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  1. Can anyone guess what is Satan's greatest weapon? It's his invisibility. Imagine, with this ability to remain invisible, most humans don't even think Satan exists! Such people think he's a fantasy, that we made him up from nothing. That is why Satan can so easily dance around most of us and not know what's going on. You can fight and drive Satan away by chanting God's holy name excessively. Don't let his invisibility become such a powerful weapon. God is a thousand times greater; nothing can get close to God's greatness. So, when Satan attacks, just remember God and Satan will flee.
  2. Although everyone perhaps suspects that the devil is our common enemy, hardly anyone takes Satan very seriously. Isn't Satan our greatest and avowed enemy? Isn't he trying to drag us all down to hell at all costs? He's trying every trick in the book to destroy us spiritually, morally, physically, mentally, reducing us to mere animals that react only to instincts. Yet, how few of us actually take serious time to study this great enemy. The best generals of past wars studied their enemies very carefully, learning every details they can find and won brilliant victories in the end. The same is true with Satan. If you don't know him very well, how on earth can you fight a highly effective battle against him? You can't. He'll slowly work on you in ways you cannot predict. He'll come to you from the least expected corners and take you out without you even realizing what had happened! Yes, Satan has enhanced and refined his "trade" over thousands of years and know exactly how to beat us down. As I said: know thy enemy!
  3. Thanks for the link. We all can use a few tips to enhance our prayer exercises. _______________________________ is the fbi satan in disguise?
  4. First, angels could not fall because they have no free-will; they being of pure light and intelligence. They obey God's orders with hesitation. So the short answer to your question is no. Demons, on the other hand, are probably the ones you are thinking about, who are extremely active in spreading mischief all over the earth and helping to bring it to the current state of widespread corruption, etc. ___________________________________ mmr vaccine causes autism do vaccines cause autism
  5. Satan is extremely cunning and as master of manipulation, he often sneaks his ideas into your train of thoughts to make them look that they belong to you. He attacks us through our own family, dividing everyone, etc. I can go on and on about how Satan has a field day on hurting us. He wants to drag everyone down to hell with him; that's his primary goal.
  6. Have you tried rubbing essential oil on your forehead? This may help with your migraines.
  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story from having everything, being homeless, to receiving God's grace through generous people with huge hearts.
  8. We must count our blessings everyday and thank God sincerely that He will bring more in the future.
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