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  1. Amen! This is so beautiful and empowering to read. May God continue to bless you DustyRoad!
  2. Hello everyone! For years I have been wrestling with this doubt. Every now and then I wonder if I am actually saved. I accepted Christ as a little girl, but years since then my family has not been to church for one reason or another. Also different things have happened since my acceptance, good and bad. I struggle with certain sins and with making a habit out of reading the Bible often. I need help to just believe as I did when I was younger. Is there anything I can do to get to that point and stay there?
  3. Hello PromisesPromises! and Hello JJBerean! Thank you and God bless!
  4. Hello turtletwo! thank you for the warm welcome! God bless
  5. Hey Jubilea, thank you for sharing with me about your dad. God bless you two!
  6. Hello IainL and Worship warriors! Nice to meet you, God bless
  7. Hey Walter! This is so insightful! I tend to struggle with worrying about what others say or think, and the circumstances of my life, when that should not be my concern at all. I hope to stop doing this soon. Thank you for posting this!
  8. Hello littlestarsmum, Thank you and God bless!
  9. Hello BeauJangles, Thank you and God bless!
  10. Hey Willa! Thank you so much, I appreciate seeing these verses. God bless
  11. Hello Heybro! Thank you very much, and God bless you too
  12. Hey Amanda! Thank you very much, and God bless!
  13. Hi Debp! Thank you very much! God bless you!
  14. Hello Willa! You're welcome! No problem at all, I'm Glad to help. May God bless you and watch over you
  15. Hi PromisesPromises! Thank you all for having me, and God bless you!
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