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  1. you asked for it. bad noob bad, bad bad noob, take that bow off her now! . I shall continue to bang you in the head and beat you up until you do so. Evie and I are last.
  2. Take that bow off of Evie right this instant!!!! Oh no, Jadey has the dotty's again. Positioned and ready to bat! Evie and I are last!
  3. I would wish for all of you guys here to be healed, helped, saved, and all there family members.
  4. Indeed I will second both of you on that it is different. I have no problem with it, it seems to be accurate with scripture but more in a story like form.
  5. You just said that you are lost. Evie and I are last!
  6. Praying for you Penguishy! God bless you!
  7. Lol, you sound like my cousin. That is frigid. Last!
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