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  1. Can someone please share more knowledge about Genesis 3:15
  2. Psalms 10: 4-11 "The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God......he has said in his heart, God has forgotten, He hides His face, He will never see." Many leaders are working with the spirits of wickedness and very soon we shall not see them on earth any more, those that want poor to be in poverty and cursed the needy to lack many needs, we will diligently search and none of them will be no more cause dark ages will be over and all their devices will perish, amen.
  3. Well I pray that God shows more support to the poor and needy of this whole world AMEN
  4. According to the words of God, devil the wicked god of the land purposely set their eyes on the poor and needy and why God can't bring an end to all this situations of life, it is very sad for seeing a lot of gifts wasted due to lack of good support
  5. My first name is Olaniyi but my middle name is Christephen and I was born in a land of darkness where people that sat down there saw a great truth light shining in our hearts and soul, I just want to meet other Christian to share more testimony in our own paths...thanks admin
  6. I'm wishing everyone here for the new heavens and new earth from our Lord Jesus Christ kingdom on earth that taste no more death, no more grieving, no more sorrow, no more pains but it is only a rejoice forever hallelujah!
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