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  1. This is one of the reasons Christianity is fading fast. No one cares about the faith anymore. No one has the courage to stand up for the word of God and defend our faith. The preference is to turn a blind eye to the increasing immorality that is all around. To hide in the corner and talk about mice in the kitchen. I was extremely offended by this article. But out of 4 people that posted only 1 person expressed sadness, 1 person was fine with it suggesting not to watch it (oh i didn't think of that, good advice) and 2 people actually criticized me for mentioning it. Unbelievable. No one was offended. Instead u turn on your fellow Christian for showing offense to it. Gutless cowards. Who signed the petition to have it banned? No one cos no one cares about Christ. Its like when we were voting for gay marriage "shhh don't say that" y'all choose to hide like cowards instead of standing up for the word of God, afraid of persecution, being called a bigot, homophobe or whatever. Im grateful to be labelled that, grateful to be persecuted for having the courage to stand up for the Word. For goodness sake show some passion for your faith, speak up and defend it like St Paul would
  2. It's the first time i've seen something like that anyway. Well for starters there is a petition to have the show taken off netflix. That would be helpful, i signed it and i encourage others to as well. This is a forum about all things Christian right... And this show is a direct attack on Christianity ok. Can u see the connection? Besides what's the "mouse in the kitchen" thread got to do with Christianity?
  3. This show released by netflix is extremely offensive. The attack on Christianity is becoming more acceptable. https://decider.com/2019/12/09/the-first-temptation-of-christ-on-netflix-stream-it-or-skip-it/
  4. "I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" Revelation 22: 18-21 (ESV) These are the final verses of the bible. Is John referring to the book of revelation or the bible? I think he is only talking about revelation because he mentions the "prophecy of this book" twice. The bible is more than a prophecy. Revelation is a prophecy.
  5. Let me explain what I mean by faith. See how you said "we continue to learn more about it as the theory grows and we learn more about it". It says that the theory can change over time as new things are bought to light and so there is a possibility that at least some of the theory is incorrect. But in the same post you say "One accepts the evidence He gave us, or one does not". A fallacious claim designed to give people only 2 options, believing or not. It leaves no room for probabilities. So if you don't mind I would rather have the opinion that it is possible ToE is totally true instead of committing 100% to either side.
  6. Agree to disagree is key. Im skeptical by nature but also fair. I can understand this view a bit better now and think it is possible. If u would leave links to more videos, longer ones, I would take a look. There are theistic evolutionists that simply claim that a God was involved somehow but u guys have a much harder task of trying to harmonize scripture with science, the natural with the supernatural. Then there is the traditional folk, whew, im getting a headache just thinking about the debates you guys will be in. Plus seeing ToE is being taught as undeniable fact in schools this position will become more sought after and useful for people with faith.
  7. Well interesting concept anyway but it's not for me. One must have complete faith in ToE as 100% fact in order to accept this. There is still a debate over ToE itself. I would need to fully establish this first before anything else. However I don't reject your position and hope you don't reject mine. I encourage you guys to keep searching and offer this more as an idea rather that trying to convert people. God Bless
  8. Well bombarding me with claims is no way to get a point across. You've given me some links so i'll check them out. I explained my opinion not to argue against ToE as that is a huge debate already in itself but just to give my position thats its improbable which means I don't really even need to entertain this but I am still. You'll just have to agree to disagree with that for now and give me a chance to take in your theology. Some points to make is that science only looks to explain life by natural causes only like you said yourself. It rejects the supernatural. Thats something that if we don't agree on will get us no where. Also if your claiming ToE to be unequivocal fact then we'll get nowhere either.
  9. I guess one could argue that "in the beginning" just refers to the beginning of man. The last evolutionary split from the chimps and that all the evolution happened before that and was irrelevant to add to the bible. I myself think the whole of the ToE has a small possibility of being all right. It is inherently anti christian as science looks to explain the supernatural by using only natural explanations. Science turned on religion in the late 19th century, pulled a bunch of hoaxes like the piltdown man to get things started. Took religion out of schools and replaced it with evolution propoganda. There is also a big political pull as well. Thats my skeptical view of the theioretical field of biology. Aside from that im willing to entertain this line of reasoning further. Good night. God Bless
  10. I was just mucking around. Thats alot of reading mate cmon now have u got something a little bit briefer. A video maybe. I found people linking ToE to the idea of God but no one actually making biblical parallels. I'll still give that book a skim over.
  11. Ok so u millenials are known as theist evolutionists I've learnt. Don't just throw a bunch of claims at me, lol, i know nothing about yas apart from the indoctrination by the atheists, Darwin is your prophet and his book is your new testament Im happy to see what u guys believe but u have to give me reference. I'd refer anyone to Stephen Meyers to explain things. Who is your best advocate? Send me to someone who can give me your account of Genesis
  12. So there are Christians that believe in ToE... I don't understand. Do u believe in the bible or ToE? Ok I just read the opening post of this thread and WOW... I was unaware of such a cult. From the mental gymnastics required in that post im afraid to ask a question like were does it say humans were apes in the bible? This is the result of the indoctrination of the youth by secular society. These kids are bought up being taught that ToE is infallible fact. But some kids were bought up in God and/or still feel God so the poor souls hunt for ways to justify ToE with scripture committing a multitude of heresy's. It's sad, the insidious disassembly of Christianity. As for Stephen Meyer he double majored in geology and physics. Ive seen him win debates against ToE advocates. Makes em look silly. What do u guys call yourselves anyway? A quick search doesn't bring up your sect. Im curious to hear or read a cohesive story that fits both scripture and ToE. If there is anyone credible that has these beliefs please refer me to them
  13. If there are Christians that believe the theory of evolution or if you are debating atheists I would refer you to the works of scientists Stephen Meyers and David Berleski. There are others but those guys are my favorites.
  14. No. Science is the study of natural processes. It only seeks to explain things by naturalistic theories.
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