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  1. not sure I understand what you mean? But another thing (not sure this is taught by the Catholic Church but whatever) is that when we suffer, we can think of Jesus' sufferings on the Cross. I mean, why should our Lord suffer and we never suffer? Yet it is human nature to try to "weasel out of" sufferings any way we can
  2. with the militant Left (and what other kind is there?) it is all about coercion They are not American (not speaking of everyday libs but these whacko activists who want to destroy Christianity) They want to destroy the Constitution (latest attempt: get rid of the electoral college.. so THEY can win more easily.. to hell with rural voters) They are SCARY. Again, why anyone votes for these extremists, these baby killers.. beyond me
  3. Catholics believe we can offer all our sufferings (extreme weather, low income, hostile neighbors... whatever) as expiation for those who need to repent (abortionists, adulterers, etc) I love that teaching because it means our sufferings do not have to be in vain So i offer my sufferings (the people running for pres on the D side, etc) so that all those in egregious sin will repent today.
  4. the govt forcing PP to keep info from patients? what a joke. It is abortionists who have been keeping women ignorant about abortion all these years. They don't tell patients about post abortion syndrome: the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual ill effects of having an abortion. you'd think this would go without saying but: It is a really sick person who knows what abortion really is and what it entails long-term.. and promotes it anyway.. BTW: You can say what you want about the Catholic Church, but that is the only "mainstream" Church that hasn't caved on the artificial birth control doctrine (As the pope predicted: abc led to abortion being legalized) and has not caved on the abortion controversy as many other "Christian churches" have
  5. I have been persecuted not by atheists not by satanists (that I know of) not so much by anti-Christian people but mostly by Christians, so called The first to persecute me were my "family" members who went to church every Sunday but --- that was about it as far as their "christianity" went then there were others, but my point is that the worst persecutors can be found "in the church" that is really bad, obviously.
  6. I am just wondering the % of people who think/feel/know they were abused as children? Abuse is a subjective term a lot of the time. But I speak of objective abuse: being slapped hard, being denied necessary food/water as punishment, etc. I ask because whatever happens to us in childhood affects who we are at our core.. and affects us the rest of our lives.. shapes our destiny in so many ways
  7. again, abortionists make more $$ than any other kind of doctor (I have heard) except brain surgeons so yeh.. we see how hard it is for the rich to enter Heaven.. I doubt there are any abortionists who are not wealthy
  8. i totally agree. There are many people burning in Hell as we speak because they thought they could twist our Lord's words to suit themselves. I heard once that abortionists make more money than any doctor save brain surgeons. that couldn't be part of that doctor's motives, could it? hmmmm
  9. huh? I will just focus on this Luther was a man thing yes he was But it was Jesus who established the Christian CHURCH and Jesus is GOD ("If you have seen Me you have seen the Father.." etc) There was only ONE Christian Church in the world.. until 1521 when Luther broke away and started his own "church" so called then other "men" broke from him and there were 1000s of other breakaways and so today we have more than 65,000 different denominations, all differing in their teachings and practices. But God is not the author of confusion or chaos we know who is, don't we? The one also called Father of all lies The Catholic Church is not waht it should be (the human side of it, that is) but it is still and always will be the Church Christ founded.. That does not change just because man is sinful, whether Catholic or non-Catholic
  10. I don' think that is true But according to my best info, plenty of others have done so. the health/wealth and prosperity doctrine comes to mind and Luther made up Once saved always saved out of thin air.
  11. it's amazing how abortion is given a pass as a "medical procedure" whereas anything else requires informed consent. Thanks for the good news
  12. Luther changed more than anyone. He was the one who invented to fake doctrine of once saved always saved. as we all notice, that doctrine is nowhere to be found in the Bible.. in those words or any other words. In fact, the truth is just the opposite: Jesus said that few find the NARROW way [emphasis added], that not even all believers (who say Lord, Lord) will make it Jesus said that only those who DO what he says are his disciples. And what he said to DO is not easy (forgive everyone, turn the other cheek, etc)
  13. The Catholic Church has a lot of serious problems but I have learned to separate the meat from the bones. I was raised Catholic and have studied the history of the Church probably a little more extensively than most people have (?). One thing I know for sure: There was only ONE Christian Church in the world before 1521 and that was the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, it is not against logic to say that the RCC is the Church Christ founded. All others came AFTER 1521, after martin Luther broke from the RCC (for his own personal, mostly not too valid reasons). Luther broke from the RCC Zwingli broke from Luther others broke from Zwingli and so on and so forth. now there are something like 60,000 (and counting) different denominations of "Christian church" in the world But Jesus established only ONE Church. (If that Church is corrupt or full of hypocrites.. that does not negate that fact. Jesus said "I will be with you until the End"--Mt 28:20 [even if the human side of the Church leaves much to be desired])
  14. I know of someone who was like that.. didn't exactly live in a trailer but an apt that was taking something like 1/2 her paycheck every month. I think she finally got wise and stopped supporting the TV crooks
  15. True Christianity is the only thing that can save this troubled country. It is troubled because of liberal lies brought to you by the likes of cnn and etc.. I sometimes go to this public place that has cnn playing all the time. No exaggeration: every time I am there I hear the commentators (who pose as journalists) say Trump is a racist-- or some other R is a racist.. It sounds like a broken record. I don't get it except that they know if they repeat something often enough, people will believe it as gospel truth. looks to me like.. people who are always yelling Racist! are the ones obsessed with race. But really, they are obsessed with beating Trump. they seem to think calling him a racist will do the trick.. They have to beat Trump because they have to keep baby killing legal. i sometimes think that is the primary reason they hate him so much: not only is he pro life, but he doesn't back away from SAYING so. A lot of prominent Rs are closet pro-lifers.. sigh
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