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  1. There's quite a bit going on concerning feasts, and still others who idolize the Law, trusting in the shadows which condemn and never justify. I pointed out that in the 15th chapter of Acts this very issue became a heresy in the church. God and the apostles addressed what was expected of Gentile Christians, something which those who fixate upon feasts and idolize the Law don't care much about. I understand that. God doesn't require me to care about feasts, nor am I to be careful to observe this day as sacred or perhaps that day as sacred. As I've written many times over in this thread, the Law was given to men with hardened hearts who failed to keep it. The Law does NOT justify; it condemns. So, if one wishes to embrace condemnation let them act according to their conscience.
  2. Then let me make something perfectly clear at this time, JTC: you have no business pressing for the personal information of other members. It's unbecoming and also lends the appearance of evil to your motives. You've already thrown a few lies about me around, and I forgive you for this. However, this ends right now. Consider this a friendly warning, JTC.
  3. Did you read the original post? I ask because if you did, then surely you'd be familiar with the scriptures I linked in that post. I understand that many are fond of their religion, gazing into books and doing their best to appear learned and wise. Yes, it's possible to not pay attention at all and post a great deal of fluff as long as it tickles the ears just so. I'll write this for your benefit, friend. I obey Jesus Christ, the one who gave the Law to Moses. In obeying the Son I therefore obey the Father, for the Son is a faithful and true witness of the Father at all times. The scriptures are fit for study and edification and I've been familiar with them for many years. I don't have to hear the Law preached. The Law was given to men with hardened hearts and they failed to keep it; the Law was only intended to bring sinners to God. God is greater than the Law, and he promised to teach us himself. God gives his Spirit to the obedient which he surely did for my sake, so I don't live a life in service to the flesh. Why do we require the Law when God dwells with us? He speaks and we listen. We hear and obey.
  4. Food, which is corrupt, feeds the body, which is corrupt. When one embraces that which is corrupt --- namely food --- and one's concerns revolve around corruption, then surely that makes one corrupt doesn't it? The Lord clearly explained matters of food to the disciples: what goes into our mouth doesn't corrupt us, what comes out of our mouth corrupts us. Those who are fixated upon corruption, preaching the Law which was given to men with hardened hearts to those who are born to Life, are convicted by their words and actions. It's all right there in the 15th chapter of the book of Acts. That's what the apostles thought about the preachers of the Law.
  5. You warm my heart, @other one. I pray God blesses you just you've blessed me today.
  6. Like JTC, you walked into this thread making so many presumptions it makes my head spin. First, I don't care about feasts. Second, I don't care about holidays of any sort. The corrupt partaking of corruption for the sake of corruption: the cares of this world. The concerns of the flesh. Those who were given the Law failed to keep it; the Gentiles who weren't given the Law obey it by obeying Jesus Christ, the one who gave the Law to Moses. Like the Pharisees in Jerusalem did long ago you insist that everyone pay heed to your fleshly warnings. But God doesn't require such things of us. You're the one who requires it.
  7. No offense taken, JTC. Thank you for the response. Don't put too much stock into your impressions where sin is concerned. You presume much. First, you presume that I live in sin; second, you presume that the Lord's instruction and correction is insufficient, and that I require a man to teach me what is right. You have no idea how I live, JTC, nor are you aware of what I do. Your assessment of me is lacking (you think I'm younger than I am) but I'm not troubled by it. I'm concerned about you presuming such things which are false. You have no idea of my age and this bothers you greatly. Why does this matter so much to you?
  8. You make assumptions which people who fixate upon the flesh commit as a matter of habit. You're rather fixated upon pagan feasts, as you call them. Why? Since when does food, which perishes along with the body, count toward righteousness? Did Jesus Christ avoid the company of sinners and Gentiles when he walked in the flesh in this world, Justin? Surely you know that no Jew of good reputation would do such a thing. He honored Gentiles (pagans) for their faith in him, people whom even the disciples tried to keep away from the Lord. No one else thought the Gentiles deserved it … but Christ honored them by praising their faith. To the pure all things are pure. I don't worship idols --- I worship God and subject myself to my Father's authority in all things. I eat food knowing that it rots and molds just as my body will one day. You worry about whether something is pagan or not, forgetting that the Law you preach convicts you of your sins. One greater than the Law is here or do you believe that God is not greater than the Law? Of course you're not going to like this. You stumble because God gives his Spirit to Gentiles (pagans), people who don't give one whit about food: it's meant to be eaten for the sake of the body. It perishes with the body, something which Jesus Christ --- the one who gave the Law to Moses --- confirmed to his disciples in plain language. The One who gave the Law to Moses has come. The Law and ordinances were a shadow of I AM. Why do I need the Law to teach me when God himself is here to teach me?
  9. These debates are for those who walk according to the flesh. The Law was intended for all flesh, given to men with hardened hearts who failed to keep what was handed to them by Moses. The prophets testified about this and still no one listens to them. All scripture is fit for study and edification but God is not the God of the dead. Neither God nor his words exist engraved in stone or printed on paper but then mankind has always loved idolatry, another lesson one gleans from the Law and the Prophets. The fullness (Jesus Christ) has come but many prefer a form of godliness wherein they attend to the works of their flesh, teaching others to stumble as they do. Why must I read Leviticus to inform me of sin when the Spirit of the Living God, who dwells with me, instructs me in all righteousness? Because I'm faithful and believe, I trust that God will speak to me through various means, sometimes with the words of his mouth, sometimes with the words of my brother or sister in the Lord. I have faith that Christ will teach me, correct me, and admonish me when necessary. True to his word, he does so every day. Our God is the Living God, not the God of dead things.
  10. I bear witness to the truth of these words. God does as he pleases. At no time did I request healing from the Lord: I only asked for crumbs of his mercy, nothing more. I was content with calling upon his name but Christ lifted me up; I confessed my sins and despaired of all that I'd done but the Lord had other plans. He breathed Life and in the blink of an eye I was transformed into a new man. Over the years I've lost everything: even that family of flesh no longer claims me. Jesus Christ set me free. But he sets us all free. Blessed are those who endure!
  11. So many posts! I'll answer some of them with the following comments. The 15th chapter of the book of Acts addresses those who sought to impose the Law on Gentile Christians. The apostles issued clear guidance regarding this matter. The presence of Paul and Barnabas were essential to that happening; they testified of the works of God among the Gentiles. Their testimony was essential for the judgment of the apostles to take place. Of course this is controversial. Instead of focusing on the 15th chapter of Acts it's much easier to target me instead. Yes, how old am I? Clearly I'm in need of correction because I wrote about scripture. Perhaps I used the wrong word somewhere in the mix, or maybe you don't like me. Demand proof when forums filled with it are available at your fingertips! Make an entrance teaching everyone (and correcting me, of course). Whatever you do, make sure you ignore the message and focus on the messenger instead. Did I brush my teeth? Did I remember to scrub beneath my fingernails? Do I advocate sin? In all of my posting history here at Worthy when have I done such a thing? I enjoy pointing out that God requires obedience from us and I even take the extra step of emphasizing OBEDIENCE. I mention keeping the works of Christ but since some rely upon eyes of flesh and thus direct their focus upon me, they can't be bothered with stuff like that. I'll state it simply: God sends his Spirit to the obedient. I do not at any time rely upon my own strength because I'm weak; I do not lean upon my own judgment because I'm dull and possessed of a meager understanding; I'm in need of correction from the Spirit of the Lord, whom Christ sent to dwell with me. When I obey God's Spirit I FULFILL THE LAW for God wrote the Law on my heart. I'm a Jew of the circumcision made without hands. The Law CAN'T SAVE ANYONE. Only the fulness of the Law, Jesus Christ, can present us blameless and perfect before our Father in heaven. Christ saves us AND IT WAS ALWAYS INTENDED TO BE THIS WAY. Nor do I advocate ignoring the Law and the Prophets. As I've written previously here on Worthy, they're for study and edification. I was expecting a mess here and wasn't disappointed.
  12. One who has my commandments and keeps them, that person is one who loves me. One who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and will reveal myself to him. (John 14:21) I sought the Lord as I often do, presenting myself for a report. I'm accustomed to no small amount of discipline seeing as how I'm accused by the evil one day and night, so I strive to be the best pupil possible. Why not, since this chance was given to me by God himself? Of course there's sin in me. Only Jesus Christ is perfect! The Lord wasn't interested in my report, however. To be honest God hasn't desired this from me for a while now. I could stop holding my breath, gritting my teeth, and waiting for the blow to come. The time I spent walking like a child ended and there's no turning back. Of course God knows all things but in truth the Lord desires for us to both believe and speak to him, knowing in faith that he'll respond. There's no room for doubt with me. So of course the evil ones are hurling their javelins, none of which can harm me. But the words of their accusations aren't always silenced and so they continue to barrage me day and night. I won't lie and proclaim that the barbs of my enemy are without effect, but I'm not ashamed to confess that Christ gives me strength. Let the rabid dogs bay at the gate and let the lying spirits wail and gnash teeth! I'm not beholden to this world nor do I serve it; my portion is the Lord. When I take the side of mercy speaking the truth and delivering it plainly, I can expect for the assault to grow more intense. If I were to believe the accuser then surely I'm done for now. This is it! God will abandon me and I'll be left as a morsel for the hounds of hell. I'll be cast out again only this time, there won't be any coming back. I speak and so I say it was given to me that I'm the Lord's possession: He delights in me. It was given to me to rest in spirit, walk with faith, and run with joy to the coming of Jesus Christ. It was given to me that I should live and never fear for the terror which comes at night nor the destroyer by day; It was given to me to run this race for the glory of Christ who gives me the strength to do all things. In truth spiritual warfare is a part of our walk toward the Lord, friends. We should both expect and prepare for the barbs of the enemy.
  13. Browsing the forums here at Worthy I stumble into a cliché: members preaching the Law to other members. This is an error of antiquity; thousands of years of old, in fact. Ordinarily I pay these no mind but when I come across those working to terrify others, browbeating them into adopting their profane creed, my heart cries out for the oppressed. Why does this persist? Why do these preachers of the Law seek to inflict their hollow observances upon others? Even they confess that they don't keep the same Law they preach in insolence! This heresy arose early in the history of Christ's Church: those of the circumcision who believed demanded that those who weren't of the circumcision be taught the law of Moses, and that they should be required to keep the ordinances which they proscribed. This heresy was so prevalent that Christ sent Paul and Barnabas to the assembly in Jerusalem. They were widely perceived as the ones who were sent to the Gentiles, a.k.a. those who weren't of the circumcision. The others, like Peter, were sent to the believers of fleshly Israel. What was the judgment of God's Holy Spirit? Read the 15th chapter of the Book of Acts to discover the truth for yourself: not only were these preachers of the Law wrong in their conduct, but God demanded no such thing of the Gentiles who were being added to the Body on a daily basis. If you fancy yourself a keeper of the Law, that's well and good. Act according to your conscience! But understand this: under no circumstance are you to demand the same of others.
  14. Your agenda is revealed by your conduct and words. If you're presenting God's words to another as you claim and that one struggles to understand, whom does it profit to feign innocence when your deeds are exposed to the light of day? You don't answer the questioner, withdrawing leaving them to their confusion. Your behavior reveals that you judge them as lacking. If you were earnest you'd be ready to respond to all questions clearly as well as concisely. So why didn't you? Are you their teacher as well?
  15. God sends his Spirit to the obedient (Acts 5:32). What's with the vague response to a direct question, @Abdicate? I've witnessed this being done to others before and there's nothing worthwhile to be found in it. It's shameful conduct. There's no darkness or uncertainty in God! @maryjayne asks a legitimate question which deserves an earnest response. No, the Lord doesn't simply send his Spirit only to withdraw on a whim. Those verses of scripture illustrate the following truth: that many, convincing themselves that they do this or that in the name of the Lord, will discover that they were workers of iniquity (lawlessness) all along. Don't be deceived: God doesn't send his Spirit to the lying, or the profane, or to those seeking an advantage with others. This doesn't stop certain people from claiming that God's Spirit dwells with them, of course. They're a dime a dozen in this world.
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