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  1. All this reading is making me thirsty, I might go grab a beer and read some more. Fear God and honor the King
  2. Sonhine, You have the lords spirit in you, Please Listen, It does not matter what you do, or what you take. nothing can take us away from how we fell about our LORD, How would any one be empty or unoccupied if they truly believe.
  3. I love to here peoples views when they find some understandings,
  4. Hey Bro totaly understand your views,I can feel your passion, Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, The Tempe of the most high, will handle my love and yours, regardless.
  5. Sorry miss understanding. I'm with you on this. Any one who hurts our little ones, are going to get what they deserve
  6. Definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing! I would have told the pastor and the police. I have and will again. Totally trying to understand.. You can do anything you like as long as you don,t Burden. Read that some where, makes sense .
  7. You said, I was told, Not suppose to judge people. Did you listen. What if these Devout Christians, sparingly in your words smoke some of the peace pipe. Do we run them off there reservation, Its legal in many countries and is medical benefits and purpose are now being understood. What if they are really nice people that love our Lord, and teach his words. Step up and cast the first stone. The first time i smoked the peace pipe as a follower of the Messiah, I couldn't stop thinking about him the hole time I was high. You can cast stones at me two, as i thank him every day. I'm not condoning or condemning but a lot of followers are not following his words. Whats Judge Not mean.
  8. Lady Kay, hi, as you stated " why do I not feel his presence, Your not taking your time in his word. We all have to work out same times to get in shape. The Parable of The Sower of The Seed, can help you shake awake. In pretty sure we all go thru the slumps, but the rewards are to the ones that stand again. Look, Listen and Learn made sense when we were young.
  9. What was the warriors Toast before they went into battle ''Fear God and honor the king
  10. What if you were buying beer for a family member, wear your shirt with honor. If I seen you in a parking lot with Jesus on your shirt with a pack of beer, I would of asked you for one. If you love Jesus, share your beer.
  11. Well said. We have all experienced the effects of Alcohol some good, some bad. Its the one thing you don't want to much of, and one to respect. It was given to use to use, not abuse. Weddings party, and funerals are gathered around the vine, The people that judge should not. When i have a drink, I THANK GOD for it.
  12. You can do anything you like as long as you don't burden your self or any one else. if you drink, do it in Moderation and don't get intoxicated. Some people should never drink, but if your having one with family or friends, give thanks when you do.
  13. Hi, god is my lover, thanks for the invite, i will join in when my friend comes around to show me how to log into the chat room.
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