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    Worthing W Sussex, and Shanklin I.O.W England
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    Spending time with God and the people of God, helping others, enjoy nature and wild life, walking, travelling the world.

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  1. Please read all of Romans Ch: 8 There is so much in it. We are called to walk in the Spirit not the flesh. We are free to Love and Obey God as our Father (abba) thank you JESUS you can and you will do his (GODS) will thru us.
  2. I say Aman lets all help each other in Christ to grow in one body, to be GODS home. We are the clay and he is the Potter. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was and is GOD, and Jesus Christ is the Word that become flesh ( Wow that is something to shout about)
  3. Hi George we meet in Shanklin, I.O.W, England. Thank you and your wife for coming to talk & sing to us, it was a great blessing to meet you and now to be a part of Worthy. From a friend & bro in Jesus Christ Frank.
  4. Hi all I am new and glad to join with you all in JESUS.
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