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  1. Eucalyptus Oil. All natural repellant. Place drops around house. Repels most everything including ants, spiders, roaches, mice, etc etc. Also makes you healthier breathing in the vapors and help you not get colds or flu. Safe for kids and dogs but if you have cats put the drops where cat cant step in it or get to it....toxic to cats for some reason. Just get a small bottle and put a few drops under sinks, in drawers, closets, behind fridge and toilet. Smell will be strong atfirst but will diedown tohumans in a few hours. Pests can smell it for up to three months then replace the drops. Can put the drops on cotton balls or paper towels and toss those in the places rodents and bugs get in. TC
  2. Yes, MaryJane, it is perfectly Okay to ignore whatever you need to go have a peaceful experience anywhere on the Internet. There are a lot more people on the Internet than in your real time world that you see face to face. But even then, it's ok to ignore some of the real time people in the world if necessary too. Etiquette has changed a lot through the years as time has changed and Technology has become a more normal part of society. Ignoring someone is perfectly ok when it is necessary now where about 50 or 60 years go it wouldn't even be thought of. then again, 50 or 60 years ago people weren't part of the Internet world either where they were exposed to billions of other people and cultures and beliefs around the world. Sadly the Internet also has a group of people called "trolls" that like to go into chat rooms and forums and push their beliefs and ideas on others not considering that others have a right to their own beliefs and ideas. "Trolls" only have one goal and that is to disrupt, cause chaos, and cause dissention and strife. It is perfectly okay to ignore trolls too So don't feel bad about ignoring whatever you need to and whomever you need to. Do whatever you need to make this a positive experience for you TC
  3. There are people everywhere that will push their particular belief of how to Worship, when to Worship, etc and etc on to others. They believe they are absolute right and correct and they just can't understand why others don't believe everything exactly as they do. Sadly it is the norm anywhere you go, online and offline. One quote that always comes to mind is: Take what is useful for you, leave and ignore the rest, and just don't respond or acknowledge the posts that get off track by someone wanting to push their own rituals and beliefs on others. When you Worship with the Lord is when you and the Lord come to the conclusion about, not any human. There are people that attend Church on Saturday, others attend on Sunday, and still others attend another night of the week. Many work on Saturday and Sunday and these are the only days of the week they can work to make a living (after all God did say we had to work for our food in Genesis right?) So they worship and fellowship in Church services their Churches have on other days of the week. To me and many other Christian, the Sabbath is whatever day you take for your rest in the 7 day period and spend that time with God in Worship, Praise, and Fellowship with or without other believers. Some religions and countries it is on Saturday strictly and they say that Saturday is the 7th day of the week. Others it is Sunday they say is the 7th day of the week. But honestly, you can start your week any day you want. So your Sabbath can be whenever you need it to be. God's time is not our time and God doesn't have days of the week. He simply rested "On the seventh day". Who knows if His creation really began on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. All it says is on the Seventh Day He rested. That tells me we simply take every 7th day and rest in Him and with Him. Whatever your 7th day is is up to you. The important thing is that you have that time with Him whenever and wherever it may be for you. Pssst and think of this.... If you were born on a Tuesday, your 7th day is actually Monday TC
  4. Huntr: You are young. You are 16. Might I suggest you find a local Youth group to attend? You can call around your area see what Christian churches have Youth Group meetings. Make sure it is a Bible Believing Church. A few that come to mind are a Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, Assembly of God, New Life Church, and I'm sure there are others. These types of Churches usually have Youth Groups for Teenagers to get together to learn about Christ and be with others their age (peers) who can learn together, suppport each other, and Fellowship with one another in a safe setting usually led by Mature Christian Adults. Youth leaders there will also gladly help you with recommitting your life to Christ. Since you have said you want to recommit, I am assuming you have been to church before. The best way to grow in Christ is to fellowship with other believers, in person, not just online. Online is great as a supplemental tool but with your ability to get out of your house, going in person would be more beneficial and healthier and then use the Chat and forums as a supplement. It is imperative that we fellowship physically, eye to eye, with other believers. As for feeling close to God, a relationship with God isn't really about feelings. It is about Faith. It is about having His joy within us and the faith that He is always there even when we don't "feel" Him there. A Youth Group can help you understand this better, too. If you need help finding a church near you, I'm sure you could give someone here you feel comfortable with the city and state you are in and they would be willing to help you find one that has a Youth Group for you to attend. TC
  5. Jesus tells us to come to Him as a little child. We don't need to make our study time complex and difficult. It should be a simple child-like way of seeing things that God has made clear to us in His Word. With child-like Faith we read the word and consume the word into our lives. For some this might mean pulling out a notebook, highlighter, markers, pens, writing and highlighting our way through the word having a Dictionary, Thesaurus and Concordance on the side. But for others it is a little simpler to just reading and applying what is read to our every day lives. For many it is taking 1 verse or 2 a day or a portion a day and meditating on it throughout each day. For some it may be Journaling at the end of the day what they found when applying what they read to their life. Bible study is different for everyone just like study techniques in school is different for everyone. There is truly not one single way to study the Word of God. Each studies in whatever way works for them. The point of it all is to learn more about our Savior and about ourselves while applying what Christ teaches us through the Word into our lives and our relationships with others. Magnificent thing about God's creation of man (and woman) is that each is created in a unique way but all are created in His image and likeness showing the uniqueness of God Himself. And that leads to the fact that every person will also have a unique way of learning God's word and implementing it into their lives. TC
  6. Hntr, You said you are wanting to share more about yourself with everyone, but the thing is, its easier to share in honesty. On your post here you said "I am only 16" and then you also said "I will be a junior this year", HOWEVER, in the chat room today, someone asked if you were ready to go back to school next week and you said you were 'going to college'. They stated that you seemed pretty young to be going to college. You then stated you were '19'. Then it was brought up that you said 16 on the forums and you said you have dyslexia and get your 6 and 9 mixed up and that you are 19, yet your posts here on the forum you say you are 16 and going to be a Junior (which at 16 would be a Junior in high school not a College junior). I then made the comment that I am also dyslexic, but on the keyboard the 6 and 9 are far apart to get them mixed up. In reading, yes a dyslexic gets those mixed up at times, but on a keyboard the numbers are far apart to get mixed up. After a while you then stated your 'keys are all mixed up on your keyboard' yet you were on a cell phone to post. The keys don't get mixed up on a keyboard on a cell phone. Even if your keys were switched on your laptop, at 16 or 19, you tend to know where the 6 is and where the 9 is so it's rather difficult to type in a dyslexic manner with the 2 numbers being so far apart on the keyboard. I guess I am saying if you are going to say you are open and wanting to share about yourself, it is more helpful to be totally honest than to make things up as you go. The Moderators can read the chat transcripts I am sure and see that conversation in chat which does not coincide with what you are stating in the forums. (I've passed this information and the discrepancy of the chat discussion vs. the forum discussion on to George who was in chat at the time) I know many of us would love to get to know the real you, but that starts with honesty in BOTH the Forums AND the Chat room. You don't need to make up stuff. Honesty is always the best policy. I hope you stick around so that you can truly come to know Christ and who you can be in Christ. But any relationship, even our one with Christ and with other Christians, always begins with HONESTY. TC
  7. Warm Fudge Read a book or watch a movie?
  8. Rice, Rotini, Ricotta Cheese, Ragu, Ravioli
  9. Keep one thing in mind: Facts are not feelings and feelings are not facts. It may 'feel' like God moved, but the fact is God never moves, we do. It may 'feel' like God doesn't hear your prayers, the fact is God hears and answers all prayers that come from the heart. It may "feel" like you are abandoned by God, but the fact is God never leaves us nor forsakes us. It may "feel" like you are all alone, but the fact is we are never alone, God is always present in our times of troubles. Facts are not feelings and feelings are not facts. Go by Faith instead of feelings. Believe and remind yourself that God is with you, God sees you, God knows you, and God is waiting for you to simply submit wholly and completely to Him and have Faith that He does care and loves you and is there waiting for you. TC
  10. Hi, On the subject of Prayer, maybe I'm not the norm, but I find talking to Jesus the same as talking to my best friend walking beside me. I tend to, without thinking, just talk to Him. At home, at work, in public, it doesn't matter. I see a pretty picture: "Hey! Look, isn't that a beautiful painting? You really gave that person some talent!" (said while pointing to the picture and no human beside me) Or the pretty sunset: "Good Job God! It is all beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with me. It really brightened my day" (said out loud while pointing at the sky and no human beside me. I do get looks from passer bys and just smile back at them. It's just that He is my best friend and I can't help but just talk to Him as if He is right beside me because, well.. HE IS!. Then there are those quiet times when we are at home alone, mostly when in bed at night, and we have longer more in depth conversations. The times where it is pointed out to me what I could have changed that day and what I need to work on the next. The times where all my fears, hurts, heartaches, joys, excitement, etc are brought to Him. For me, He's just there. My best friend. My confidante. My first love. My all. I have a hard time grasping anyone not having this type of relationship with Him, but then He reminds me that we all are different and unique and this means unique and different relationships. And that is Okay! TC
  11. Tea Cup


    Hi, I think this is speaking spiritually in many areas. If we give grace we are given more grace. Mercy is given Mercy. Forgiveness is given forgiveness. Love is given love. etc etc. As an example, in other verses we are told that if we don't forgive others, God won't forgive us (forgiveness is given forgiveness). What you give out comes back ten fold. What you give you are given. TC
  12. Hi Sera, I am a recoverED alcoholic and addict. Yes you read that right, recoverED. It is possible to be fully recovered with the blood of Jesus. I can understand your struggle. When I was in my addictions, I couldn't think clearly enough to even sign on to a computer, nor could I have typed coherently at all. However, If I may suggest, when you know you are drinking or going to drink, in order to control the bad online behaviors, maybe give your communication devices to someone else to hold for you. I know a lot of alcoholics and addicts blame their behaviors on the drink and drugs (I certainly did) when in reality, it was my real heart at the time showing through when I associated with others and hurt them. Until I took the blame upon myself and not a substance and admitted my heart needed changed, there was no way to progress. But once I admitted the problem was ME and all ME and what I allowed to be ME, then I started finding healing and recovery. After much time with the Lord and learning more of Him and His healing power and grace, I actually one day realized I was recoverED. Meaning: I no longer need or want any substances to fulfill my life or to kill pain inside of me, or to alter me in any way for any reason. I have learned to allow myself to feel and to walk through emotions and hardships. Hopefully you will one day soon as well. TC
  13. Tea Cup


    Ok, thanks everyone. Sorry I didn't get a chance to come back and read the replies until this morning. I'll see what else I can post, but it's kind of weird to me to just post randomly to posts to be able to join in. I understand why you are doing that though. Hope it actually works! TC
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