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  1. My mom confronted my dad. But the sad thing is that his voice doesn't seemed to be guilty and doesn't even say sorry. He seemed to be annoyed that we caught him. He only says that's this is not the right time to talk about it.
  2. Hello it's me again sorry for the broken english. I would to ask for advise again. My father cheated in my mom 5 years ago with his first-love but then my mom just forgive my dad because she doesn't what our family to be broken. But then my father cheated on my mom again, but before that happened my mom ask for a sign about their marriage because my mom feels that there is something hollow in her heart and then this happened "he cheated again" the worst thing is that the side chick of my dad is his friends wife. We (me and my mom) read all my dads conversations and it is all sexual and nasty stuff my dad even suggest that they should meet and fulfill their desires and keep it as a secret cause e doesn't want any scandals. What hurt the most is theres this part which my dad even told the "girl" that e doesn't love my mom anymore its all "pretend happy family" i don't want my mom to be hurt again. What should i do? my mom is been hurt really hurt, and i don't want that. I suggest that they should move on there separate ways. Is that the right thing to do?
  3. Sorry If my english is not so good. Hello, I'm a 21 years old and still a student. This is my story 5 years ago my mom and I had a argument about me getting into a relationship and eventually told me he is no good, long story short i've broke-up with him 2 years after I realize that my mom was right. My problem starts when my mom cursed me that I will never be successful in life and be living a hard and miserable life, my marriage will be unsuccessful. After my mom cursed me i've been having a hard life i even question god why I'm living this kind of life. I have this question, and I hold you can help me I really feel lost and empty 1.) does the curse my mom gave me the reason why life is like this? 2.) I feel that God disowned me because of the words my mom spoke. 3.) Why does my prayers haven't answered does God no longer listen to me?
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