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  1. Acts 15 circumcision and resurrection circumcision on the 8th day is the shedding of flesh which also implies resurrection In the time of the flood there were giants great of flesh who perished But 8 lives were saved being carried upon the ark or symbol of the cross. The number 8 here also denoting resurrection Parabollically the 7th day Sabbath or rest, or milenial comes before an 8th day just as resting from our own works comes before Him working in us we see Resurrection also in the coming out of the water in baptism after the cross of sacrifice For the flood was death to the Giants in the flesh And the cross is death to the flesh of those being perfected in Christ By the Spirit, or resurrection of the heart or earnest ….. And we see there are those circumsized on the Sabbath in a parable this spiritual circumcision on the Sabbath day of rest may be alluding to those that will crucify their flesh through the Spirit But it also can refer to those who will put off their flesh physically by the quickening by the same Spirit on the Sabbath milenial rest …. Christ speaks to the pharisees about how they circumcise on the sabbath thus nullifying their law against working on the Sabbath he asks how then can they be angry if he nullifies the same law for that which is even greater than the removing of the flesh, for it is the healing of the flesh, But he speaks a parable Circumcision is as a symbol Of putting off the dead body but This physical healing is as a sign of putting on the living body in Christ …. In rev a flood came from the dragons mouth to carry away the woman And the earth (perhaps a parable of the flesh) swallowed it) Or perhaps of mortality being swallowed up of Life Just as in Noah’s day we saw all the earth and flesh were overcome except 8 Resurrection It is said as in the days of Noe so shall the coming of the Son of man be …. And the dragon wages war with her children The children of the time of Joshua were not circumcised until they reached the promised land, circumcised the a symbol of putting off the flesh and the promised land a symbol of our new body …. in the time of Joshua when they entered the promised land of the fruit would be uncircumcised for 3 yrs aswell In the fig which can be seen as a parable of Israel Without fruit for 3 years The first season of the figs of israel can be seen in early summer and can be seen also parabollically in Christ in the number 4 in the 4000 years, or 4 parable days of the Lord,for he already has the fullness of Israel within himself this number seems doubled for the womans remnants resurrection in the 8000 or day after the milenial 8 again seeming to imply circumcision Just as in bearing a woman child the time for cleansing was also doubled … in ezek 28 there’s a reference to the the one who was in the garden at the beginning and he was also the anointed cherub that covers on the holy mount We see the cherub bore only 3×3 or 9 of the 12 stones of the ephod of the priest, The entire 3rd row is missing Just as the darkness between the 6th and 9th hour of his crucifixion And Christ is our third day and resurrection, the gentiles through Cornelius also received revelation to receive the holy Spirit in the 9th hour But perhaps in the third quarter it an be said Israel was darkened or was blinded to the resurrection in Christ .... The reference to the cherub being on the mount also perhaps signifying him having power of law and power of sin, and him also being in the garden as him having power in death When we see 3×3 in this case it is perhaps as a parable of still trusting in only man and the powers in the law, In the Hebrew alphabet 9 is the thet, an ancient symbol of a coiled snake in an earthen jar And perhaps a symbol of the seed of the serpent in a man Thet is also said to be a symbol of good and evil And that is the fruit of which the serpent Seduced the woman And the woman or parabollic rib spread it over also the heart of man This fruit of knowledge brought death without the fruit of the tree of Life pruducing or choosing the good or the fruit of the Spirit There are also 9 fruits listed in the Spirit that come forth into a kingdom of the spiritual man we were intended to be ... For A little lower than the angels was man made He can be seen in the 6 being made of on the 6th day, And it appears the 6 became divided into two portions or perhaps parabollically 3 and 3 into both man and woman, that they would unite in weakness in order to multiply fruit of from both bridegroom and bride But Fruit without the true bridegroom or tree of life reverts back to carnal 9.. and the serpent..as in 9 months after conception.. the birth of those born of flesh and death ... it appears The serpent or adversary had coveted the kingship of God aswell, symbollized in the union in 12 Bridegroom with Bride in his strength Perhaps to be as king over man all that was needed in addition the 9 of the cherub or serpent was but half the man or man divided, his weakness the woman alone And so finding advantage a breach in the man and woman’s separation He seduced the woman And by this establishing a counterfeit earthly kingdom in his image It is said now that he is indeed the ruler of this world …. of the cherub it is said he sealed up the sum, perfect in beauty and full of wisdom And his own beauty became his fall Multiples of 9 when added always revert back 9 And no number can be divided by 9 without having 9 as it’s root Parabollically it glorifies itself It also can be as a 0 or an empty number Or pehaps a symbol of he who was , is not and yet is Because if you add any number to 9 the sum will equal that original number..the 9 disappears. and the woman being divided from her husband(which is in truth symbolized in Christ) beheld the beauty of his fruit And desired it And mankind became utterly divided it is said If thine eye be evil(or divided) how great is that darkness ... The number of the beast Is as The seeming result of this The divided man or 3 magnified of itself A parable also of Magnified man in this beastial state through this spiritual fornication without the Bridegroom, the tree of life The number of the beast is said to be the number of a man It is 3 6s Parabollically 3×6 equals 18 and 1+8 reverts back again to 9 Also If you were to add 3+6 you revert back again to 9 So in this parable of carnal 9 we see those glorifying him in union both in mind and strength, and it is hidden within them when they glorify man or themelves in this state of death ... But Christ our true bridegroom overturned it, he came as a Son of man crucified in the third hour, 3 hours as a symbol of man in his weakness or divided , taking on sin between the 6th and the 9th, the symbol of flesh in the 6 and the serpent inThe 9 And Resurrected on the third day as Son of God, a symbol of man glorified in the day of Christ It is also As The eighth day circumcision and resurrection And as a parable we now see the third living creature which has the face of a man In the heaven as a reflection of our inhertance in in heavenly places through Christ ... And now adding Israel’s 3rd day to his 4th year is as a symbol of finally enterring the 7 or the rest of God, The earnest of which is the Spirit And here we also see the fourth living creature is an flying eagle, just as the woman was given eagles wings And thus man is perfected and is given the kingdom through God come in the flesh destroying the power of death behind it No eye has seen what God has planned for those who live him And thus says the preacher..the End is of a thing is better than the beginning . And when we see 3×4 Or the fulfilment of Israel in the 4th year we also see the 12 tribes and the new jerusalem We see the 12 stones in the ephod of the high priest And 12 apostles of Christ and in a parable he comes at last at midnight, But daylight is also fulfilled in 12 hours, for we are not children of the night but of the day .And then there are 2 trees with 12 manner of fruit entering the 24 or day with no night and no end .... Also it was in the 4th watch that Jesus walked upon the sea Christ lifting Peter or the rock or a sign of Zion up and they both entering the boat together a seeming symbol of when israel finally recognizes Jesus as only begotten Son of God and enters with him through his cross, Then they reach the land of Gennesaret which may be interpreted as princely garden or the paradise of galilee A symbol of Christ the tree of life And the people there are made whole by touching the Hem of his garment a symbol of eating his fruit or resurrection in the Spirit .
  2. Glad for being here and and thankful. Hope to both bless and be blessed in this fellowship as a body is benefited of it's members but all in and through Christ ☝️💛
  3. Thank you for welcoming us hope to both bless and be blessed in this fellowship 🙂
  4. I'll try my best with what I'm given. A picture I guess is basically like a parable. It gives an image that even our carnal mind can see an image even if at first it doesn't understand, that can often happen. But our spiritual man is triggered with the image, and asks more questions as you did. Our spiritual man searches the deep things of God because that is the part of us that seeks and is aware of Abba, or Father who is found expressly in his Son. Yeshua or Christ is then our foundational "picture" our picture of God. As it is said in John the Word we have seen and touched. When Christ came he also seemed to speak to us in pictures or parables and they often referred to things we could envision even in our flesh for at that time we had not yet the Spirit. But if he spoke a parable about farming the simpler folk could picture it for it was a part of their life and relate to it and perhaps in time as a seed of its own Jesus/Yeshua's parable would grow in their understanding and heart if they follow on to know and receive the kingdom that was coming. This picture I put up is just a small one. Taking what I said, perhaps you may note there are two pictures. The literal and the spiritual. The literal often is just to breach our flesh. But once that's done the spiritual does much more. Literally we see elders, many of us note most these days only can expect to live between 70-120 years if they are healthy. This is now the lifespan of man but biblically speaking it was not always so. Prior to flood some lived just under a thousand years. I like to think of the 1000 years as a symbol of the Lord's Day and that after the fall no one was able to attain to it until Christ came giving us a Lord's Day to look forward too. As in that time it is said there will be no more an infant of days but he would die a hundred years old So when I refer these numbers it is just for a picture of this present time for the numbers are confined to this present time this was as our curse of this time, this brief life expectancy. But with the hastening of our end also comes the hastening of times itself. And so Christ came and through these numbers we find symbols or stages of our faith as we grow 70 to put away sin.. a symbol of repentance when we mature and come to the faith 100 a symbol of the Lamb or accepting Christ and dying to self And 120 a symbol of seeing the promised land Or as in Heb 6 tasting of the heavenly gift of the Spirit, the earnest of our inheritance. An elder is just as a symbol of one who is coming to the end of himself and the beginning of his Christlike walk Our hope is often awaiting what most term as the milenial or 1000 years, the Lord's Day. It is also said A 1000 years is as a day. We expect to receive the dew of health and be restored to a garden like state. The milenial being seen as the border between mortality and immortality, just as the garden with it's tree of life. Those who have part in the first resurrection also through the Spirit already have access to the Tree reigning with Christ already fulfilling the Lord's day and the rest await the new heaven and Earth it seems when death and hell will be destroyed and the books opened. Hope some of this if not all made sense. If not let me know where I need to clarify. Thanks for commenting and reading. So glad to see others who take interest.
  5. Amein, I am glad it can be of benefit as your video was of benefit to me. 1 Corinthians 12:26 ...one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it. We have just started doing videos this year also. And there is so much even (sometimes to the very word) that it just cannot always fit in a 20 min time frame and come out making sense to others. That has perhaps been my personal struggle since I work with someone else..(fitting everything in less than 10 min for the section I contribute, especially these parabollic details. ) But as my co-worker says ..there will be other chapters and it can come up again. And it often does.
  6. Hi everyone, We decided to do a bible study hoping to recapture what the original Church believed and did. We figured what better place to start than with Acts. Being quite different members of the body, we have different approaches and outlooks when we read. We hope that brings even more blessings in that perhaps different things can be found to be beneficial in each. Since we started earlier this year, we have covered the previous chapters up to 14 (which we are sharing here), but feel free to view some of the previous chapters if you wish. The first part usually includes a summary and bible study pointing to literal events and principles of the kingdom. The second is basically just parables that seem to run throughout the bible from the event itself to even some of its details. Christ can be seen and also His kingdom come portrayed in the pages even to the detail at times all to the glory of God.
  7. Good vid 👍 I love the spiritual language that runs throughout scripture. as I was listening, what came to mind was the verse also about the woman praying or prophesyings with her head covered for the sake of the angels also. Im thinking of those instances as abiding in the ladder. Prophesyings as angels descending, the Spirit pouring down filling (like as with Stephen when it said he was full of the holy Ghost, and he gave his testimony, and also had the face as an angel 😉(my cup runneth over), and praying as angels ascending sending our utterances and supplications in the Spirit going up, as it is said the Spirit maketh intercession for us. The woman's (also parabollic bride)head is covered with Christ, the ladder, the budding rod, crucifixion of the flesh life in the Spirit, and the almonds bearing fruit (also the reason for her head covering since she is the glory of the man before partaking of Life, the second Adam, the quickening Spirit, Jesus Christ...I think a man of Christ,or living man (the image of God, not beast) glorifies God when he is crucified in the fallen flesh for then he returns to that place and eats where the tree of Life is. The image in being before sin or the parabollic being clothed with animal skins) and the glorifying in the returning through following Christ and the partaking of His fruit. but I also agree there is the literal interpretation for even Christ was baptized of John that ((all righteousness be fulfilled)) and we likewise receive the truth in the image as long as we are in the flesh observing the physical aspects also in entering the kingdom that in us also all righteousness be fulfilled. When a video stirs such contemplation and brings glory to God it is a blessing, thank you 😉
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome, looking forward to fellowshipping. We had been hoping to find a place like this where there are others who enjoy christian topics and studies aswell 🙂
  9. In a picture There appears 3 stages in the elder of God while he is mortal They include repentance of sin, birth of the Lamb and Savior, the cross and strength and sight in the Spirit 70 is ordained to put an end to sin for israel This parable can be seen in the repentance of John The first water baptism 100 seems to denote the sacrificial lamb being born Abraham was an hundred years old, when his son Isaac was born And he offered him up as Christ was offered up This is the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the blood that covers And we follow suit And 120 years was determined to end flesh, And also going through the waters on a cross or arc denoting baptism in Christ And 120 was also the age of Moses at his death and his sight or strength was not abated The queen of Sheba also giving 120 talents of gold on account of the kings wisdom But we preach Christ crucified both the wisdom and power of God, Spirit and Truth Sight and strength, a symbol of the revived man may be those sacrificing their flesh, saved upon the arc or cross truth, carried upon the waters spiritually, refined as Gold, Psalms 45:9 [9]Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir. For the promised land seems to allude also to our promise of a spiritual body eternally with God, for man was formed from the land or the earth. Christ enters the promised land first, he is the firstfruits of them that will rise. It is said [3]The LORD thy God, he will go over before thee, and he will destroy these nations from before thee, and thou shalt possess them: and Joshua, he shall go over before thee, as the LORD hath said.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome 😊 Going to probably share some small parable excerpts off the chapters we have studied already..hope it blesses.
  11. Hi everyone, We are basically as our name says: two people with different approaches to studying the Bible though the foundation remains the same in Christ and the kingdom. We are currently going through Acts making study videos for each chapter. Usually the first half of the study is focused on what is happening in the chapter and proving that the same kingdom priciples apply today. The second half of the study consists more of parables of the kingdom and possible prophetic allusions found within the event itself aswell as certain details surrounding it. Thank you for letting us be a part of your community. Hoping to bless and be blessed by the brethren. --Two Part Bible Studies
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