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  1. I apologize if you perceive my statement as indicating you fall into an unsavory class of people. I regret that you did no understand my point.
  2. Who? Please give me the name of just one microbiologist who has stated that opinion.
  3. The Bible is the claim, it is not the proof. Quoting scriptures does not offer a valid explanation.
  4. How does that sentence make sense? The natural world can be examined and tested. The supernatural world can not be examined, proven or tested. But apart from a bold assertion, can proof be offered in this explanation? Can any rational proof exist concerning the supernatural?
  5. That is how I perceive it. What is important is the big picture, and the messages the tales send. The fine details of specific dates are secondary to the messages. For myself, I go one step further, and ponder why, of all the possible days in the year, those days were chosen.
  6. The authors of the gospels generally focused on theological elements rather than historical chronologies. The exact date has not been determined, and in fact, it maybe off as much as 30 years. But many believe that the accepted dates of Easter and Christmas were adapted from pagan ritual dates, Easter in the spring to celebrate the new crop and fertility, and Christmas the solstice, end of year. And never forget Saturnalia, the Roman feast of Saturn, which ran to December 21st. A Jesuit studying Chinese astronomical records came across a supposed supernova observed in 5 BC for over 70 days.
  7. I get it, you are a fundamentalist. Do you also follow Deuteronomy 22:11 or Deuteronomy 21:18-21?
  8. Of course the evolution of the eye was not spontaneous. There is a very good video on the evolution of the eye, from it's beginnings as very simple cells that can sense changes in light ( to survive) to higher functions.
  9. 1) Of course any atheist can not prove any God does not exist. But based on the same rule,s a theist cannot prove a God does exist. But the default position for a claim is not to accept the claim until the claimant can offer proof. If I claimed that Spider Man exists, than it is on you to prove it does not exist? 2,3) Atheists and science do not claim a start point for this universe. The study of our universe has indicated a specific rate of expansion. Working backwards in time, it is strongly suggested that 13.8 billion years ago this universe began from a point of zero dimensions and almost infinite heat and energy. Before that instant, science and atheists do not know what the conditions were before the singularity. They make no claim on any creation. The Rose. I agree, that currently mankind does not possess the knowledge and equipment to create a rose. So what, three thousand years ago mankind did not know how to make guns.
  10. I suggest you read some military history. Integration of units has been around thousands of years. For goodness' sake, the WW2 Germans refined this technique, and they called it "Blitzkrieg".
  11. There is so much disinformation from the OP it falls with in the classification of fake news. How would you feel if you were gathered with close friends and some stranger started calling you sinner, unworthy, have fallen astray? Of course you would feel aggrieved. Andi if the language is powerful enough and done over a loudspeaker, even worse? This is what Lynch is doing. You may not have any sympathies for gays, but they are people too, and they get irate when some stranger puts them down. They have every perfect right to ask for a ban on this hate speech. If that same person was using a facility provided by the city, the city has every right, and is expected to shut down the hate. The tabled legislation is in here: https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2019/mm/bgrd/backgroundfile-139260.pdf
  12. Which is your right, no one is forcing you to learn the history of the Bible.
  13. Anyone who has studied the history of the bible is aware that Christianity adopted a lot of "pagan" beliefs and stories. The Great Flood was adopted from the Babylonians, previous religions also told a story of a virgin birth. And many pagan religions celebrated spring and fertility with a story of a god who was sacrificed and then was resurrected. If you get all wound up over details, did God approve of electric Christmas lights?
  14. This proposition is a false dilemma fallacy. One two options are presented, any no other possibilities have been explored. I can think of at least two more options (unaware of Christianity, Hindu), totaling at least four options.
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