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  1. Tut tut miss lady. You know deep down that Pengiushy is last, you are just not willing to admit it. How are you this morning?
  2. Welcome to Worthy! God Bless.
  3. Good morning miss lady! How are you this morning? A very good morning to my penguin pal! How is the penguishy this morning? To the rest of y'all good moring but stop trying to steal penguishys last. Penguishy is last.
  4. Agreed lady, I would not trust someone who smells like gunpowder to cook for me. Coop, No I do not eat actual poodles, only pretty dog cakes. Sadly yes I do like chicken soup but would never slaughter you my chicken friend. Ian I am disipointed in you. Why did I not get at least a B? I have never gotten anything other than a C, in everything else but Math I am a straight A student. Perhaps something off of poodle would be better for a nickname. Up to you all though. More Confetti! My oh my how I do love to make you clean up sour. (By the way that is your new nickname) You should come vacuum here after I finish grooming the poodle. I think we should call pat, pat the cat. It is much more fitting for him than poodle pat, especially since he called them Mutated Rats! *raises tone in voice accusingly.* Nice to see you again Ian by the way. The Penguin is last.
  5. Wow, Ian pretty flowers! Pretty Cakes! (And yes I have had dog and poodle cakes. Although this year it is pie) Pretty Balloons Penguishy! Thank you Isaiah.
  6. Good night to you wing, it is also past your bedtime little man. (Or shall I call you little bird?) Good night the Penguin is last.
  7. Na shoes are not necessary no worries if they get barfed on. *Says this while telling dog to leave saddle oxfords alone*
  8. Hi Sam! Welcome to Worthy! It is always awesome to hear about new Christians. God Bless.
  9. That sounds like fun Penguishy. You have most certianly been to a lot of places. Cool Mlbrokish! Polar beers, in Canada. I thought they only lived in like antarctica and alaska. Silly me. I think I will be going to the part by the water falls, not sure how to spell it but I think it is spelled Niagra Falls.
  10. indeed it can be very messy. Poor poor sick kids. Our family (Everyone but me and my brother) had the intestinal flue last week. Not fun. *Mumbles under breath about barth* Thank you Penguishy. Enoob I think you should trust my 70 year old dance teacher, who has been married for 30 plus years. Yeah, the sight of Wing burping Penguishy is very very disturbing. Good night to all and to all a good night. PS. The penguin is last. Pss. Penguishy is very very very, permentalty last.
  11. Now now pat. Talking to Christmas trees is not good. You must be on Enoobs pills again.
  12. Yes actully I did. The penguin is last and you are not.
  13. Our neighbors went to Ireland in July. They said that it was very buitiful, but very very cold. I am sorry that you had to go through that Penguishy. I have been to Canada when I was little. Will be going to Canada again coming spring or fall.
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