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  1. I bought her a package of Gummy Bunnies candy today and she opened it up but wouldn't eat any. She doesn't want to hurt the bunnies, so she's lined them all up on her window sill (she sleeps in Noel's room) and she's named them all! 46 names in all. She's utterly adorable She made me cry 3 times today.
  2. Keiran


    First, with prayer! This whole world is one big spiritual battle. Pray the word of God over our lives and the lives of all believers. Tell people about the love of God and His plans for them. What we do in our community, go and do likewise in yours. See a need and meet it. In the simplest ways. Buy one pair of socks for a homeless person so his or her feet can be a little warmer. Or volunteer your time in a soup kitchen. Or work in your church ministries. Go help a neighbour. There's so much we can do if we open our eyes and look around. God is at work!
  3. Keiran


    Little Mila is so very intelligent for her age. Perhaps because she sees everything through the eyes of Jesus. We were reading in Philippians today and I asked her, "Do you know what rejoice means?" And she said, "Rejoice is remembering the joy and redoing it."
  4. Is it just me or is the coffee especially good this morning? This little icon does not accurately depict the slow, relaxing speed at which I am lazily sipping back my coffee, but it's the only one I can find.
  5. David, I read your initial post, and all I see is your legal rights being violated to pieces, along with your heart. There are many ways to obtain free legal aid. If you would like information on how and where, you can reach me any time. For the time being, I do hope the people renting your house will take in your cat once she returns. Cats do have certain survival instincts, and if the people there don't welcome her, she'll seek out another safe and loving home. I'm sorry you lost your other pets. When one of us loses a pet, we all lose a pet.
  6. Keiran


    Sir, thank you for all you've done for us, your countless hours of service and support!
  7. I agree with Noah. This is a spiritual matter. Everything we've been doing is legal and up to code, supported with all necessary permits and paperwork signed off by the city. Some people came to our location, to Noah's home and our church building, and said they had heard online about our ministry. They said what we're doing is illegal and that they're going report us. A few days later, city officials start showing up at our church and homes, claiming we're in violation of this or that. We know these officials. They're the same people who guided the stages of building the different areas of the ministry. Their signatures are on the permits. So they say Noah's greenhouse is too large for the lot. If it is to continue running, it must be downsized, and ALL the electrical must be redone to code. We have the paperwork showing it was done to code to begin with. To continue construction on the other greenhouse, we have to make the foundation smaller by 26 square feet. This coming from the same person who signed off on the foundation we have now. Even our church building is apparently not "zoned" to be a religious place of worship, even though the building has housed church congregations for 73 years. We have paperwork that shows we're a "legal" church--building, property, and all. But they tell us in order for our land to be rezoned, we have 14 major code violations to remedy. Basically, we'd have to rebuild the church building. This is not a legal fight. I've gone over every detail, and our ministry, every area of it, is legit, legal, has been signed off by the city on all counts, and there are no real violations. We know this; the city knows this. There's no realistic legal battle here. If this were a legal battle, we'd show up with our paperwork and it would be over. But the ones who signed the paperwork are the ones charging us with violations. How the complainants are able to persuade the city officials, God knows. God sees. This is His ministry and church to do with as He pleases, and we'll follow in accordance. I chuckle a little at how intimidated and afraid old fuzzy butt must be in witnessing the glory of God at work, that he has to try somehow to prevent God's goodness from spreading. This is a spiritual attack. Sometimes people need a lawyer to defend them in a court of law. But in this case, we have the city's own word defending us from the same city's accusations. This is all utter nonsense. It's darkness playing a game with itself and trying to get us to notice. We noticed, and now we're going to go sit with Daddy and give Him all the glory, and wait on Him.
  8. My apologies, Alive. I assumed you were David's brother, so that's why I said what I did when I welcomed you. No matter your bloodline you'll be well-blessed here!
  9. Please join in! But what out for the fact this thread sometimes turns into a tea party. It's not as bad as it sounds They have great food.
  10. You've got to love it when your auto correct changes your dessert into a dictator.
  11. I guess you can't blame Nova for needing something to wash that all down with.
  12. Welcome, Alive! I believe yelling and throwing food are 2 fruits of the firefighter spirit. You'll fit in just fine. Put up your feet and stay a while. There are chocolate covered ice cream balls in the freezer.
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