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  1. Peanut butter and onion sandwich.
  2. I've been a dog owner most of my life. I have also owned cats. I don't own a cat now because I prefer keeping the poop outside and not in a box that I have to continually change. I presently own a Jack Russell mix that is probably the best dog I have ever owned.
  3. I'm old enough to know that I am not 25 anymore and have no desire to repeat some of the stupid things that I did then! Lol!
  4. I consider anyone around 55 starting to kiss the rear bumper of oldiehood! Lol!
  5. I'm grateful for a thread like this where we can talk about issues that are important to us as we get older. I was in the emergency room this morning. I was diagnosed with vertigo and was put on meclazine.
  6. Thank you for saying I am very young. You are my new best friend! Lol!
  7. I'm over 55 and proud to be an Oldie! Lol!
  8. I was married, had a daughter, divorced after 5 years of marriage, then both me and my ex-husband became Christians. At the point where we both reconciled and were thinking of re-marrying, he died of cancer. I am joyful that we will both be in Heaven but often wonder what would have happened if he had lived and we had gotten together again. Would we have stayed together? Would there have been another divorce? Is God keeping me single because I made a mess of my first marriage and He doesn't trust me with another one? So many questions. However, I am single and there is a purpose for it in His perfect plan. So, I'm learning to live with it.
  9. I'm a Senior Adolescent. That's what I call someone who is not yet 65 but is over 55 and qualifies for some of the senior menus at local diners and restaurants.Lol! I'm considered too old by some young people and too young by anyone around 70 or so. Oh well. It is what it is. Lol!
  10. No one has offended me or anything like that. I have been spending too much time online to where other important things are being neglected. I think I may have internet addiction issues. Love you all and God bless.
  11. Are there are any specifics you feel comfortable sharing?
  12. Will,do, my friend. Is it something specific or would you rather not say?
  13. So true! Do you like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream?
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