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  1. I've listened to that song and it's definitely not it, although the lyrics are very similar.
  2. I need help finding a song, it's an older song but here's hoping that it sounds familiar to someone and knows who it's by. It's a Christian pop song done entirely on synth, it was very popular song they played it on KLOVE a lot. It came out 1998-2002, that would be my best guess. The song starts off with a fast synth piano intro, I don't remember most of the lyrics in the beginning. Male singer. But I remember the secondary lyrics: "And so we sing, Sing, sing out loud." I also remember the word (Compassion) being used a few times in the song. I originally thought it was by Newsboys but I listened to every song they made during that date range and it's not by them. I've tried lyric search websites and I never found anything. The only results were two songs by David Dunn that have very similar lyrics but it's not by him.
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