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  1. Many mistakes are preventable. I deal with this situation on a daily basis. Believe it or not, because you have experienced mistakes in your job, you have clues as to how to prevent them. Without knowing anything about your job, or the mistake, write down “5 whys” regarding how the mistake happened, and you will get to the root cause. Then figure out how to prevent the mistakes. If you need an example I will be happy to provide one.
  2. Do you attend a church? Do you know anyone on the staff who can offer counseling? I pray for reconciliation in your marriage, because divorce is a destructive process. I pray for your safety. I pray your husband would be open to seeking help and seeking God. If he has defined himself by his job, as so many of us have done, then when that security is threatened he can feel lost. At least he is willing to talk - that is a good thing, although the conversation is probably very volatile. So much good advice here, scripture, prayers. Seek help through your church and professional counselors who can guide your marriage through this storm. In the healing process following my divorce, I came to understand we forgot God was part of our marriage. We were living for ourselves, and not praying together. Marriage is a covenant. Remember your vows. Could you possibly have a conversation about happier times? Are there pictures that might trigger those memories?
  3. Darin

    couldn't sleep

    Thanks again everyone. BTW I have been sleeping well lately
  4. Trace, who is there for you? What are your prayers?
  5. In 1 Corinthians 7, Concerning Married Life, Paul talks about how in marriage our interests are divided between worldly matters and pleasing God. Perhaps that is the predicament you are experiencing.
  6. Trace, your story is very compelling and I commend you for courageously writing about your experiences. There is nothing I can say to relieve your physical suffering, but I thank you for sharing your story so that others might learn about the specific hazards of diving. Was it a combination of holes in your wetsuit/depth and low temperatures that contributed to the bends?
  7. Darin

    couldn't sleep

    Thanks everyone, I’m racking up posts here so hopefully that will unlock all the features of this site. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can contribute here.
  8. Maybe it was something I ate, not sure but here I am at 2 o'clock in the morning joining this forum. I was baptized on May 6, 2018 and look to deepen my convictions and strengthen my faith - the fabric of who I am.
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