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  1. I would like to request prayer for a righteous resolution to a pending divorce and yes children are involved. We ask for healing of confusion, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and for obedience to the Scriptures so that the marriage can remain intact and flourish for Gods glory. We wish to prevent the divorce and any custody issues. Help me to be the best husband to my wife and a great father to our children.
  2. I was legally married in the eyes of God almighty per the Scriptures. The state does not have jurisdiction over a marriage unless a license is obtained.
  3. We have a Christian marriage which overrules the state. We have potential custody issue and not a divorce since no legal state marriage. Justin Adams, I hear your point but even the state says ok if there is a custody issue, the children stay where present. No disruptions/moves of minors until the case is settled or both parties agree.
  4. Hello, My common law Christian wife of fifteen plus years wants a divorce due to lack of emotional support. We have children and she wants to take across the state to her original home to care for her ill folks. I did a better job of meeting her emotional needs a week before she returned to her parents. however, it is too late according to her. Apparently it has been going on for too long and I did not recognize nor did my wife ask or remind me of it. Naturally I would prefer for her to stay and for us to work it out. Her request caught me off guard! Am I a jerk if I block her from using a car (titled in my name) or file for custody blocking her from skipping the county with our school age children? I'm concerned my wife cant take care of her folks, our children, and her self in a crowded old house. I dont want my wife and children on the street after my inlaws pass and the govt takes their house to pay for the medical bills. Scripturally speaking I read that the husband gets the children but right now my wife is being ruled by emotion and not Christian reasoning. The same is true of her folks. Thank you, W
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