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  1. Yes. When I asked the father how he thought Jesus would react if he seen this, he did he thinks he'd bless them for choosing to refrain from sex since they sleep with covers and fully clothed. He has had visions that he will not share until they become reality. Visions that help him to believe they are protected by God and are going to be something bigger than we can imagine. I spoke with my daughter yesterday and read her scripture. She fully understands this is wrong now. Just difficult knowing the father doesn't. I have faith, but still would not send my child to play in the middle of the street. I believe God will convict him. Just ask for prayer on this. God bless. 💕
  2. My daughter is almost 19. She has an amazing boyfriend and they both plan on staying abstinent from sex until marriage. He has been spending the night with her in the living room. My husband and I are feeling regret of allowing this to happen so we discussed it with our daughter and asking them not do this anymore. Of course they are not excited about it at all, but our willing to follow rules. His parents are not understanding this. I would like to hear from others if you feel it is ok to let you teen sleep with their partner. No sex is their plan!
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