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  1. (Elijah)


    I have have to retrain my right hand hand how to write. I know in my mind how how the letters should be but my hand doesn't make them easily. It it takes lots of concentration and and my hand shakes. My new friend Myla is also also learning her printing. We're learning together each day we practice in in workbooks. And I read her bunnies books books to her to learn how to to make my mouth say the words clear. Myla loves bunnies. Baby rabbits. Bunny books. Bunny stuffed animals. I made made her a cupcake with with ears on top. Bunny ears. I like little children because because they understand. Myla's dad has to to go to jail for 3 months. He invested in in a company that turned out to be be conducting illegal business. He used used the return on his investment to to buy a house for for his family. He has lots of fines. Bankrupt. They took his house away. His wife got got sick. Heart valve doesn't work properly. These are our friends!! People who who live good lives and and love Jesus!!! We love them. They are family. Jesus loves them. Their house was for sale. WE bought it. Now it belongs to our our church. Now our church gives it it it back to them for free to live in. We take care of Myla's mom's medcil medical bills. All this time in here and and I didn't know there was an erase button. Until now. That's helpful. Myla's mom's bills are covered. No being denied treatment. This is Family. And Myla would be be taken by child services. So Myla's mom made Noah Myla's legal guardian. Full custody. No Myla leaving with strangers. Myla misses misses her dad. She's sad at night. I sing to her. I I learned that 12 dads don't replace one dad. She can visit visti her dad every week. Today we visited her mom with Nova, Keiran, Michael, Craig, Susan, Noel, Rachel, Scott, Manuel, and Myla's mom so happy to see Myla. Myla's mom's heart can heal. Having surgery surgury tomorrow. Repair defective heart heart valve. Jesus loves her. When she goes goes home next next week she will have have lots of help with everything. Not alone. Christians together. Love one another. No one left behind. The court took their stuf in their their house. We bought thehouse and put put new stuff in the house. New couches. New kitchen table. New beds. New dressers. We put new bags of socks and underwears in the dressers. We don't know where all all their stuff went. We replenished the the the house. Washer and dryer. Cutlery. New lawn mower. Food in pantry. Towels. they'll live there again. They'll be be be They'll be together again. In Christ Jesus. Their fines are are consolidated. $200 a month. For 18 years and and 2 months. My hands are sore. I love you. Jesus loves you. (Elijah)
  2. I have have to go now a tea party with with Myla and Jesus. Then apple harvest. (Elijah) loves Worthy! Did you you know my name is said eeee-LY-ya? There's no no JA sound.
  3. I I saw Nova teach Noah. She said "You can't can't hide things in links that say http-theres-a-scary-food-in-this-picture-i-trick-you-to-open-it .com" She she told him to to put not fun foods foods in links and label the link "Yummy"
  4. In Japan almost almost nothing gets cooked. There were no ovens when when I went there. Raw healthy food.
  5. My dad dad was Lebanese and and my mom was Japanese and Lebanese. When I I was little we ate lots of of rice and raw fish sushi. Some beef, stirfry vegetables. lots of fruit. No fat.
  6. Miss Pear, why when when you make posts you you always tell people to become frogs at the end? Do do you like frogs? I like frogs. I used to to collect them when I was a boy.
  7. (Elijah)


    That's that's what I wanted to to say to Nova today at at Breakfast but all that would come come out is Jesus loves superNova!
  8. NOthing and and nobody will steal you from God's hands. God lets us get get in strange and far places becauase because there's people in those places that that God wants to to reach with His Light. Prison. Hospital. Cancer clinic. Inside the overpass. Funeral home. Afghanistan. Even He lets us feel feel alone and defeated sometimes so so we don't forget He's all we we have. He's your Papa. Papa Daddy holds Equippers. Equippers path leads leads to Light even even if path has detours.
  9. Prayer for ill Jill. Jesus loves Jill!
  10. God heals. God blesses. Does Jill love Jesus? Illness makes makes us love Jesus if we we didn't already love Him. God opens hearts. Illness makes other people love love Jesus when someone who loves Jesus is ill. God opens hearts.
  11. A fresh load of of pans for Lady Pear it makes me me tip over to look at it
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