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  1. Update Another long story but, kind of a praise report worth sharing . . I think I missed something incredibly important all the way from the beginning of this semester. Let me explain my fictional story (book series) first because thats kind of how I figured it out. My main Character had a severe injury when he was just a hatch-ling. His species of dragons are built for flying but, Timothy had to have his wings removed to save his life. I had this idea long before My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was ever thought of. I have writings that date back to 2009 to prove it as well. Tempest Shadow was not the inspiration for my main character.Tempest Shadow did spark a new idea that I desperately needed for the antagonist of my story. That is where it all hit me. Also keep in mind my OC Little Pebble 10 has a very different personality than Timothy my main Character in my book series. He is not comparable to a child even by a long shot. . Today when I went to school I tried to stay calm but, my teacher brought it all back up again. I was doing a lot of cleaning over the week end due to how my apartment is not livable with the mess it was in. I had my electronics lab picked up but, the rest of my apartment has been a disaster. My kitchen was crawling with gnats due to how I have been battling depression on and off and that affected my sleeping patterns. I cleaned my kitchen near the end of last week and got started on cleaning my sewing and needle craft area on the way into the week end. Sunday night I did work on one of the wiring diagram. I was having major problems understanding a 3-way switch that you use to have control of a light at the top and at the end of a stairwell or hallway. I ended up throwing together some makeshift parts that worked similar to what was in the diagram. After wiring it up I realized what I was doing wrong. I was trying to wire the light to the same switch as the home run which is not really possible. After wiring it correctly and setting my DC-power supply to 5v I managed to get the makeshift 3-way switches to work like they were supposed to. .When it was at school when things did not go very smoothly. I was up late at night and into the next morning because I fell asleep really early in the day on Sunday. When I managed to fix my diagram before class started I could not figure out where in the packet I got it from. Nothing new because my teacher never labels anything with letters or numbers. After wiring it up on the studs and having the teacher inspect it while it was plugged into 115v ac I slowly realized I did one from the previous packet. My copy of what I thought was packet two was actually packet one. I wasted the entire time on a problem I already did. The teacher did not get angry with me like he did on Friday but, he was not happy about how far behind I was. Much less how far behind anyone was. Of course I was still not happy about the harassment I been given. Something was said however, that I really did not catch on until I woke up from my nap a little while ago. I got to thinking about Tempest shadow and her broken horn. .Basically what my mentor said, was that I don't know how to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I think this might be why I ran into problems on another Christian forum. My mother describes it as unicorn farts. Funny story, we were at the SS office and she whispered to me that she farts unicorn dust. I was like, "you mean glitter?" I was not catching on for the longest time and she told me that she could fart unicorn dust and that would be no reason to go up to some one and talk about her magic farts. This problem is not really new for me but, I am trying to find a balance. Like I mentioned before my art and writing does not really make sense until you actually read the story. Basically I was using my disability and my fascinations as kind of an excuse. Yes, it takes a lot for me to figure things out. Especially when I can't adequately take notes from a lecture or know how to keep my questions simple. My mentor was not too happy with me because she offered to help me many times but, I allowed all this to cave in on me because of my pride. . I missed the whole point of what the teacher was doing from the beginning. He was trying to illustrate just how hard things can be if you allow what your unable to do to explain who you are. I am still going to draw out my diagrams in vivid detail but, I am going to try harder to not be so knit picky with things like I have been. If I can make my diagrams not so vivid in detail that will be a major improvement. If I flip the breaker then I flip the breaker. Thats what its there for. Especially for a class learning how to do residential wiring. I figured all this out due to how I needed an antagonist for my story. I plan on having the opposite of my main character. Only he still does have some family that support him but, it will be the mistake of closing off from relationships that gets him into trouble. Thats what Tempest Shadow done but, of course I will make an entirely different back story due to obvious reasons. If I only go to those who want to remove my problems then I won't be learning anything. Basically I need to stop relying on the institute for autism. God provided me with a motherly mentor. Its about time I just admit it to myself that is who she is. I fought against this for a while because I am scared that she will break off our relationship just like my other friend did. Some differences in our beliefs came up and that made it harder for me to see what really was going on. Its really hard to forget what my other friend told me. That I was a complete waist of his time because I believed differently.
  2. Dude! The King Of Random Licked his foot! I don't think anyone knows how bad I needed this good laugh. . . Foot made of candy
  3. I actually put up with the sexual harassment for a while. My teacher cannot legally retaliate. I am sure its under a different government regulation but, if this was an actual work site the employer would get in serous trouble for retaliating. Harassment is a big deal according to OSHA. Normally on a work site it gets resolved by a simple email from OSHA. In my case I got into trouble for attempting to resolve it myself. When I reported it to the counselor he informed me all a teenager had to do is mention the conversation. I would get into legal trouble for talking about My little pony rule 64 with a minor. When I said I removed those people in my life I was making a point that this does not interest me and the fact that I keep getting these questions about what turns me on makes me emotionally sick. . They are just lucky they did not make a dirty object out of my fursona. My fursona is a part of who I am but, in a metaphorical sense. Essentially making a dirty object out of him is not different then doing that with me in a story. I am not going to be the Horombay in the situation. I done nothing wrong and I won't take the bullet for a wrong that an under age teenager has done. I am 28 years old and I have almost nothing in my favor when it comes to a counter point. The counselor actually told me I should have informed him sooner. What makes this a lot more difficult is that the teacher had talked about his wife in a dirty joking manor and he too could get into trouble. Thats why it worries me that he will retaliate in this situation. I am literally the Horombay whoes child has fallen into my cage because some ones child supposedly knew no better. . On a positive note, I did get a phone call from the institute for autism that I am with. I was told to get a letter or documentation of my disability and that should resolve the accommodations problem. With any luck the counselor will come to my defense in the inappropriate conversations that have been taken place. Instead of anyone getting into legal trouble the situation will just fizzle out with a lecture to the entire class. I do apologize if I sound aggravated. I failed college three times because I was not allowed to use my learning methods that work. I taught myself the basics of embedded systems by fallowing along with YT tutorials and electronics books. Tech school is my last attempt at getting a job that will provide me a living. I can't let this slip through.
  4. I apologize for the Long story . . I really don't like posting negative things. Especially on the forums. I have been denied my rights to disability accommodations from the beginning of the semester. I thought it got resolved because the school counselor did allow some accommodations. It was enough to get through the diagrams that I did not understand. Basically my instructor would erase or drastically change the electrical wiring diagram to where I would get lost. What I would have on paper would be scrambled. I was given a packet with the symbols on it and I managed to go from my traditional circuit symbols of PCB layouts to house wiring. I even managed to wire all my diagrams without flipping the breaker. Thats something very few of my classmates have pulled off. One person even brought a receptacle with black melted plastic to show me and my friend. Essentially there was no connection to ground and there was a major arc before the breaker flipped. . So, last Friday I was drawing my next diagram in my sketch book. I prefer paper that is a little thicker than printer paper when it comes to jell pens. The sketch books I use is student grade and is nothing compared to my mixed media paper but, its enough to prevent bleed through. My instructor has been getting into numerous problems with the PLC software and the expensive robot that is in the shop. The companies will not give our class the keys to the software that has been paid for. Essentially I feel like I have become a punching bag. I can handle moments of aggravation but, not insults like your "disability of autism does not exist." I am working with a program that is on it but, things have gotten a lot more complicated recently. . More than half the class are teenagers. So, when some one accidentally got into an adult webcam chat on FB messenger things started going down hill. I got asked a lot of personal questions even though I was on the other side of the room when my classmates were in the adult webcam. Apparently the other person did not know it was a group and quickly ended it. Blocked the guy of course. After telling them numerous times that I don't want to talk about this stuff I about lost it. Not only would they let up but, the questions got even more disturbing as I refused to answer them. After all the students left I told the instructor about it and that I was not having it. I did apologize the next day to him but, the look he gave me was like, "I can't blame you." I thought it settled down until more conversations were going on behind my back about me. My friend who I look up to as a motherly mentor even asked me why everyone thinks I am gay. I said a few things that may have gotten me into an even more difficult situation. I was trying to prove a point by explaining how I removed a lot of my artist friends due to their adult art of My Little Pony. When my instructor caught on he made statements I never thought he would say about me. Essentially he told me the reason this aggravates me is because I actually enjoy looking at this art and that it turns me on. . So, when my teacher took it out on me last Friday I went to the counselors office. I had it! I told the counselor that I was not happy about my disability documents being rejected. I was essentially told I had to pay for an entirely new assessment of my disability. The program that I am in outside of this school is working on it and that will get resolved. However, I am not sure if I should take legal action if the harassment does not get resolved. The counselor assured me that it will be taken care of but, my teacher made it sound like that there will be retaliation for reporting the conversations that have been going on in the class. From what I understand of the title IX of harassment this is not legal. I think I just need to talk because it makes me emotionally sick to think that even the teacher makes me out to be perverted artist. Luckily my fursonia has not been made into a dirty object because if that was the case I would report this as harassment in writing to the school. No one does that to my OC. . . Side Note I know this is a difficult topic and I hope I was discrete enough with it. I just don't exactly know what to do on Monday. I would just really like to talk. If my teacher retaliates against me or worse harasses me further I don't know if I will be able to handle it the right way. I hope God intervenes and gives me the courage to leave the room. Basically my case worker has told me if things do get out of hand that I should leave the room because the teacher can't legally stop me. I hope this thread is allowed but, I will understand if it does get taken down.
  5. Just to clear things up I quoted some one from this thread. Some one asked a question and I answered it here because I did not want to go off topic. My friend is doing better but, I still hope to lead him back in the right direction. I would have not brought this side of me up on this forum until I knew I could safely do so. However, my friend is just that important to me. He certainly has gotten into my prayers lately. I am still thinking over what you said but, I cannot question the things that God revealed to me. I also needed to take care of things with my art and writing because of how YT got sued recently. I hope the artist I look up to do not get their channels destroyed by the madness of it all. . So, first things first a lot of your questions can be answered on the link I put in this link. Also my quoted text of my writing will answer the theology part of your questions. There is a lot to this blog/public diary update because it answers a lot of questions I have been asked as well as putting to rest accusations that I had from the social websites I am on. When you mention the milk verses meat analogy this actually caught me off guard. I have to give a tuche to that. Very interesting perspective to have in your interpretation. This is not wrong but, its not the entire story. The disciples asked him, "who is the greatest in his kingdom." You would think they would know something by now after seeing Jesus's miracles but, they had yet to really grasp things. . Aside from that you can't do calculus or analytical geometry without knowing how to use basic arrhythmic when necessary. So even if we are to begin to take of meat we also need to know how to take of milk when its provided. I am always learning new things. You probably heard the story of the Garden of Eden a thousand times by now but, still get caught off guard with a different viewpoint because you never look at something the same way as some one else does. Essentially this is what I use age-reg for. Its to humble myself and become like a mere child so I can have a different perspective then before. Keep in mind I am still editing and writing my blog/public diary update. There is a lot more questions to be answered. Lastly I will never demand anyone to accept my interpretations much less even take the time to read them. Although it sure would help if they did. Which is why I would really like help with editing my new blog/public diary update series for 2020. Thankyou for your questions and I hope you consider contributing time to helping me edit my writing.
  6. What I was trying to tell my friend was that he needs a job in order to get out on his own and into an apartment. You Tube is not going to reliably do that for him. Sorry, I thought the way I wrote all this in the beginning made it obvious. As for role-play I have rather strict rules regardless of the medium. Whether it is in a thread like this, a chat room, or webcam I do have my rules. Most important one is that it must maintain I sort of PG-13 type story. This also goes for normal fury or My Little Pony role-play that may not include age-reg. I must also point out that me and this person have not role played once. Although this might be a way to help me gain his trust. Role-play is not necessarily intended for adult-obscene things if you catch drift. I even played a My Little Pony themed DND with my local Brony group before things fell apart. It really does depend on those involved.
  7. I seek God out in what I call my Little Headspace. That is what most age regressers call it. I never ask anyone to accept my beliefs as their own. Especially when it comes to my ways of dealing with life. In Mathew 18:1-5 the scripture points out that we must become like mere children. This does not necessarily mean you need a stuffed animal, pacifier, etc. in order to do this. These items had yet to be thought of in that day and time. They might of had some sort of dolls made out of carved wood but, thats not the point Jesus was making by converting to a mere child. The point he was making was taking the lowly position of a child. He meant for people to remain teachable and maintain a child like faith. . How does this connect with my age-reg? Well when I am in my little headspace I am simply making a statement that I am putting away all of my fears and all of my anxious thoughts of adult life to become as a mere child as described in Mathew 18. To say that becoming a child is against scripture is kind of taking this out of context. Yes there is the scripture 1 Corinthians 13:11 that mentions putting away childish things. Us Christians know better than to accuse the scripture of contradiction. In order to take this into proper context we must take into consideration that this scripture is not talking about the heart of a child or the imaginative play a child does. Its actually talking about maturity in that when we grow up we know how to act appropriately and be able to solve problems in an adult way. . C. S. Lewis put it this way; when I became a man I put away childish things including the fear of being childish. He even goes on to say that he enjoys being an adult. The reason I hate the adult mask is because it creates a false persona and in some cases a social status that is an idol. In my life I like to compare my outward expression of my persona to a ten year old. While I have child like attributes I have put away my childish immaturity. When I am in my little head space I still don't act immature because there is no one to really be immature around. I am in my own room and even if I do have a trusted friend with me I would maintain maturity. I don't have a lot of friends to hang out with because of my Christian beliefs and unusual interests. I am however, trying to get my permit and drivers license so I can go to Church on a regular basis again.
  8. Just so I keep this thread on topic I would like to redirect questions and answers over my coping strategies to this thread. I will see if I can't qoute and answer your questions there in a moment. Help With Editing Blog? . . As for other answers I don't think this would be necessary at this point in time. I remember all too well the sermons of my College-Career pastor. He always said there is a proper time for everything. Right now I really don't have the whole picture and I would hate to say something that becomes a personal attack unintentionally. Yes, he is one of the very few on FB that actually comes close to what I believe. Also I am hopeful that he has friends outside of FB. It scares me a little bit because some of his friends I am not too sure about. I heard stories about age regressers getting taken advantage of. All they want is a friend to play a part in their imaginative escape. In my life I hope to make a friend who would imagine themselves into a small child with me and we can play card games or something. Ya know something simple but, fun. Maybe even get carried away with finger paints. However, I am very careful when it comes to meeting new people and nine-times-out-of-ten people they get impatient with me in getting to know them. I have to know for sure that I can trust them. I only met one person who may have been willing to give it a try and he was the one who told me I was a complete waste of his time. (My Glimmaria intro) This is a great question. I will be sure to ask him about this next time I have a chance. Hopefully this up coming week end. . . End notes Thanks everyone for weighing in on this. Please keep me and my friend in your prayers. I am very hopeful that he does not unfriend me because all I want to do is help. Also he is one of the very few who shares my struggles while still being Christian. Also I will edit this is I accidentally double quoted the same person. This forum has really nice tools for quoting but, I am still getting the hang of things.
  9. Hopefully this is the right sub forum to put this in. For the most part I would like critique on how the scripture fits my explanations. This is only a small piece to a 7 page writing. This is only a very basic draft. So, although I welcome critique on grammar and style I would like to know if the interpretation of scripture seems logical. Also since people are asking honest questions about my coping strategies I welcome any questions. Especially since this is my Blog/public-diary update for all the forums I am on. Questions can help clarify what I need to add or fix in my writing. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide. . .
  10. Yes, he is a Christian but, his beliefs does not seem to line up with scripture enough. This could explain why he is having trouble thinking logically and know what the wise thing would be to do. . As for age-reg I began roughly 2012. My wonderland and tulpmancy began in 2008. I really don't want to get into details but, for the most part it was for depression and anxiety. I was working at a sheltered workshop at the time. My first adult pacifier was the Nuk 5 from ebay. it was a very basic medical one designed for therapy. They are commonly used for stroke recovery to help patients learn how to swallow properly and talk again. My first official pacifier was from PacifiersRus dot com. I prefer the Ortho #7 that costs around 60 USD because the stem is a bit longer. The short stem on the Nuk 5 does not cut it for me. They are modified by hand and this company in particular jumps through numerous hoops to get the certificates they have. I would not be surprised if they were not making a whole lot of money because of the certificates they have. . To answer your question specifically age-reg started because I never like the idea of wearing a mask to play the part of being an adult. I love C. S. Lewis's interpretation of putting away childish things including the fear of being childish. Its really interesting to note that in this subculture these adults are trying to imagine themselves in a safe environment of a mere child. All the while children play adult all the time. Any of you remember playing house as a kid? Children will imagine themselves to be adults with a family and adult responsibilities. Yet, the subculture of age-reg will play pretend to be mere children. In my age-reg specifically its a merge between the two adult and child. This has helped me look at my problems in a very realistic way without becoming incredibly emotional about it all. Hopefully that answers your question. I am updating my public diary/blog on this issue specifically. I hope to post the four parts in the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January if anyone is interested.
  11. This is going to reveal my coping strategy I was hoping to wait on revealing. However, I feel like if I get advice for a friend or at minimal make people aware; it would be all worth it. I typically don't care to talk about this normally. Seeing how things went down on another Christian website the last thing I want is to screw it up here as well. I must also add that I could have handled it better the last time around. At least this time I know what to be prepared for. . . What should I say to my friend? So, my friend is having trouble with his parents. He has been trying to maintain a job and eventually move out to become independent. Unfortunately his employer laid him off due to medical reasons and according to his story his parents messed things up for when he was to return to work. Now he does not have a job even though he is desperate to move out. I know him on my FB friends list. He also uses the exact same coping strategy as me except there is no writing or artwork involved in his activity. At least not that I know of. . I call it age regression because all the other acronyms have been ruined by the media (inaccurate information) . My Fursona is comparable to a 10 year old but, my preferred age is between 4 and 5 when it comes to age regression. So, basically I imagine myself as a toddler. I am 28 in real life but, this activity does a better job than any anti-depressant I ever been on. When ever I started talking with this person online his life story made my difficult moments seem very trivial by comparison. When he was in high-school his bullies would crush his lunch in front of him and he would just go hungry the rest of the day. Of course if the stories about his parents are true then his home life is far from ideal. Especially when it comes to maintaining mental stability using this coping strategy. He wants to try and start a YT channel based on age regression. Its a wonderful tribute to this subculture but, to make a living off of YT is doomed to fail. . Basically, I tried to tell him that he needs to establish a stable income before trying to do anything with a YT channel. All of my most favorite YT channels began with a very basic job for a stable income until they could rely on selling merchandise and do YT monetization. Mark Crily worked in fast food and I think Ben Eater is still holding some sort of job even though people are buying is electronics kits. King of Random sells many home science kits for their business income. Creating a YT channel can be done but, to rely on it from the very beginning is doomed to fail. I hinted at this to my friend but, he has it in his head that no one is going to hire him. He also has no desire to get a case worker much less talk to a psychiatrist at minimal to help with his depression. He does have a disability. I recognize it because I am autistic and I been around many people. Enough to know what it is and what its not. . . End notes I have been very busy over the week end cleaning my electronics lab area. I would be cleaning the rest of my apartment right now if it was not for this bothering me. I do apologize for my absence. I am willing to answer honest questions. If requested I am willing to make this strategy of mine low key if it makes people uncomfortable. I would really like some advice for my friend though. It bothers me that he is in an entirely different state and there is very little that I can do. Thanks again for the warm welcome and the acceptance.
  12. I could not find a sub forum for art so, I hope you forgive me if I did not look hard enough. Also I know YT videos were mentioned but, not of art that I could tell. I was wondering if there are other artist on here. Have you done anything that had something symbolizing the Bible or something God did in your life? . My answer I need to start sketching daily again and try to get something new on my DA every week end. I do have some art that I am proud of though. I do want to broaden it and do more symbolic stuff that references more than just John 3:16. Its a wonderful verse but, I would love to see if I can't create symbolism within my illustrations. I really do need to make my mind on my fursonas anatomical structure. Sigh But, here is a really good one I done. I am really transparent on my DA. As mentioned before some of my coping strategies don't make sense to some people and likewise some of my art does not either. Nothing NSFW, people just don't really get it. If that makes sense. . Art of a Cross
  13. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I think the first thing I answer is “what I am trying to figure out.” There are a lot of things I am trying to figure out. Like my understanding of government because of my book series I am writing. I want to try and understand the American government that I live in since that plays a part in how the story unfolds. There are other more complicated things that I need to straighten out but, I want to at least make a good impression before I get into some of my other coping strategies. . I am ok with criticism. The other forum was a special case. Simply put, my coping strategy was taken way out of context. If it’s just some ones opinion and I am not being threatened with a permanent-ban over my coping strategy then I should be fine. I have been bullied through out my grade school years and even in part of my college years. I figured out how to ignore comments and opinions that are not worth my time. . I look forward to making new friends and I hope the different websites I am on will make it possible to leave Facebook. Right now I would not have any connection with my distant friends and family who have been supportive of my way of learning and the coping strategies I use.
  14. The Odds and Ends Plus a personal request of acceptance I won't be angry if I am not accepted "Promise" . . I have been looking around for a place to figure things out. I have lost friends on both sides. I lost Christian friends and non-Christian friends. My recent one who broke off our friendship told me I was a complete waist of his time due to my interpretation of scripture. Basically I believe in "Fearfully and Wonderfully made," such that your gender is a define appointment. To say you are the other gender means to consider yourself a mistake. I really don't want to bring up difficult topics but, I have been trying to heal from this loss. This guy was some one who I went to Church with and even to Bronycon Baltimore with. We were closer than brothers until one day his mother died of cancer and my local group fell apart. I was a Brony but, after what has happened to the fandom I no longer wish to be associated with them. I will keep my memories and keep sakes so long as God wills it. I just find it better that I broaden who I am. . The last forum I was on that was Christian did not work out that great. I plan on keeping my bio simple until I know what everyone here is comfortable with. Basically you need to know I am a Christian Furry and a Tulpamancer. There is more to it then that but, this is minimal. I was diagnosed with autism at a young age. I struggled with depression and anxiety as a teenager. After graduating in 09 things slowely got easier. My doctor eventually prescribed an anti-depressant that did work. Although I still grasp my coping strategies. Primarily, you can think of it as an imaginative escape. I used to call it a imaginary realm and imaginary friends until I learned of the tulpa community and the furry community. I now call it my wonderland and my characters tulpas. I hope you search carefully because this has a lot of misinformation out there. The last Christian forum I was on I tried to compromise in a reasonable way. I was going to remove a lot of my content and script my imaginative escape as something more suitable. However, instead of listening they insulted who I was through my characters that they demonized. If you know of the forum that I am referring to I ask that you do not mention the website. I wish no disrespect for them and I only hope my hurt has taught them something. . I titled this thread Glimmaria because this is the name of my imaginative escape. My Tulpa named Glimmaria sometimes visits me in this land. I also have other tulpas who do stay but, I never force any thought form to stay. If that makes sense. I only ask them to respect scripture and to allow me to see if their persona aligns with the Word of God. I do a lot of this through pen and paper. God has called me to be a writer and an artist so, I do use a type of character references. I am still mastering coloring with shadow and texture rendering. I am very confident with graphite and charcoal. I hope to do the same with color pencil and acrylic paint. My OC Little Pebble 10 is a small wingless fur covered dragon. He stands a little under 4' tall on his hind legs and about 3' on all fours. I have not made up my mind on his anatomical structure yet. I am really close though. Lil. Pebble is who I imagine myself to be in my imaginative escape with my tulpas. . This is a very basic explanation of who I am. I am going to tech-school to become an electrician. I am thinking about being a Union Electrician and doing a verity of Modular Synth projects at home. I love math and science but, its within the imagination that creates innovation. Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research." When I read evolution I am taking this in tech-evolution NOT Darwinism. Without imagination there would be no innovation. Did I say innovation already? Yes, thats important! . I also love using theories such as "what if a law of physics was changed or removed entirely?" What do you think would happen? Such as Pascals law, and the idea of a force field. Pascals Law states "a pressure change at any point in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted throughout the fluid such that the same change occurs everywhere." If Pascals Law was broken within a container for example. A box made of 6 force fields with oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen which is a breathable atmosphere what do you think would happen if something hit one of the 6 force fields? If Pascals Law was broken then an object hitting the force field could theoretically be stopped without an equal and opposite reaction. Thus an impenetrable shield could be created. You then add a some imagination and you can do anything within an imaginative escape. This is what my wonderland is all about. . . I apologize for the wall of text. My last bio and Christian forum experience was less than helpful in my spirituality. I hope to make this different. Thankyou!
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