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  1. What a blessing to read these two posts! I just want to praise the Lord, and bless Him, and say that truly, there IS none like Him! We are so frail, so feeble, and many times we fail, but God really is the Strength of our lives, and our Portion forever. Sometimes we get so down, and are ready to give up. It seems like all of God's waves and billows are going over us, and we feel like surely we are going to be overwhelmed and carried away in a flood dark and deep. BUT GOD...oh those two words!! BUT GOD...HE it is Who is Faithful. HE WHO began a good work WILL PERFORM IT till the day of Jesus! I too have been going through mighty struggles both within and without; yet time and again, the rod and staff of Christ comfort me, and teach me to fear no evil, for, whether I see anything or not, or "feel" anything or not ' HE IS WITH ME, as He is with all of His flock! We walk by faith and not by sight! To everything, too, there is a time of season. I have been saved 36 years now, and wow. Sometimes we're on the mountaintop - and sometimes in the valley; sometimes we lie in green pastures near those quiet streams, and other seasons it feels like we're walking through that barren howling wilderness! God exercises His people in many ways, for He is continually working things out of us and working things in us! Praise His name! He is the Faithful Potter, and He uses many tools to work our lumps out and make us good clay so that He can fashion us to be vessels of honor for His glory! May the Lord continue to shower you all with grace and mercy, light and truth, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and soon-coming King!
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