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  1. Thanks so much this gives me something to think about. Blessings
  2. This has sparked another question for me. If the sacrifice offerings made them acceptable before God, what benefit does this bring them? Can they live in Israel near the tabernacle? Or something similar? What do they get out of it?
  3. Iv been thinking about animal sacrifice in the Old Testament and just wanted to see if my thinking here is correct. Of course animal sacrifice doesn’t save anyone, only Jesus does. So it raises the question, what was the whole point of it? I know animal sacrifice was like a pointer and foreshadow of Jesus, but I see this more as a secondary reason for animal sacrifice. The main reason was that in order for God to dwell among his people, they had to be spiritual clean, this does not take away sin, but it legally means that God can be around them. So in short the animal sacrifice is about a persons acceptability around God, Jesus was about the removal of sin. Is this correct? If so, why didn’t Jesus come earlier? So animal sacrifice didn’t have to happen at all. Thanks
  4. Thankyou Deborah, thanks for the insight. Yes I’m starting to see this as in reading it. I’m just doing a chapter a day in it and it’s been great, Iv read Isaiah several times before but always left a bit dissatisfied, this time I’m going into it trying to really nail it.While I not ever nail it, I do think I have made steps this time, mostly thanks to you guys
  5. Thanks so much for your help. You have given me a lot to think about and said many things I didn’t know. I’m at a stage with the bible now where often it can be pretty difficult to get my answers from a simple google search, so this forum could be a real blessing for me. I really want to grasp Isaiah this time round
  6. This is super helpful for me, thank you so much. It has opened up a couple more questions though, they have been briefly touched on in your great response (super helpful). Why is it that chronologically speaking, what looks like the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry is on chapter 6? Why not chapter 1? And in general, do you know what the logic of the chapter order is? I am getting the impression that it’s might not matter too much, I want to know why it isn’t chronological and what’s the benefit of the order we have it in? And secondly, I am struggling to understand the era that Isaiah is talking about. I have seen bits and bobs in commentaries, and in your response above, but I’m still not clear, eg in chapter 2 he talks about the mountain of the lord, I have read this is about the start of the church, but does that mean during Jesus day or more in the time of acts? But in general I’m struggling to know if Isaiah is talking about the first coming, second coming, or something else. thanks again
  7. I am currently in the book of Isaiah. My question is to do with the order the book is written. I am trying to understand the logic, it doesn’t appear to be written chronologically. If it is not, what is the logic to the order of the chapters? Thanks!
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