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  1. You need to sit down and read that article again. Globally as a whole Christianity is growing .07 per cent more than global population growth. I.e it's pretty much stagnant growth wise. In Europe and America it's in reasonably sharp decline , that decline has pretty much null and voided the growth in Africa and Asia etc. What you need to be taking notice of is the rate at which Islam is growing. Feel free to google the studies. We cant keep up. I think I saw somewhere that at the current rate it'll be about 2050 that the number of muslims will match Christian's. The kingdom of Islam is reproducing at a prolific rate.
  2. Not everyone becomes a disciple. When it sais make disciples of all nations it means make disciples all over the world.
  3. I dont take the Adam and eve story literally. I think it is a narrative God gave us a loooong time ago to communicate some universal truths about where we come from and our basic nature in a way in which we would best understand. Its worth remembering that our Christian bibliography contains all sorts. Some is poems, some is prophesies about the future, some is songs, some is historical accounts, some is intellectual Godly teachings. Quite a chunk of it by it's own admission is NOT literal, it's not by any means a stretch to consider Adam and Eve a figurative story. SOME of it is stories that are told that didnt actually happen but are used to illustrate spiritual lessons, Jesus called them parables right? In Galatians 4 21 to 31 Paul explains a good example about this relationship and how to view these things from a spiritual perspective. I'd consider Adam and eve to be one such figurative narrative for us to learn from. And no I dont think a snake or serpent like lizard was speaking and had a full on literal conversation. I think in our heart of hearts most people know that didnt happen. We can still share this account of Adam and Eve with others and continue to pass it on to our children, learn from it and learn just as much today as we were thousands of years ago when it was first told. If it is figurative it doesnt nullify, cheapen or change the content or value one bit.
  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you are wrong.
  5. Nothing can remove us from the hand of christ that's not what we are talking about though. We are talking about people choosing to leave Christ. Choosing to throw away salvation. And there is that one unforgivable sin let's not forget so it does happen. And there are some interesting curveball in the new testament like the couple that God killed on the spot for keeping some money from some land they sold right? It seems to fit that Chrisriand falling away and separating themselves from God happens.
  6. Yeah our interpretations differ on this one.
  7. That doesnt ring true when you read verse 6 where it sais that to fall away and come back doesnt work because it would be crucifying Jesus twice. Verses 4 and 5 are about Christians not Jews. If this passage were talking about jews then it would mean that someone who is a jew and falls away from Judaism that person then cant become a Christian? Am I missing something here. Change my mind.
  8. Except for Elf though right?
  9. I only identify as Christian, I dont subscribe to any denomination.
  10. This is an interesting one. I dont think they should be able to make designer babies for vanity sake. I think it is a corruption of Gods handiwork. I think the difficult bit would be in a few years when gene therapies have advanced. When you can have gene therapy to cure things like cancer, diabetes, name your disease. Would that treatment be ok to cure an adult? Would it be ok to use these treatments to save a child's life at ten years of age? Would it be acceptable to do gene therapy on a baby so that the baby didn't go on to spend its entire life in chronic pain.... would it be ok to perform gene therapy a week before the baby is born , inside the womb so that it wasnt born with a debilitating muscle waisting disease? Thoughts?
  11. That's really interesting . I'm in the uk so its probably even more different than the Catholics here lol. Are most of the Christian's in Mexico Catholic then?
  12. Or do you mean they're actually kinda merged together where you are?
  13. They're two different holidays. Ones a Mexican holiday ones a catholic holiday, they celebrate two different things. It does get confusing though because they're on the same day.
  14. I agree with you there that people dont value each other enough and that causes a lot of problems and terrible things happen because of that. I think that's a truthful middle ground to say that when people dehumanise other people instead of trying to connect with them things go wrong spectacularly. I'd say loving and connecting with other humans is probably one of the foundations of being a Christian.
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