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  1. Hello fellow brothers and sisters! I wanted this to be an encouragement. As we all know, we are living in the last days. Days and weeks are getting shorter and seem to be passing by so fast as trouble in this world increases. From life experience and by seeing others I have noticed that life has actually been much more difficult than in the old days. Now it's not just overcoming the world that has become a problem but overcoming ourselves as well. So I challenge you guys to pray earnestly no matter what and be strengthed! For our our father is coming soon! Don't lose hope no matter the circumstances! Brother in Christ Keny!
  2. I used to do that before! As I grew older, I didn't want to be the know it all, so I just stopped answering questions. Another reason why I stopped is because when I kept to myself and let others anwer, I noticed I seemed to do much better on tests than just answering questions. Although when I do have questions I ask sometimes. I just don't want to keep to myself and then have problem talking when the teacher calls on me!
  3. Hi! Keny here. As you all know school has already started for many. My school has started as well. I just wanted prayer because I feel bored and feel like life just goes in a circle going to school then home then school! I also need advice because for some reason I don't participate in class because I am afraid of what others think about me! I have no friends in any of my classes as well which pushes me to be reserved. Any advice and please pray! Your brother in Christ Keny!
  4. If I ever did something I would like to do things I am passionate about but teaching is not.....so
  5. That's the thing! I read that if you don't subject yourself to your fears you will never grow out of it!
  6. Alright. Thanks! I am young by the way. I am actually confused why you call my reaction. Because I accept myself and everything. Do crazy things with my friends but don't care what others think. However I just kind of think ( which is sometimes true) that people are looking at me. When a person actually stares at me, it's much easier to handle because I can stare back at them. Though sometimes they just don't seem to stop staring. However when you have a feeling that someone is staring at you but can't respond is quite frustrating!
  7. No because there is no one around where I am comfortable talking to.
  8. I used to have self esteem problems. Though now I am better and I don't consider myself to have social anxiety even though at times I do get tense speaking to strangers. Which I think is normal. Sometimes I think that the problem is I want to not have problems. Even though that's never gonna happen. I just have problem accepting that I am going to be worried, self conscious etc. In life. I just don't know how?!
  9. I am not trying to please anyone. In fact I don't like being the center of attention. I am more towards leaning on the no side rather than yes. But since I have stage for ght should I just speak up in front of people only if I have no choice?
  10. To be honest the only reason I considered it was because I saw it as an opportunity to face my fears. Unfortunately though, since I am going to be facing them and it's a small room I would have no choice but to look at them. Also I am not going to be standing up if I was to do it. I like your advice to look at the back wall.
  11. Hi again! I need help or advice. So this doesn't happen every day but occasionally I seem to be self conscious. It's not that I think of myself as less. More like if I am talking with a friend my mouth just tenses up and I start talking a weird way or I stop talk. This happense even when I am walking on the sidewalk. I feel that it's all in my head that everyone is staring at me. Which has started becoming a problem because I started getting uncomfortable. I have read a lot of advices out there that say tstop caring what other people think about you but I can't seem to stop. I want to be selfless and not focused on myself but God and others. I don't want to care about what others think about me. Not that I stop being myself. I do a lot of crazy stuff and don't care what others think about it. However it's my facial reaction that bothers me. When I speak or smile I don't do it in a relaxed and I don't care what you think of me way. Help! Keny
  12. Hi! I just want advice. So recently my youth group teacher has been asking me to help him out by teaching. He says that I have great knowledge of the Bible and it would be nice to share that with the youth group. I said that I will think about it and that I might or might not be willing. At this point it's my mouth that's speaking not the rest of me. I don't know what to do because I am willing to share what I know with the youth group but I have issues. First off teaching is not really my thing, unless I am forced to. It would be fine if it was like in a discussion and I say what I would like to say. Secondly I don't want to be the one speaking and even though I don't see myself as a shy person. I do have stage fright, which doesn't help this situation. Honestly I don't know, I would like to say no but for once I would like to face my fears( easier said than done).
  13. I have prayed for you! Spend time with God and let him speak to your heart! I went through the same situation. I had fear and anxiety. When I decided to spend my time with God, the Lord spoke to my heart. I suggest you read the book of John! Brother in Christ Keny !
  14. Keny

    Join me

    Hello brothers and sisters! I would like to ask you to join me in prayer for the youth and for God to reveal his presence in America! We need to fight the spirit that is trying to destroy America by calling on the name of Jesus! Brother in Christ Keny !
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