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  1. The problem is not defining terms, it is proving what you say, and I know you think you have but you haven't. I will give you another example of evolution nonsense. Explain how the legs of a and animal can become the fins of a sea animal. Love. peace, joy
  2. Not from one who does not understand any of The subjects you just mentioned. Would you like me to teach you about them? I understand them better than you do. Love, peace joy
  3. What a kind is is obvious. It is a species. This is obviou9s from the FACT that that is what we have seen every since life began. Cats always produce cats, dogs always produce dogs, and there is no evidence a species has ever produced a species other than its own. In fact for that to happen, the parents would have to obtain a gene not in their gene pool. That is biologically impossible. Love, peace, joy
  4. The Barbarian. I must have jumped a post in my response. Sorry. Love, peace, joy
  5. I am getting dizzy from going around in this circle. Pictures and graphs are not evidence. Real verifiable evidence must include the science that allow or causes what is being claimed. That is ALWAYS missing in your rhetoric. love, peace, joy
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