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  1. I didn't resist the law, seems I am safe. So again, why should it be illegal?
  2. Dude, don't overthink. I was 21 and wanted a drink. Why do I need the State's approval to do that?
  3. No. I kid you not my 21st birthday fell on a Sunday and here in Indiana we have such a law. Granted I could have gone to a bar and had a drink but the fact that I could not have a drink in my own residence was completely intrusive on the State's part. Ridiculous.
  4. You say God took personal responsibility for hardening Pharaoh's heart, you don't happen to know the exact verse in which that is stated off the top of your head do you? I would like to see it.
  5. Not necessarily advanced, just obscure. No one likes talking about possession or mental health in our society so naturally people tend to be uninformed about both issues.
  6. Hello JacquelineDeane55. All you need to do is pray in the name of Jesus until they leave. Demons are terrified of Jesus (James 2:19). Pray for yourself when you are alone. Read the Bible often, demons hate that, especially Psalms. Ask your Christian friends and family to keep you in their prayers. "In the name of Jesus, leave me Satan!" Should sound a bit like that. I was possessed willingly for a few years. At at Easter communion, prayer drove out my demon/demons. After I became born again, demons would continue to attack me and I would just command them to get out in Jesus's name and they did leave. However if you're like me and have schizophrenia, you will need to see a psychiatrist. As Christians we all need to understand discernment of spirits, but as a schizophreniac, it is imperative to learn to discern the spiritual from the delusional.
  7. I can understand how you may have drawn this conclusion, but I must insist that while people are often oblivious to possessing spirits, it IS possible to be aware of them. I was a Satanist for a brief moment of my life and I would call out to Satan to possess me. After I started doing this I began perceiving spiritual activity. I could see them, feel them, pick up on them. Satanists and other occultists do it all the time.
  8. Yes. Very rare to see a believer who becomes as passionate as a disgruntled sports fan in the face of things like anti-Christian legislature.
  9. When Job spoke in Job 23:10 he was referring to what he was going through at the time. We know from Job 1:11 and Job 2:5 that Satan was tempting Job to "Curse God to His face," in other words, commit blasphemy. "Tried" in this context was therefore referring to Satan's attack on Job. Did God smite Job with boils? No, Satan did (Job 2:7). God may have given Satan the go ahead in Job 1:12 and Job 2:6, but God was not the one who asserted the temptation itself. The various translations of the Bible often exchange "tempt," "try," and "test" for one another, or another work. For example John 6:6. In the ESV, Jesus is described as "testing" Philip. In the KJV, the word used is "prove." This is the result of the Greek "peirazo," which according to Strong's Concordance can mean, "to make proof of," "to attempt," "to test," or "to tempt." A single word with so many meanings! No wonder we are all so confused about this issue. With so many meanings context alone has to determine the meaning of the words as they are written in English. So was God really trying to "tempt" Abraham as the KJV says, or "test" him as the ESV says? We know from James 1:13 God doesn't tempt people, we know from Job that "testing" and "trying" refer to that which was brought about by Satan (granted with God's green light) so what is left? "To attempt" and "to make proof of." During Abraham's preparation for his offering, and angel shouted at him to stop, saying "You have proven to me you fear God." Genesis 22:12. So it is clear that the translator should have written "God did make proof of Abraham" in place of the KJV's "God did tempt Abraham" or the ESV's "God did test Abraham." With that translation, we can deduce that God was not testing Abraham at all. "Test" implies that God wanted to see what Abraham would do if told to kill Isaac, but God already knew what would happen. God was just proving what He already knew to be true to that angel, that Abraham was one of the good guys That angel watching Abraham was probably just a Cherub who doubted that Abraham was a Godly man due to his past sins. God probably just did that to shut that angel up and convince him to keep protecting Abraham lol. That last part is just me being speculative, though.
  10. *Raises hand* Right here! The way the world has been for the last two thousand years, I'm amazed He's waited as long as He has.
  11. He doesn't test people. "When tempted, no one should say, 'God is tempting me.' For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone." James 1:13.
  12. Yes, really. There are no scriptures saying possession would no longer occur after the coming of Christ. Most people do have demons in their lives, as "Many are called but few are [God's] chosen" Matthew 22:14. One of these men also commits fornication, blasphemy, and idolatry on a regular basis, and has intentions to visit a psychic and experiment with tarot cards. The Devil has a tight grip on that one. Would you rob a bank to save a loved one? Knowing that Christ is on His way back to judge you? Would you allow someone else to even think it's a good idea to rob a bank, knowing that Christ is on His way back to judge them? These men said they WOULD DO IT if they "needed" to (whatever that means) and said that failing to do so in the event I "needed to" was not the Christian thing to do. So even if they were lying about doing it for real they were 1. doing just that, LYING about it and 2. they committed blasphemy on the spot. You would really have me just let that go, knowing God is watching in wait to judge us both and them as well? Men like these are a sign of the end times (2 Tomithy 3:1-5).
  13. Going back into work tonight where Christians are few and far between. Even those who have allowed me to pray for them and received their answer are hesitant to put off their sin. There are two men I work with. One told me he would, hypothetically, rob a bank to pay for a loved one's medical treatment if need be. When I rebuked him, a second man said,"It's not the Christian thing to let a loved one die like that." For clarification, I asked him if he would do the same as the first man, to which he answered yes. I AM SICK OF LIVING AMONG THE POSSESSED. I am ready, fully, for the Lord's return. How can I learn to "love my enemies?" How can I love someone who believes it is the duty of a Christian to rob someone at the point of a deadly weapon and possibly murder them for money? This world is just wicked, vile evil, rotten. I am AMAZED at God's patience, He really is the embodiment of love if he can seek to save such heathenish riff-raff. I have ministered and witnessed to both of these men, not to mention prayed for them TO THEIR FACES. They remain mockers and scoffers. "Love your enemies..." This is undoubtedly my shortcoming in God's eyes. How can I learn to do this? How have you? What can I do to rid myself of this feeling I can only describe as "hate?" Come on Father, open up that sixth seal of Revelation! PLZ PLZ PLZ
  14. The Book of Samuel describes Goliath and a Giant, and the Book of Chronicles describes one of Goliath's sons as having six fingers and six toes. Contemporary science has shown there is a link between people with disorders that cause gigantism and having offspring born with extra extremities. So there's the scientific side of my belief. I have had many spiritual experiences, the most profound of which was seeing an angel. My pastor and I observed the 2017 eclipse in Kentucky and we BOTH saw a cloud formation in the shape of an angel blowing a trumpet. The angel did NOT have a Pagan halo. So there is my spiritual side.
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