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  1. AngelInTraining93


    I received the most loving support from a brother in Christ today, and what a true brother he was! He received revelation concerning me and shared it, it was so inspiring. God doesn't really speak to me see, I think He thinks that I will mistake His words for my schizophrenia symptoms (the opposite already happened *facepalm*). It just fills me with such joy to find such love among our brethren. I know we all have bad days, we all screw up towards even each other, but we love one another. We love God. God loves us all. I am so blessed to have fellowship with all of you. I am so blessed to see God working in my life. The wonders truly never cease with Father. He fights for us! He heals us! He guides us! He unites us with friends and separates us from those who would do us harm! Could greater love be displayed by anyone? I think NOT! This love he provides is overpowering. I prayed years ago to be brought to tears with happiness. Only meditating on God's love has ever been able to do that for me. This brother's message from God had me in tears of joy. I still get a tad weepy when I think about it. Thank you my great and wonderful Father for those kind and encouraging words! And open prayer for the Body of Christ: "Father Lord God, Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty, raise your fist with me. Bring forth your perilous fire upon the hands of every demon clawing at the feet of we, your children! Cast the tongues of the Devil that whisper drivel in our ears onto your blazing swords, bend your bow against the demons that war with us, oh mighty Father! Cut down the wicked heathens that persecute our brethren in China, in the Mid East, in Africa! Shoot down the ridiculous laws here in Western Society promoting sin and the love of sin, blot out such laws with your fiery fingers! Bring us together Father, let us meet on the streets and in our places where we roam, see to it that we can find the right words to bring those of our brethren asleep in the darkness to awaken and step into the Light. Bring forth peace and joy exceeding upon us, for it is written, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! In the name of Jesus! Isa! Yeshua! Bring this upon the world for all to bear witness Father! Amen!"
  2. 2nd Corinthians 2 says we should not be ignorant of the Devil's ways and means. Just know that reading a spiritual book besides the Bible was authored by Satan.
  3. Thank you sir. Your words have inspired the right words for me to speak in prayer. I have read many of your previous posts. You are overflowing with faith and inspiring words. I look forward to getting to know you in our Lord God's kingdom.
  4. There is someone in my life, a single mother, who is smoking pot, drinking a lot, and previously indulged heavily in fornication. She may still be committing fornication. She is someone from my old days who recently reentered my life after a five year absence. When I visited her in her host's house, a demon knocked over a soap bottle. She laughed it off calling it "the ghost that lives here." She even gave it a name. Is God saying "Help her out" or is He saying, "Watch out! Here comes the Devil" How can I know? How do I act accordingly once I do? Is she even worth the time? I have witnessed to people. Ministered to them. Prayed for and with them. How many have I converted? NONE. I don't want to be like the guy in the parable of the talents who buried his talent. I want to be the guy with ten talents. I feel like I am failing God.
  5. You were one of the first to welcome me when I first came here. And welcoming you were. I will pray for you.
  6. Thank you for praying for me. It still hurts, please don't give up.
  7. I finally got the chance to work more hours and...now my arm is in severe pain. It started a while ago. I thought it would just go away like my work-induced pains usually do but noooo...right when I get the chance to secure my finances to help me pay off my medical debt what do I get? An opportunity to get deeper into medical debt. This is making me really angry. I've been praying for it for weeks now and it's only gotten worse. It's on the left side of my left forearm. Feels like tendon and muscle pain simultaneously but it's so bad I'm going to go to see a doctor to either diagnose or rule out a stress fracture. I'm so full of rage right now I can't even pray for myself. I can't have this in my life right now. I just got more hours. I just got a temporary raise. I DO NOT HAVE ROOM FOR THIS IN MY LIFE SATAN IS SMILING AND LAUGHING AT ME I feel like I'm the most awful Christian ever.
  8. AngelInTraining93


    Found out some to-the-grave information about past sins today. Never hurt so badly in my life. Never hated myself more in my life. And still God loves me. Still he forgave me. Still he continues to forgive me. Why can You love me so much, Father? How can You? The forgiveness He has shown me has taught me of the extent of His forgiveness. New Christians, show Him respect. His love is truly incomprehensible.
  9. I remember when I was a kid I had to get the flu shot because of my mother's insurance policy and I ended up getting the flu anyway. Three years in a row that happened. Why do you ask?
  10. My condition really doesn't interfere with my ability to work. If anything I need my employer to accept my full time application. I've been trying ceaselessly to get my hours back since they were cut earlier this year. I did see a disability attorney and learned I haven't got a case anyway.
  11. I will take this advice to heart. I am on money conserve at the moment since my application for full time at work failed (UGH) but since the holidays are coming up our peak season is about to kick off, in which case I ought to be able to afford at least a few things on this list. Bless you.
  12. You know it's funny you should mention that. Moments before I began typing this post, I went to a close by convenient store to get some snacks. When I arrived at the register, the girl behind the counter asked if I had a problem running the card as credit instead of debit, telling me further that the debit option had not worked for any person that day. I asked her if she would mind trying the debit option first and she said ok, looking at me with a sarcastic smile like I was stupid. However, I began speaking in tongues, mentally, for God to lay His hand on the register so that I didn't need to run the transaction as credit and THE REGISTER ACCEPTED IT. The girl's facial expression shifted from condescending to amazed in a split second. After we thanked one another for our business I took a different route home than I normally do, and I saw a cloud formation displaying the head of a demon staring me down in anger. I laughed and drove on home happily. I think I gave the Devil the finger tonight lol. Thank you for your prayers.
  13. Thank you for checking up on me 1to3. I am doing okay. There are still a few things I need to overcome but I am starting to make friends who value me and even reconnected with one I haven't seen since 2013. I am also eating well and enjoying a warm home. I also appreciate you praying for me, my biggest fear for a few years now has been separating from God. I to pray for all wedges the Devil attempts to drive between us to disappear. I know God is closer to me than my own breath (He actually said that to me once, praise Him) and I look forward to see Him ram His fist into the Devil's throat. Satan has been coming after me left and right and I believe I am starting to see God raise His fist in my defense. If you could though please, as I was telling Becky a moment ago, would you mind keeping my right middle finger in your prayers? I need my right hand to function well so I can to my job well and that finger is just giving me all kinds of grief. Much love and appreciation, Angel
  14. Oh Becky, you're a sweetheart. I am doing reasonably well. I am eating to fullness, wearing warm clothes at my outdoor job, living comfortably. My depression has been halted by a four hour long phone call with an old friend I haven't seen since 2013. We get on just as well as we did all those years ago. She's coming to my city before the end of the month and I am going to treat her to a nice dinner. Can I convince to to include something in your prayers for me Becky? My middle finger on my right hand is in a lot of pain. I stupidly agreed to play a game of bloody knuckles when I was younger (shakes head shamefully) with a guy who evidently didn't know how to play correctly (shakes head angrily) and the end result was a middle finger that has been slightly moved from it's proper place at the middle joint (shakes head despairingly). See I work a very physically intense job outdoors even during the wintertime and my right hand is my dominant hand, I need it to work at optimum so I can move three thousand pound dollies by hand. It can be very painful and difficult to manage at times. Thank you for checking up on me, you made my day
  15. I saw you prayed for me yesterday also. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
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