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  1. Sorry If my english is not so good. Hello, I'm a 21 years old and still a student. This is my story 5 years ago my mom and I had a argument about me getting into a relationship and eventually told me he is no good, long story short i've broke-up with him 2 years after I realize that my mom was right. My problem starts when my mom cursed me that I will never be successful in life and be living a hard and miserable life, my marriage will be unsuccessful. After my mom cursed me i've been having a hard life i even question god why I'm living this kind of life. I have this question, and I hold you can help me I really feel lost and empty 1.) does the curse my mom gave me the reason why life is like this? 2.) I feel that God disowned me because of the words my mom spoke. 3.) Why does my prayers haven't answered does God no longer listen to me?
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