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  1. @Neighbor this is mostly about my family at this point. I am pretty certain it's too late for me to be saved because I lived in sin for so long after professing to believe in Jesus and now the desire to go to Him is gone. So the basic issue is that I lived for so long in a state of rejection and I've gotten so hardened that I won't go to Him. I've already discussed my issues in a couple of threads on here. One is called Unpardonable? and the other is called Hardened Beyond Repentance?. Per Hebrews 6/10 this is what happens when God has been so angered that He withdraws forever. I don't want my family to go to hell because of my influence. I don't really want to discuss anything here, just please - this is about them. I'm going to hell, I just don't want them to go with me, and only God can do anything about that. Please pray for them. I'm not struggling. I know exactly what is going on. I was wrong to say that. I don't want to discuss further, especially since this is a prayer space. Just please, know that I am a wicked man and...I don't know.
  2. Please pray for me, my wife, and my three children to be saved if you are willing. I am still struggling. Thank you.
  3. We have a children's Bible we use to read in the evenings. We read to them every day. There are other factors that lead me to this realization. I am just hoping that she is spiritually ok, otherwise, I am hoping for intervention if not.
  4. I am just worried that she may be a "cultural Christian" and not really in Christ (like I was/am). I was reluctant to post this, but I guess I would rather err on this side than to say nothing. I have intimated at this to her, but I hesitate to push too far, especially since I am not exactly in the position to be a moral authority. I am extremely far from God, and as each day passes it only seems more hopeless, and it's all my fault. At this point, I am more concerned that either my wife's existing faith is strengthened, or if she is not a Christian, that she would be brought to faith for real. Thank you all for your prayers.
  5. Hi everyone. I am concerned about my wife and children. Every Christian goes through dry periods, but in talking to my wife, she has mentioned that she knows her passion for the Lord isn't what it should be and that she isn't praying or reading the Bible much. Those in and of themselves aren't necessarily signs that one isn't a Christian, but from what I understand they are concerns nonetheless. I would like to request prayer that the Lord would give her passion for Him, and that it would be passed on to the children, and if she isn't saved, that He would bring her to Himself. Thank you.
  6. Well, I hope your friend will repent, and it's good that you've stuck with him.
  7. I don't really know. Sermon after sermon, all kinds of Bible reading, and I will not repent or bow the knee to Him as Lord. I don't know the exact reason. I think it will take a Saul-like experience to change me at this point. But those are rare. Saul did not know who Jesus was or why He came, that's why he found mercy. But I know better.
  8. It's my pride. I need to be humbled. I won't humble myself. Even knowing what is on the line.
  9. I don't see issues with his theology. Calvinism seems biblical as far as I can understand.
  10. Thank you. I need prayer to have my blindness removed.
  11. I would like to think that if He did, I would.
  12. I get so jealous of these people who God saved because of other people praying for them.
  13. Like it's crazy that you were only half seeking and He just flattened you, and I had been working and working and nothing. Kinda like you just stumbled onto Him, right? Ugh. I can't get it together.
  14. What I would really like to happen is for God to just come and smack me around. Like press me so hard that I go screaming to Him for mercy. Whatever must be done to really get my attention. To push my heart out of its complacency. Because I can sin without consequence or emotion, except to beat myself up. And that's a very bad sign.
  15. If I am, I don't feel the burden. I have to force myself to think about it. I could think about how hard I would have to work at work to really serve Jesus, and it's daunting. I have to be willing to change that to really go to Him and ask for forgiveness and remission of sins.
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