacrifice for willful intentional sinning, and there isn't one for people who "believe in Jesus" who choose to fool themselves with a mental assent and a life of denial. Grace and works work together to bring the person home, as Peter said, adding all diligence to make your calling and election sure. The end result is actually a person who lives according to the law of God, now written in the heart instead of just on an outward reference. Whether one gets there through "the Holy Spirit" (who speaks according to the law of God) or through the law (given by God), the end result is the same. It's actually concerning that people are still arguing, since we only have today to encourage each other to avoid sin's deceitfulness. God is in this for results - fruit. Hopefully we are too. If we abide in Jesus, who taught the law, we will bear much fruit, and we will love each other, showing ourselves to be His disciples. I'm glad you joined, Brandon. Your voice here is important. Study and share. We need each other. The days are short, the fields are white, and when we look back on our lives, I hope we see faithful service to Him who bought us and not gnashing because now we finally see the overwhelming outcome of lost opportunities. Best to you, Friend!
  9. It goes right along with loving the Eternal LORD with all our hearts first and foremost, doesn't it?
  10. Dear Inquirer, I would agree that you seem to have a firm grip on the fact that God is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. There are a lot of voices out there. I'm sure I could not have come up with a more persuasive discussion on the importance of your own study and making up your own mind about what you objectively discover in your research than choir loft and Abdicate discussed. (I'm only citing those on this page because it's late and I'm tired.) At no point ever consider that God gave you those great brain cells for any other reason that to affirm His excellence and see Him in His best logic as you are seeking Him. The world will obviously try to squeeze you into a mold of psuedo-science, but when you closely examine so many claims you can see right through the logic. Even at best, when people are trying to do the right thing, there is another aspect they didn't consider and a consequence for it. And of course there are people without the best of intentions as well - deliberate manipulators. Those handling the Scriptures fall into those camps as well, a point our brothers both made so succinctly. Gather ideas from the best minds you find and mull over them. There is a congruent story for you to discover about how God made things to work well for us, a path where we will find fewer problems, a right way to behave both outwardly and inwardly. There's a walk of humility ahead for you to share from your own experiences and encourage the next person.
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