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  1. You're adding things which aren't mentioned in the scriptures, @Margo1945. For example: since the sexually immoral, liars, et. al. are specifically mentioned you *assume* that those identified must be "saved people" who are sexually immoral, liars... and so forth. Are you aware that by doing so you're nullifying the power and efficacy of Christ's blood to purchase a holy nation? That the Lord's assurances of his promises --- every one of God's words are true --- is now somehow not the truth? The Lord addressed workers of iniquity elsewhere in the scriptures (Matthew 7:21-23) but how do you know that such individuals were saved in the first place? Just because someone *thinks* that they're right doesn't necessarily mean they are, Margo1945. You've written much accusing others of clinging to the "doctrines of men" yet here you are preaching that very thing... your doctrine.
  2. So, there are times and places (on this forum, of course) where copying and pasting hundreds of words from the scriptures are entirely inappropriate. Eyes glaze over making those hundreds of words pasted from the scriptures a waste of time! Whom does scripture bombing profit? How difficult is it to refrain from doing it?
  3. I'd forgotten about it already, @Raven. Of course you're forgiven.
  4. Scripture bombing continues unabated on the forums. Since this thread is about scripture bombing it's entirely appropriate to bring back up from the deeps.
  5. @shel, that photo was one of several the lady discovered on her phone a few months ago. She brought the phone to me, laughing so hard she couldn't speak a word.... that dog found her phone unattended so he started taking selfies. LOL!
  6. I'm not affected by TMI so don't worry. I'd like to briefly discuss antibiotic resistant UTIs with you by sharing some relevant data. This is becoming more commonplace globally but understand that folks in the medical field are equipped to deal with this. For example, one study found that among resistant UTIs: A little over 70% were resistant to levofloxacin... 23% were resistant to nitrofurantoin... and 3% were resistant to amikacin. In other words, an antibiotic exists which the bacteria cannot resist. That's an important part of your treatment regimen, @Figure of eighty: finding the right one. I know that it's scary, sister. This is the hard part: leaning into the Lord and trusting in him. No, of course there's nothing wrong with the fact that you're scared, or that you feel guilty, or that you feel responsible for everything. It's quite alright! Still praying with you!
  7. (notices relevant thread in need of bumping!) Bump!
  8. Amen, sister. So many people are willing to gather together to protest certain classes of people being excluded from restaurants; how many are willing to gather together to proclaim the gospel? Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time for spreading the good news! For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16) We're to love our neighbor as we love ourselves... do we want to be separated from our Father and his Son, Jesus Christ? Of course not! The issue of whether someone is chosen (elect) is not a matter for our concern. Christ came to this wicked world to save sinners, not to reassure the perfect of their place in the kingdom of heaven!
  9. Does "scripture bombing" make you somehow correct, @steve morrow? The topic of thread is... Nothing But The Blood Here's what I've observed happening. A member of the forum wants to glorify Jesus Christ (like @Coliseum did with this thread) and so a number of us join in and are edified thereby. That's what it's all about! We build one another up by focusing on those things which are good... worthwhile... and which glorify our Lord and Savior. There's always someone who *has* to serve as the foil... why is that, steve morrow? The fact that we're purchased and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God without blemish, is articulated explicitly in the scriptures so here's my question to you: What's your problem with that? This is unusual conduct coming from you so I can't help but wonder. Thanks in advance for answering.
  10. While the winds are roaring outside... Now is a good time to walk in those things which are different this time around. I wrote about my childhood proclivity to "zone out" and focus fiercely elsewhere on the forum and this is the perfect place to expand on that somewhat: I'm scared out of my wits because the wind is in fact roaring outside! So here I am engaging in that childhood habit of focusing fiercely upon something (writing) so I might forget about the wind outside. That's how I went out there a few winters ago when the winds were howling so I could find some goats lost in the storm; finding them became my reason for being. This helped me be there for a soldier who was stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen (his intestines were visible) and made it possible for me to forget about my catatonic chair long enough to safeguard the lady's life when she had need of me. Not that long ago I was lost in the grip of my dreams which isn't so unusual considering how vivid they usually are. Those dreams become a problem if I focus intensely upon them to the exclusion of everything else, a familiar place I haunt whenever I'm in a depressive state. Here's one of those things which are different this time around: One thunderstorm after another was moving through here during the period of time when I found Worthy in early September up until I left forum in early November. That's monsoon season here where I live and an interlude to something much more dreadful... winter time. Facing the psychopath who was stalking the lady during my first winter here was the prelude to my doom. After he left, I started withering away. There... now the reader understands what happens when the winds start to roar and/or drops of rain start falling. It's a riot which overwhelms my capacity to hold things together in what most would concur is a normal fashion so I draw upon my weirdness and zone out, side-stepping the need for normality. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am, reader. Yes, God knows precisely how to reach me no matter where (or when) I am and so things are quite different this time around. For one thing, I'm not fiercely focusing on the plethora of dreams I've had and that alone is cause for celebration! Most important, however, is the understanding that the Lord is with me even while I'm terrified by the winds out there. He shows us a much better way.
  11. I understand what it's like to be gripped by dreams. During childhood I was infamous for zoning out of the world so I could lose all sense of self; it was my greatest defense against the occasional harshness of that world. During these times I would read... write... sketch with pencils (never cared for painting)… play musical instruments or assemble crazy drum sets from pots and pans... or listen to the same piece of music over, and over, and over again until I committed it to memory. At any time I could close my eyes and listen to the music instead of screaming, yelling, or crying. That probably explains why I'm so level-headed during emergencies... those prod me into "zoning out" in a constructive manner. That's when my oddities seem to pay off because nothing short of death will prevent me from doing whatever I can to help. I saw your message and so I'm not going to judge anything else, @Isaiah90. I know we have fellowship in our Lord Jesus Christ, friend.
  12. Having read it myself I share your opinion, brother. May I stress "poorly written?" It's fit for the shredder or fire, whichever is the most expedient.
  13. I understand, brother. The bit about breaking myself down... how easily I forget... whining and complaining... are nothing compared to those times when I plead with the Lord to destroy me just like he did to those grumblers in the wilderness. Here's how I characterized it before: feeling like I'm bound for the lake of fire. Do I love God, Coliseum? Do I really? I pray that I do.
  14. That's the highest calling there is, Coliseum: to love God. I was breaking myself down earlier today, feeling worthless as usual until it suddenly hit me: why am I whining and complaining? No matter how things may seem to my eyes of flesh I've never been happier and more content in all of my days. How swiftly I forget the truth: I was accursed and on my way to the grave until Jesus Christ changed it all. This life I'm leading right now --- when I open my eyes in the morning I thank the Lord for another day --- this is my reward until the end comes. Our Father in heaven blessed me with the opportunity to walk toward the Lord until my time here is finished! There are no words to express my gratitude nor how I feel. I'm still overwhelmed by this!
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