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  1. Welcome to Worthy, @Hated Apostle!
  2. Yes, a type of pain which originates in the brain.... neuropathy. It's real to the one suffering from it, of that there's no doubt. Dubbing it as "imaginary" was an error on my part since this pain arises as a consequence of other conditions and maladies... one doesn't contrive this sort of pain on their own accord. I struggle with asking for things so it's good for me to press through with this. God bless you all for praying!
  3. I doubted the Lord the day he spared me, sister. He told me that I would live and not die... so what exactly was going on with me while this unfolded? I was terrified. Dazed and more than a little confused... and completely at a loss to comprehend why Almighty God took me in His hand. It was such a hard thing for me and of course our Redeemer knew this... He wasn't wrathful nor angry with me. Of course not! I was an atheist. No, this wasn't a life-long conviction but the truth nevertheless. God shattered that when He revealed Himself so yes, I was stunned... astonished... shocked... and filled with dread. I started shaking because at long last I finally knew who chose me... who made me... and who called to me many years ago: Jesus Christ. Terror gripped me because I couldn't see the Lord and yet he was speaking to me. To me! He accepted my offering (my life, which I gave to Him right away) and told me what would come to pass... of course I didn't believe Him. Before I pulled the trigger I was an atheist and after the bullet didn't fire I found myself in the presence of God. I was in a state of shock! We don't know all things and we toil in this flesh through a world of death and decay. Little wonder we experience doubt so it's not surprising that the Son of God --- He chose us and fashioned us --- has mercy and grace for us, his blood-bought children. Here's what I think, Flowersun: doubt is merely fertilizer which fortifies the soil of faith. Behold, it's a new day... let's see what God does!
  4. Yes. I'll share the following so you'll be encouraged that doubt isn't something the Lord condemns his children for... why would He? We inhabit these vessels of clay... possess feeble as well as fickle minds... we need our Savior! Immediately after creating my personal prayer request the Lord spoke to me, @Flowersun. Merely posting that request was an exercise in faith; I did so in obedience. Do I believe that the Lord will grant the desire of my heart? No, I don't. Ah, but wait... doesn't this mean I lack faith? Of course not! If I lacked faith I wouldn't have given my life to the Lamb of God, the Lord wouldn't be speaking about my doubts and fears, and I wouldn't hear His voice. His Spirit wouldn't abide with me! The Lord chose me long before I came to be and was moved for my sake first. God loved me first! In our weakness, Jesus Christ is magnified. Perhaps you're at peace with doubt because the Lord knows all things, and continues His work in you in spite of it. I keep asking the Lord about the lady, wondering if He'll spare her... God doesn't chide me for this, Flowersun. His answer is always the same because the Lord isn't like a man who is fickle... He's eternal and unchanging. We're the ones who change... let's remember that! God bless you, sister.
  5. The Lord bless you, @nzkev. You're a good brother! Yes, I need to be reminded and quite often.
  6. I will pray that the Lord grant the desire of your heart, @Galleon. I understand the value of what you seek, my friend.
  7. That's what the Lord did for me as well, brother. You'll notice how I've been free of those things for quite some time now... this is the work of Jesus Christ, not me. I know there's scripture which pertains to how we're changed from glory to glory which I feel addresses what happens after we're saved and begin walking this narrow path, brother. It even applies to me! The Lord continues his work and he's changing me just like he promised, one day at a time.
  8. This is interesting because the first time in my life that I was prescribed an opioid painkiller, it made me feel queasy and a little nauseous. I can't stand opioids and refuse to take them when given the chance. Believe it or not, ibuprofen or aspirin is just as effective for me... at least they don't make me feel sick to my stomach.
  9. Yes, I'm in complete agreement with you sister. It's also a bad idea since our animal family members can get in the way in case of an emergency on the road... having them clear of at least the driver is pretty important! Our dogs know the boundary. Yes, they will plant a wet nose on your neck from the backseat... lol!... but's that's as far as they go. They know not to get in the way up front if we need to transport one or more of them in the car. Mmhmm… I'll check my rear view mirror and notice the dogs looking back at me. Give them an inch...
  10. I'm sorry that it took me this long to respond, @JacquelineDeane55. I can assure you that it's against federal and (most) state law to deny a qualified applicant the privilege of a driver's license, developmental disorders or even mental illness notwithstanding. I legally possess a license and as long as I continue to prove my fitness behind the wheel (which also implies obeying applicable laws) the state has no cause to take my license from me. Is it possible that for some reason, it's been legally deemed hazardous for you to operate a motor vehicle? That would be the only reason I can come up off the top of my head for the loss of your license, sister. Again, I'm only going on my best guesses here because I've never heard of anyone having their driver's license revoked simply because they're on the autistic spectrum.
  11. I'm praying for you, @Coliseum, because I'm all too familiar with what kidney stones can do. The first time I encountered the lady in extreme distress from kidney stones I nearly lost my mind... She was as sick as she was when she suffered from food poisoning only this time, she was neither delirious nor feverish. She couldn't keep solids nor liquids down and it wasn't until after I transported her to the ER in the city that kidney stones were revealed as the culprit. After emergency surgery and a stay in the hospital I thought the coast was clear... It happened again roughly a month ago. Violently ill like before and so this had the effect of finally bringing the truth home to my heart and mind: this is something the lady has suffered from for many years. My heart goes out to you, brother.
  12. You're an inspiration, sister. The kindness you've shown to me when I was struggling is the love of Christ for us all. God bless you!
  13. Thank you for providing an update, @Figure of eighty. I recall mentioning data related to UTI's to you before though the name of that thread eludes me at the moment, I'm afraid. No matter since a visit to your physician is precisely what you need and you're thankfully headed in that direction! I'll be praying for you, your little one, and your family. God bless you sister and may the Lord give you rest.
  14. I would wish for the woman I look after --- I call her "the lady" here on the forum --- to be saved.
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