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  1. Maybe you have too much going on, mind too busy. Have you tried breathing exercises, like meditation? Without going in depth, long slow breathing for a few minutes can really help. And its important to breathe IN through the nose. Like I said, good luck to you!
  2. Have you tried melatonin, worked great for me. I have found exercise to be the best thing for sleep though. Even just a bit of walking. Good luck!
  3. Yes I enjoyed Gran Torino and Million dollar baby, I think Space Cowboys was ok. Im a fan of Clint Eastwood and have seen most of his movies. I watched the others in the "Dollars trilogy" but they were a little disappointing, probably just because GBU was so great. I like the music in GBU also, I learned how to play the theme song on guitar.
  4. In the bible they all drank the wine and said it was some top quality drink, even with modern science all the professor could do is change the color and poison the water in the process...
  5. Church can be a place for lonely people to find a group of people to interact with and there is a much higher chance that they will be good types of people, less chance of getting taken advantage of etc. The problem is when people push their interpretations onto others. I volunteer at the church food for life program ( very cheap groceries) but lots of people go there just for conversation and we are instructed not to push any God talk on them, no pamphlets or anything. We sit there talking for hours and usually get pushed out at closing time lol.
  6. Did you like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" ? I loved that movie. Ive seen "The outlaw Josey Wales", was a decent movie. Which "Serenity" do you mean, the joss whedon one? I liked that one and the firefly series.
  7. Not only darker shows but they are turning shows darker like what they did to star trek. Every star trek series had a good positive feeling to it with a little bit of humour but the new one is just depressing and overly dramatic. I had to turn to that orville show instead which is more like a traditional star trek even though I dont highly rate the show and the humour is sometimes a bit childish. Now I am mainly just watching all re runs ( Star trek voyager atm) even though I can remember most of the plot within the first minute of the show, but at least the shows arent depressing and dark. Even the colour schemes are dark like just black and blue with low lighting but they used to be bright and colorful. I tried a few new scifi series on netflix and they were all dark and space/horror/fear, very disapointing. No peaceful exploration or camaraderie at all, definitely no humour. Do people really enjoy things that dark or is it just a trend? I prefer bright and colorful, Ive had more than enough depression in my life 😁
  8. I enjoyed Everybody loves raymond too, but I didnt actually think much about raymond himself. Maybe the title was supposed to be sarcastic 😀. I liked the brother and the grandparents more. My favorite comedy show was definitely Seinfeld, there basically wasnt a bad episode in all 9 seasons. My other favorite was Arrested Development, the first 3 seasons mainly. Community was a good one and the animated comedy Futurama. One of my favorite shows of all time is Star Trek the next generation which had its fair share of dry humour 😁 When I was younger Eddie Murphy was my favorite comedian.
  9. Yes my favorite shows have always been comedies to make me laugh. Its hard now because most comedians are foul mouthed but I know why the do that, the cussing amuses people for some reason. It just makes me cringe these days and seems unnecessary. They can easy tell the jokes without and still be funny. One of my favorite shows was seinfeld and there was no swearing in that show. Anyhoo, my lunch with the pastor was very nice and we had a good chat, he wants to wait until the senior pastor returns from overseas to baptise me in a few weeks but thats ok. After I read the book that the senior pastor gave to me about bapstism I am even more keen to be baptised! But my trust in God is growing and I am patient. This morning I went to help out a little at their "food for life" program, where they offer cheap groceries for people and free morning tea with barista coffee and cakes, the whole works. Its also for lonely people to have conversations. I ended up talking to many people and it was very easy because I mainly just had to listen 😁 It was quite enjoyable. I stayed to the end and helped clean up and have volunteered to be a regular starting next week. I left feeling really good, not for helping out but because I really enjoyed chatting with the people there 😃 Things are going very good for me.
  10. Debp I just wanted to mention that when I said I was annoyed about people and their hard opinions I didnt mean you, just some people that I have met in real life. People who arent really interested in discussion they just kind of wait for their turn to speak. I just thought I would mention that because I said those things in the reply to you. Just incase 😁
  11. Hrmm yes that page makes the catholics seem very dodgy. Its a shame because I really liked the idea of being able to go to church any day of the week in addition to the regular service. The only other church around here that seems to have a mid week service is the Jehovahs! Ill keep looking maybe ill find somewhere. The baptist church has some groups that occur mid week but they are mostly near the end of some 6 week courses, so I have to wait for them to start anew. I had a meeting with the chaplain at the university here today who offered to have a chat with me but it was just ok. It was so basic at one point he asked if I knew that there were chapters and verse numbers in the bible! I was educated in the english system lol, he is used to foreign students I think. He goes to a different church than the baptist one I am attending. Everyone wants to meet up and discuss the bible to share their strong views about what certain parts mean but I think I just want to keep reading and decide for myself, asking for guidance when really required. Theres no guarantee that their interpretation is correct but they speak as if it were and theres very little room for debate. Probably because I am new? Its a little annoying though because I know that there are a lot of different interpetations and they all claim to be 100% correct but they cant all be. Baptism for instance, they dont even all agree on the need for baptism, full immersion or sprinkles yet they are all super keen to tell me how things are. So im just going to keep following the guidance from God and try not to get boxed in anywhere.
  12. Lftc thankyou for the social advice and the church information. I guess im lucky that I didnt go to church when I was very young because now I have some free thought. I have seen how people kind of dislike other churches than their own but I just see a bunch of God loving people with slightly different views. No big drama for me so I guess im kind of lucky there. I even saw infighting at the anglican church i used to attend, they deliberately sat on their different sides of the church and had seperate celebrations. I wonder how they feel about people who dont even go to church or believe. Its not really loving one another is it. Oh well we are all here to learn I guess. The bird thing wasnt stupid you had a good point which was relevant and helped me on the way to my understanding. I very very much appreciate your posts lftc 😁
  13. Thankyou and thank God 😁
  14. Thanks Debp yes Ill have to look around the forum a bit more. Ive been busy reading the OT and now a short book about baptism they gave me at the church when I enquired about being baptised. Second service at the church tonight and it was very enjoyable. They had a lady singing with a great voice and a bible reading from exodus 33. A nice supper afterward then I stayed for a group talk with experiences from some missionaries that went to el salvador and bali. There was free pizza but I dont eat dairy anymore so I had to refuse 😐 I am having lunch with one of the pastors during the week to discuss getting baptised. I chatted a while with the senior pastor at the engagement party but he is about to travel overseas for a while. I havent gotten around to going to any of the other churches but I was very interested in the catholic church here because they have multiple services every single day but things seem to be going well at the baptist church. Ill see what happens I guess. I need to read a book on how to socialize lol I dont know what to say to keep conversations going then I get nervous and it gets worse from there. I pray about this problem. Overall things are looking good 😁
  15. Great post and thankyou for the reminder. I notice that people have very strong opinions when it comes to scripture. Its funny how I prayed about the slave stuff and got directed to that relevant passage. These are the kinds of things that make me believe. I prayed one day asking if I would be ok to drink alcohol and two minutes later an anti-alcohol advertisement came onto the radio Im sure someone is looking out for me and I am very, very grateful. I wish I had gone to church when I was younger lol but at least im there now. Whoever is listening is probably saying "Finally hes listening!" 😀
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