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  1. Thankyou and thank God 😁
  2. Thanks Debp yes Ill have to look around the forum a bit more. Ive been busy reading the OT and now a short book about baptism they gave me at the church when I enquired about being baptised. Second service at the church tonight and it was very enjoyable. They had a lady singing with a great voice and a bible reading from exodus 33. A nice supper afterward then I stayed for a group talk with experiences from some missionaries that went to el salvador and bali. There was free pizza but I dont eat dairy anymore so I had to refuse 😐 I am having lunch with one of the pastors during the week to discuss getting baptised. I chatted a while with the senior pastor at the engagement party but he is about to travel overseas for a while. I havent gotten around to going to any of the other churches but I was very interested in the catholic church here because they have multiple services every single day but things seem to be going well at the baptist church. Ill see what happens I guess. I need to read a book on how to socialize lol I dont know what to say to keep conversations going then I get nervous and it gets worse from there. I pray about this problem. Overall things are looking good 😁
  3. Great post and thankyou for the reminder. I notice that people have very strong opinions when it comes to scripture. Its funny how I prayed about the slave stuff and got directed to that relevant passage. These are the kinds of things that make me believe. I prayed one day asking if I would be ok to drink alcohol and two minutes later an anti-alcohol advertisement came onto the radio Im sure someone is looking out for me and I am very, very grateful. I wish I had gone to church when I was younger lol but at least im there now. Whoever is listening is probably saying "Finally hes listening!" 😀
  4. The group was from the baptist church and it went very well I think a few were from different churches but mostly from the baptists. Everyone very friendly. I was invited back next week and invited to an engagement party which i went to but I struggle to chat and make conversation with new people. I am very lacking in social skills but im trying.
  5. Thankyou. I am an independant thinker now but in the past I was very easily influenced and repeatedly tricked. Thats why I am so cautious now. Things are really starting to come together for me now though and its not because of my own actions, so I can only thank God for calling me. I have been so stressed with fear its very comforting to know that someone out there cares about me and that there is someone that I can trust. I honestly felt like I could not trust a single person in the entire world. The part of the artice that disturbed me was the bits about having a master and being servants/slaves. This morning I read John 15:15 and felt a little better about that whole situation. I feel like that little bird too but Im not infuriated about it anymore, I am willing to listen and learn. Im grateful that he never gave up on me. Thats why I have made a lot of changes in my life. Going back to church, cleaning myself up, getting fit and healthy etc. Im going to a bible study group tonight. Leaning to be sociable. I will keep trying. Thankyou everyone for your posts and support.
  6. Well I have realised one simple answer to my issue with submittance. After I woke this morning I read a random passage from the NT and then the answer came to me. I think there is the need to submit because we were given free will and for God to help us we have to give him permission to really help us otherwise he would be breaking our free will. People may have said that but maybe i didnt get it. I just saw people saying to recognise Gods higher intelligence, his plan for me and all those types of things but im sure the free will is the main issue. God didnt want to break our gift of free will, even though it didnt turn out too great for most of us. All part of learning I guess.
  7. I like your post but the yoke part freaks me out. I dont want to be like some animal with a yoke around its neck, no matter how light the load is to carry! I know its supposed to just be a metaphor but it still makes me feel strange. I read Malachi the other day and in malachi 2:3 the Lord says that he will smear dung on peoples faces! I really wonder about the big difference between the OT and the NT. Anyway im just going to soldier on through the OT and get back to the NT good times.
  8. Hi Debp. The service was very nice. A little overwhelming for me because the church was packed full of people and children but everyone was very friendly and some kind ladies chatted with me at the door which helped me to relax at the start. They started out with 3 songs, two I didnt know but then Amazing Grace! What an excellent song 😀 That song really made a nice vibe for me. Then there were some prayers, an enjoyable sermon, a few more songs and supper to finish. I didnt have supper because I was busy talking to people. There was an opportunity to volunteer, which I am looking for, but decided to hold off until I pick a church for certain. Afterwards I chatted and made a few friends, told them some of my story of how I came to be in their town. Next thing you know I was among the last few people there and it was time to lock the gates. I was invited to a bible study group during the week and invited to dinner but I was very tired because of how I couldnt sleep the night before. Overall it was a very positive experience but I want to go to a couple more to make sure. Next week im going to try the Anglican morning service and see how I feel afterward. I felt pretty good tonight but hard to tell because I was so tired. With regard to the new covenant im very grateful. Trust me I would prefer to just read the New testament over and over, it was so easy and enjoyable to read. Very uplifting. I want to finish the OT though even though I find it very difficult and sometimes quite shocking, the brutality. What would you recommend, a few passages from the NT after some OT reading?
  9. I am glad the god has called on me but also a little bit terrified because I still feel alone in the world. Im sure he wants me to go to church to meet people and learn, thats why I am trying. I had planned to go to an early morning service but I was so nervous that I couldnt get to sleep, I was still up at 5am. Thats why im heading to an evening service today. In the past I have only been to morning services. I have been working my way through parts of the OT that I hadnt read and they have been a little scary to be honest. Scary and brutal, I dont care if Im sounding like a wimp. I um, much preferred the New testament but I want to complete the task of reading the entire books of the Bible. Anyway thanks for your support and I wish you all the best
  10. Funny, I am actually heading to a Baptist service today. When I looked at the church on google map street view I realised that I had pulled my car into their church car park one day when I first drove into Darwin (I missed the turn off and used their carpark to do a u-turn). They have a childs playground near the front so I had assumed that it was a day care center lol.
  11. Dont worry you have scared me away from the JW at least for now, but I will always remember how they were there for me that day at the park. Especially how the lady appeared after I prayed for someone to talk with. Im a very open minded and tolerant type of person so i might not have fit in there anyway but for some reason they appeared in my hour of need. I hadnt seen any JW in that town before and I had been living there a few years... Anyway Im still looking for a church. I will just have to man up and start trying them out but internet research helps me to at least avoid some with very different beliefs than my own. I have become interested in one called The revival fellowship, I got a good feeling from their website and personal stories. I also like the Uniting church website. I have also been thinking about just going to an anglican church again. The one in Darwin looks very nice. When I used to go there i felt like the sermons were written directly for me, but I guess thats how most people feel at church. I am at least strong minded enough to leave if Im feeling pressured, so dont worry about me. I did go into a kingdom hall once and came out intact lol. Thanks again for your concerns and its been nice meeting you all. 😁
  12. We sound similar but you had a lot more women 😁 Yes I realise i was a sinner. God has cleaned me up also. I began to realise my foul mouth, which is much more common in Australia. I stopped drinking and smoking and now excercise everyday and eat healthy but I face a constant battle of will against hunger. I have to look away from women in the shopping centre because they basically walk around in underwear here in the tropics, bear in mind that I am single. I have been searching the internet, going through different denominations wikipedia pages, trying to find one that has similar beliefs to myself, no luck as yet. Some i agree here, some i agree there but nothing 100% There is a bunch of different types of church within 10 minutes drive but I wanted to be sure before I go because meeting new people is tough for me since I was so isolated for most of my life. I dont want to go through that process over and over again.
  13. Well obviously that sounds bad but who am I to argue with Gods plan for me. Why would these Jehovahs witness keep showing up in my life at crucial times. Maybe i will go there and it wont work out. I will keep my mind open and alert, like I always do. Just so you know, all these non-believers claim that all believers and churches are cult like. I even used to ignorantly laugh at chrurch goers until God stepped into my life.
  14. When it comes to the crunch I think its mainly the actual words, not pride but perhaps a little bit. I dont have any problem kneeling and praying to God, thanking God for helping me, calling God father and creator etc. I mainly have a problem with words like master and slave, property, implying ownership. Since I was a child in school I have always been disgusted by the idea of slavery. I have no problem submitting to a higher knowledge when I clearly wasn't up to the task myself. At the end of the day, God helped me and made my life much better, even though I think they way I currently do, so Im sure that he understands. I think he helped me because I did always try to do the honourable action in any situation, but I didnt trust anyone so I went through a lot of trial and error. Im sure you understand how many tricksters there are out there in the world and quoting passages from the bible doesnt really do much for people who arent certain about their beliefs. The book doesnt seem to have any meaning for a person at that stage. I was alone most of my life even in childhood, so I basically only trusted myself. I could only rely on myself in those tough times. I didnt believe in God back then... As for my church, I prayed for God to guide me to the right church for me. Then I realised that he already did 😁 A while ago I was in some real mental distress. I pulled over and parked my car near a local park. I was almost in tears. I prayed for God to send me someone to talk to, because I had been alone a long time. Then I looked in the park and there was a nicely dressed lady handing out pamphlets, I swear she wasnt there before I prayed. I went to talk to her and a man who were the local Jehovahs witnesses. We talked for a few hours in that park! Afterwards I felt better but I remembered about satan preying on people at their weak moments, so I was still a bit sceptical. After that I went on a car journey across Australia from Victoria to Darwin, where I am now. I pulled up in a park looking for somewhere to fill up my water bottles and there was a kingdom hall across the road, directly in front of my car! Its the Palmerston one, across from "sanctuary lakes", the name of the park! I know this might seem like some Jehovas witness commercial but I swear its true, may God strike me down otherwise. Anyway so I am going to try going there. I took a lot of online quizzes about "Which denomination is right for me?" and kept getting Anglican but I really didnt understand quite a few of the questions and had to guess in order to proceed with the quiz. I did go to an Anglican church a few times but it just didnt stick so who knows where i might end up. A wise man told me once that it doesnt really matter which one, more important to believe and just going to any church would be better than none at all. Its kind of tough at my age though, most people have been going there all their lives. A lonely newb in church haha but at least Im pretty sure thats what God wants me to do. Thanks again everyone. Ill be doing a lot of reading here but I probably wont be able to contribute much, being so new. I have read the new testament twice but I struggle with the OT. I will keep trying. I hope to make friends on here because I dont have any church friends in real life, yet 😀 Thankyou again to all of you for taking the time to reply to my thread.
  15. Thank you all for your replies.
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