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  1. Greetings to all! Know that God has created all of us to glorify HIS HOLY NAME. When we sleep in the night, So no one knows what will happen with us or surrounding things. Earthquake may take place or any Disaster may take place. When you know GOD and your savior it means you have maximum work to do for HIM. actually, I worked in mission / Christian organizations in Seminary or you can call that BIBLE School/collages, especially as Worship leader, most of the time i preached too and there were privilege to teach to the student in he Bible colleges. What i experienced and realized is people are just sitting to check their watch, few i seen very much interested when there is good Music and Drums in worship. But after worship one or half may be body, spirit, brain is aware to listen Gods word. Dear friends, No worries whatever you are in your life. But every one knows that God only has created to them. He/She can be from different religion no matter but all have one thinking GOD has created us. God is not asking to stay anyone to stay with HIM for Whole life. Oh He is So good He has given us freedom all week but one day for some hours come closer to HIM. but with Truth and Spirit. HE loves those who worship HIM, He loves those who communicate with HIM. Today in the actual meaning people are having lots of time to find friends to talk with them. but you know one thing, no one desires to talk anyone more than one one that is Hello! Prayer Has Power and Worship can Lift up Gods HOLY name. I know its hard to read here. but who knows tomorrow i will be here or not that is just hope in Christ that I will see new day. before that i would encourage to you my friends. Take time to Communicate with HIM (Pray) and in Your life any time use some min. to Exalt HIM HOLY NAME. GOD BLESS YOU.
  2. hello Greetings! I liked this page and Love to be continue. how it works. Once it stopped. I am a Missionary Prayer warrior and Worshiper of Jesus Christ.
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