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  1. I always thought that we are really just in a dream of a "supreme being" all of our history, our realities are just part of his dream. When he wakes up, we will cease to exist. He could be sleeping for thousands of years, or our complete human existence could only be seconds long.
  2. In my humble opinion, maybe you would have better participation if you kept your OPs simpler instead of a cut and paste fest. Remember K.I.S.S. Just sayin'
  3. Very well stated. I know people who have what I would call the gift of generosity. Just a truly generous heart. Even though I personally haven't spent much money towards sports in my lifetime, I definitely could be more generous to the needy. Thank you for making me think.
  4. So with that line of thinking. What does God aprove of us spending money on? What would be the max we could spend on a shirt, a pair of pants and shoes before it is excess? Food? If we are eating anything more than rice and beans we are wasting God's money.
  5. What you mean "We" Ke-mo sah-bee? I don't see that many zeros in my bank account before or after living expenses.
  6. John 1:25-27(ESV) 25 They asked him, “Then why are you baptizing, if you are neither the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?” 26 John answered them, “I baptize with water, but among you stands one you do not know, 27 even he who comes after me, the strap of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie.” Kind of obvious that he is paving the way for the true "Messiah" People will be so happy to have this circus over with that they will love the next president and the media will just paint him/her as the savior of the world. I'm thinking Clinton/Winfrey 2020. JK
  7. Most people I know who claim to be agnostics say they believe there probably is a "God" but when can't really know him personally. Hence the term agnostic A=No, Gnostic= knowledge or unknowable
  8. I know that some will say this is just something men say as an excuse to get sex but regular ejaculations contribute to prostate health. Look at #4 http://drtague.com/prostate-health-10-strategies-lower-risk-risk-love/ This isn't the only research out there that states this either and it makes sense. Any guy will tell you about the discomfort after a week or so of build up. Once again it really seems to come down to your heart. Everything in moderation. Some things become a problem quicker, like heroin but it was used as medicine at one time, in some place it still is. Buy a lottery ticket, that's gambling, but you probably aren't going to loose the farm. You are a single person and you self gratify yourself a few times a month just to take the edge off. So you don't burn as Paul put it. I don't think that makes you serial rapist. Just normal.
  9. So it is the fantasizing that is wrong and not the act. So if you are married and you fantasize about your spouse or if you are single it could be a generic person who is your future spouse. Not all couple are on the same page sexually. Maybe medical reasons one is unable to have sex while the other is at his or her peak. Better to solo than cheat or grow resentful. If you are single and you still have the desires a normal healthy human has, Paul says to marry rather than burn. Well marriage isn't an option for a lot of people, and getting married just so you can have sex... not a good idea. So taking things into your own hands is most likely the best option. You can still say but self control, self control, self control. Self control means things don't get out of hand and start to interfere with your life and your relationship with God. You can eat donuts, it isn't a sin, but if it gets out of control and that is all you want to eat, then you have an issue that needs to be addressed and self control needs to come into play. Oh and what is a milkman?
  10. I grew up in a culture where is was looked at as a sin. But as an adult I don't really think so. I have heard that because of what Onan did in Genesis 3:9-10 and God killed him for it makes it a sin. It's kind of obvious that God wasn't happy with his attitude and it wasn't so much what he did.
  11. I hear ya. When I was in my teens there is no way I would be able to teach a class. When I was in my twenties I tried and failed miserably and said I would never do it again. A short time later I assisted with teaching a SS class and eventually was able to fill in if needed. Now I can teach a class and speak in front of people with no problems. It has not only helped me to serve in the church, it has helped me with opportunities in the workforce. Jumping in with both feet is really hard and not for everyone. I say ease yourself into it and it will only benefit you down the road. Good luck.
  12. Ah yes! I believe it is in the book of Hezachia, God says "And lest ye be poisoned, thou souldst livest in a bubble shunning all unfamiliar and new things. Above all else, alienate those around you, looking down on them, making them feel unwelcome and having no desire to enter the doors of My church. Doest this and thou shalt be able to truly be holier than thou"
  13. Anyone else get some deep spiritual insights from Dr. Strange?
  14. The YouVersion Bible app has tons of devotionals. You both can join and friend each other and do devotionals together. Plenty of plans for new Christians, millennials, men, etc. Wherever you see the need for him to be fed. Definitely worth checking out.
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