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  1. I love you Noel. God's taught you well. I hold your heart forever. Dad
  2. Did someone call? I ain't never ate rattler before but I'd bet it tastes like chicken. I've never been able to figure out if I actually like meat in and of itself, or if I just like all the stuff we put on it, and those little crunchy burnt bits around the edges, and the crispy skin on chicken, and how a steak will soak up all that good marinade and makes the perfect surface to caramelize a layer or 12 of nice sugary BBQ sauce mixed with coffee grains... No. Nevermind. I definitely like the meat. Crocodile? Cry-KEE! Ain't never ate none of that before either. My grill's been missing out I'm sure. I can definitely vouch for dinosaur tasting like chicken though. I'm old enough to know. As per the original question of: Are we entering in a meatless society? Yes, we are. Are people looking down on people who eat meat? Yes, they are. Personally I don't mind that we're entering in a meatless society, because then there will be more steak for me. If the rest of the population is content in living on grasshopper tacos and tofu crammed into burger-shaped molds, that's okay with me.
  3. Note, my daughter Noël will be registering here today. It would mean a lot to me if you could help her get settled in. Love & Blessings, Noah out
  4. Note, my ex wife, daughter, sister, and ex wife's new husband will be going through a counseling type of program together because of how all our past issues are affecting us and now ex wife's new husband. So we can live whole and not be controlled by the past. My ex wife had been calling my house to talk with her husband and I'd been talking with her and asking why she hates Christians. And she explained that Christians are the one kind of people who have hurt her the most. So she's agreed to join us in this counseling process to try and overcome that. Our family has a lot of issues and we're trusting our pastor and his extended family to help us untangle this mess. While we're going through this process they've asked us to avoid playing on social media or internet etc. This is the only place I hang out online and I've laughed more the last couple weeks than in all my life combined. But I'll follow their instructions and hopefully be back when things are less tangled. I thought I would need a week but I'll need much longer. Please don't close this account if you see it idle. God bless you all and I'll see you around the bend. Noahkai
  5. I just want to thank you all for praying for me the past couple weeks as my life has been so all over the place. A new family, new job, among other things. Yet I still experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding even in the chaos. Even this morning seems like it was a month ago lol. I'll be offline temporarily tending to life, work and counting my blessings and enjoying being in the presence of family. Please don't stop praying about my situation. It's all so way over my head. I'm trusting God. I love this family. See you in a week or so. Noahkai
  6. I can hear the bullet train calling your name You're older than me, brother. How's it you can still stomach the hot stuff? My stomach joins my arteries in formal protest Going to pick up a bigun bottle of antacid on my next trip to costco because the train on tracks 1 through 12 is coming in sideways...
  7. I try not to eat curry because it goes through this old man like a Japanese bullet train. If I leave out the curry will the mix still taste good? It looks great!
  8. Happy Birthday! Be blessed in all you do and wherever you go.
  9. Oh good I didn't miss any cardiologically-damaging recipes while I was gone. I'm going to try the last one today 😊
  10. Generally speaking, I've got strong godly morals and live by them the best I can. Usually. I'm generally hardworking, dependable, responsible. I've had a lot of years to practice. I'm an old man. And then you look at any normal teenager and see these are things they're still working on, some more ahead than others. But my daughter is 15 and she's more mature than I am in all these areas. I assumed I'd have to help her mature but she's already there. I might even have to just let her have some time just to be a kid and not have to worry about being responsible for so much. When I was a loser and my then wife divorced me when Noël was 7, I always made sure to put money in their account to cover the mortgage, groceries, clothing and everything else so they would never have to worry about finances. I've put 90 percent of my income in that account for the last 8 years so they'd have all they needed and a healthy savings on top. But I didn't know that Noël's mom got a full time job immediately after I left and refused to use any of the money I was putting in that account. So she was working from home all day and enrolled Noël in school online. Noël was responsible for digesting the academic materials herself, and responsible for everything concerning the household so that Noël's mom could work. So from age 7 til age 15 she's been doing her school work and running the household right down to making meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry, making meal plans according to the budget, ordering the groceries online to be delivered to the house. A couple years ago when she found me, we began to see each other at church after not having seen each other for 6+ years, and she gave her life to Jesus. At that time I helped her transfer over to an online Christian academy that my friend's daughter attends, and she's been learning about life from God's perspective. That's when she made her first friend and that is still her only friend. That family got her a job in a garden store because Noël's mom has refused to pay for Noël's Christian schooling. Her mom remarried to an atheist man and hoped he'd convince Noël to turn from God. Noël dug in her heals. Her mom gave up and sent her to live with me. Interestingly, Noël had led her step dad to the Lord the day she came here. Noël's mom has now found out and kicked him out of the house too lol. So this morning we moved him in with us until he can figure out what to do. He's a really great guy. Isn't life weird? But I've got this overly mature and responsible teenage daughter here and she skipped out on being a kid. Now she's got two dads to take care of her and she's more mature than both dads put together. So I'm going to take care of the cooking and cleaning and groceries and pay the bills, and Noël is going to be responsible for spending time with God, doing her school work, playing in the greenhouse, and spending time with her friend down the street doing whatever 15 year old girls do. Makeup? Have pillow fights? I don't know. This is very long but my physiotherapist said typing out messages with my worst weakest finger will help retrain the motor skills. That was a workout.
  11. Do you need some help? I seem to have no trouble reaching other people's feet
  12. The same way I cut my toenails: while trying not to pass out from lack of blood flow
  13. Noël is here with me now but she took almost nothing with her, so my work brother's wife and daughter (Noël's school friend) are taking her shopping for clothes, and then we're going to get her foods and other necessities all stocked up and furniture for her room. We'll have this man cave looking like a people cave in no time. She was working at a garden store but she wants to join me in my greenhouse business. I could sure use the help. It's very time consuming but then I don't have to buy produce in store, and I sell the rest to neighbors for 1/4 the store cost. We also sell hanging planter flower baskets to pay the energy bill. She wants to start her new online school term on Monday so I hope to have her all settled in by then. She should have a decent support network with my sister and me, and then my work brother David and his wife and daughter who live on our street. My sister lives one street over. We've already been together at church every Saturday night or Sunday morning and now we can extend that connection out through the whole week. My sister works in the greenhouse two days a week. She and Noël get along great at church. God is putting things together to get Noël the full time Christian support she needs.
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