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  1. I see the ticky, checkmarky thing. That's good to have because sometimes you want to acknowledge you've seen their post without thumbs-upping it.
  2. Thank man, I appreciate it
  3. Hey, I threw only a few pieces of food today. And some lasagna
  4. Hi Uncle! You'll like it here. Lots of friendship and great topics, and even good food lol.
  5. LOL little mummy... Oh, Shel, we might need to borrow your nephew to intimidate Eli a little
  6. We'll keep him covered in prayer. Please update when you're able.
  7. LOL that's something Keiran prays every day. "Lord, that Eli might stop growing or even shrink a little."
  8. I've added Phillip to our church prayer list. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I think I used about 30 within the first 2 minutes today. I went a little overboard in the prayer forum.
  10. That left me with a lot of questions...... .... But yes, beware of the comfy chairs. They appear innocent but upon contact can cause drowsiness and induce napping. I've learned to avoid mine between 9am and 9pm. Sometimes while I'm working outside I can hear it calling to me. It has the same voice as the cat lady.
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