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  1. LeeBucks


    Lord Thank You! For giving me the courage to do the right thing. Even though it hurt me to do it.. You helped me put her feelings before my own ❤️ Yes i feel her absence deeply as our time together was soo special & I am greatful for every moment you granted us. Thank You for being there for me and assisting my decision process. Consciously making me a better man with every year that passes. I know at times I fail and let you down with my selfishness. I praise you with my whole heart for not leaving me and directing me in the correct way to go. ❤️ I Love You! I Adore You! My Saviour! My Best Friend! Lots of Love Me x
  2. Lord I just want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU! For giving me the strength, support and Love that you gift to me everyday. 🎁 Without you I wouldn’t be able to be me and aim as high as I do. Your power ensures I never feel alone and Your presence is but a breath away when I call. I can’t express what you mean to me but I know you know already.. Your The Best ❤️ Lots of Love Me x
  3. Thank you Promises for you welcome message 😁 God Bless You! ✝️
  4. Yes I did and I appreciate that thank you lol 😊
  5. Thank you Sonshine I need people of solid faith in my life. It keeps me locked on the path ahead of us. 🔒 It’s Amazing! How He provides us with all we need at the exact moment we require it. His Glory Is Endless ❤️✝️♾
  6. Thank you soo much it’s great to be here with you all. God bless us all ❤️
  7. Thank you for welcoming me to your amazing site. Everyone has been soo friendly 💙 GBU.
  8. Thank you for the welcome Amanda ✝️ It is difficult to keep on top of it especially if my ego is in the driving seat 🏎 ... Trying to remain present is a constant challenge ... God bless you 🙂
  9. Thank you so much 😊 I’ve never been on any forums like this before. It’s called to me and I’m very greatful to be here. I will write this prayer down and add it to my conversations with Him. I appreciate your help with this weakness that I have and work on to improve myself. GBU. ✝️
  10. It is an ongoing task for me .. And does escape me at times .. Our Lord knows I’m trying though and that’s what matters.
  11. Lord thank you for saving me from the man I was and directing me to be a man that you are proud of. Thank you for watching over us all .. We love you ! Amen xx
  12. Isaiah 55:10 It is of the upmost importance to be mindful of the words in which we speak.
  13. Matthew 13:12 Do you think this is referring to gratitude?
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