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  1. Awesome, super happy for you! God is amazing and helps us in our tine of need when we pray and truly believe. 😊
  2. Things are going pretty good. I'm working towards what the Lord has in store for me. Just trying to learn and prepare as I wait. Been having some anxiety here and there, and praying for that to calm down, and some things going on with my wife and I that had me worried, but I have faith God will take care of me in these things. Other than that, I'm doing a lot better. Thank you for asking, God bless you and yours!
  3. Thank you my friend! God bless you and yours!
  4. Thank you, much appreciated!
  5. Travis88

    New Here

    Awesome, thanks for the welcome. I finally got confirmation on where it's all headed at my church today, and I also started doing that last night after getting help with some sites to reach out to. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Travis88

    New Here

    Thank you so much for the welcome.
  7. Travis88

    New Here

    Thank you, loving it here, there has been a lot of welcoming and friendly people that are super helpful. God bless you.
  8. Thank you so much. Things are improving definitely, I've gotten in touch with a couple people on here regarding ministries in the Philippines, and just talked to one of our youth ministry leaders here at my church about the direction I should go. Looking into classes for ministry now.
  9. Thank you everyone for the help and prayers!
  10. Travis88

    New Here

    I saw it and am beyond thankful for your help. Can't wait to check it out and see where it leads! God bless you!
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