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  1. I will not just abandon him just because he isn't a christian , we've built a life we love together and share so many dreams of the same. I do not want to live with out him and will not as I wasn't christian when I met him and when we got engaged. Being so close to the wedding is cruel but even still, I love him and look forward to being his wife. I do not see us ever breaking up, divorce is not an option for us - we've had many a discussion about this. How can i "seek" to be marrying a non-believer when this has already been done before making the decision? If this is the case then would this mean that Anyone who was married and turned christian after marriage but one remains a non-believer, do they have to divorce?
  2. This is a really lovely post. I can feel the love through it. I have no funds to buy myself a bible... I will ask my parents if they still have my old bible ... I cannot remember heat I did with it when moving out. I see your concern for me using this as healing and now see your perspective. I guess I wouldn't loose faith as I do believe every thing happens for a reason even if it is too much for myself to understand it. Its also again for me to explain what the strength through this means to me...it isn't just to be used as a shirt term strategy but I guess would make me mentally stronger as I would learn the ways of the Lord and what my purpose is....and use this to keep me pushing forward evwryday even through struggles and to share God's love and words to others. I think its down to finding peace within myself and acceptance I do try and live by the morals of Christianity and I'm always hearing that others have said I am too kind and nurturing etc... And would live to spread this to help make the world a better and peaceful place I will check out your links tomorrow - its late and I'm on very strong meds that make me away with the fairies which may be why I missed some info or wrote it differently to how I mean . A big thank you to everyone for the welcome . I defiantly need this and Jesus in my life and have such an amazing support already!
  3. Hello to all of you and sorry for the late reply. Thabk you so much for the welcome and advice , it has given me some thought and ambition to become more closer to God and Jesus. I just wanted to clairify some points that has been mentioned above and I know it may seem expressionless or will come across in a way that is not intended. I mean this with the kindest and grateful intent... 1) He isn't my husband yet. We see ourselves as married already so I find it hard to call him my husband *TO BE* . 2) We met in the midst of my darkest days when i was a non-beliver and he showed me how to love and build a life I have always dreamed about. 3) I know some days it will be harder than others to love or live with him because of how different our religious views are however , I can't see my life without him and I do honestly love him for ALL he is, even with his imperfections. 4) He knows that I was a practicing christian and we spoke many times about my experiences, my church, what i did in youth cluband my beliefs within the religion. He also knows I still believe there is a Godly figure that I think is watching over me. He's never been rude to me about it and never said anything to make me feel like I cannot be open with him. We've had discussions about life and religion and never been really heated. I've just not openly practised being a full devoted christian since being with him. I want to have more knowledge and to grow into the person I want to be before I am open and sure of myself...its hard to explain. He is very accepting of me and just wants me to be happy so I'm sure he will respect my choices and will let me do my thing. We have the understanding that even though we are a team and soon to become one , we still are individual and unique and we allow each other to do as we wish (in reason, obviously nothing to put us at risk)
  4. Hello and welcome. I'm a beginner on this path and am the same I would love to meet others and have guidance
  5. Well, hello everyone , this is a little tricky to explain so I'll try my best to keep it short. I go by Charley, I'm 25 and about to get married next week. I'm in a situation where I have tried to explain it below. I've been raised with most Christian morals since I was born. My mum is/was a Christian and was raised like it but my dad said it was brainwashing so my mum never used to be open about her beliefs. She only privately told me when it was just me and her. Between 2009 - 2013 I attended church off and on as my ex was brought up as a practicing Christian. When our relationship ended because he was unfaithful to me and had sexual relationships with 2 of my friends (who I also dropped contact with) , I stopped believing in God and became almost atheist. I was in such a dark place that I became destructive. I wanted to end my life but something told me to hold on and get myself out of it. A few months after, I was still a little destructive and during this time I I met my now husband to be. He is a strong atheist, he doesn't really mind people having religious beliefs as long as they don't force it on people. I'm not ready to tell him what I believe in because I'm not sure myself and because hes very strong about his views and I don't want conflict. I certainly don't want to push this on him. Through out my life I've always felt like something of a greater force was watching over me and stuff has happened that isnt just down to coincidence or my own choosing, like something was guiding me. I tried to ignore this and to leave it down to luck. But the more I get older, the more I stop and reflect or just enjoy the presence, I am beginning to believe that it is actually God helping me along my path of life. I'm going through a tough time at the moment. Works not been great and I'm not enjoying it anymore and it's tough because of my recent health problems. I found out my hips aren't growing the way they should which is fine however I'm signed off from work due to an undiagnosed problem with my spine and sides where its become severely painful to do every day jobs - I still do them but I'm in constant pain even with meds. I'm on a long road of getting this problem fixed. The illness has affected me mentally as I am beginning to feel depressed and isolated. I'm home and because my husband and family work I feel alone. I just feel like this would give me a strategy to deal with the pain and to at least emotionally heal myself by giving me the strength. I want to be more Christian in a way that is private for me to do so. I'm not scared of my husband knowing but I want to keep it as my special belief , my secret happy place if you will where I can hopefully find "my own" friends that i can share this with. I'm unable to attend church as I am on bed rest. I have a hip,side/rib,stomach and spine problem where its painful for me to move most days. I am unable to walk much, I don't drive and cannot get to the bus stop to go to church. Where should I start? Am I okay not to go ot church? (I was spoken down to by another Christian in another online forum, who basically said I can't be a Christian if I don't attend and also was horrible about me being an introvert and dismissing my mental health ) I have downloaded the bible onto my phone and will start to read some scriptures .
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