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  1. I am good thanks for asking. Glad to hear that you are well. Penguishy is last.
  2. Nope nadda not happening! Penguishy is last and will always be last! How are you today @TheAimes? I have not seen you yet today.
  3. Praying for you and your family! God bless.
  4. We finally agree about spmething miss lady. Penguishy is last.
  5. Penguishy is last! Noob why are you trying to kill your poor gold fish?
  6. I don't know Sweety at first glance the dog looks very duck like. Your fake last stands out like a sore thumb, compared to Penguishy's real last. The Penguin is last!
  7. The Penguin is last!!! And no tree can ever be last.
  8. IloveyouGod.


    Welcome to Worthy! God bless.
  9. Hi Peter, welcome to Worthy! God bless.
  10. Praise God!!! Very glad to hear that he is healing well! Keeping him in my prayers. God bless.
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