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  1. Chris, do you know if you have any witchcraft in your lineage? I don't think you have committed the unpardonable sin or you wouldn't be here at all. It sounds like your will wants God, but you are experiencing a blockage which can be caused by demonic interference. Do you ever experience a pressure around your head? Don't give up, and don't rely on your emotions to determine your relationship with God. You need to recognize that the devil is your enemy and that he does not want you saved. Read the scriptures where Jesus casts demons out of people. Believe that He can do that for you. Let's try to eliminate any blockage caused by demonic influence. I would try to find a church that knows how to pray for people who are under demonic bondage, like a Pentecostal church that has not quenched the Holy Spirit in this area. Get prayer specifically to remove any demonic attachments and see if it makes a difference. Keep me posted. Much love to you, Biblican.
  2. Thank you, and thank you for the scripture!
  3. Thank you. Glad to be here. God bless you, too.
  4. Hello to you too. Many blessings to you as well.
  5. Thanks George. I really like your analogy of the party. God doesn't like fighting, strife and debate. My policy is to present my case and if someone does not agree, then I use the phrase, "We must agree to disagree." I don't like throwing food. Thanks again. Yours in Jesus, Biblican
  6. Hi everybody. I am new here, a friend told me about this forum. I am a semi-retired Christian speaker and I do a lot now online with my websites and my Youtube channel. I think the internet is a great place to minister. I recently was ministering to a woman who left Christianity for Judaism. To me this is like a butterfly trying to go back into the cocoon. She was totally brainwashed by a Rabbi she saw on Youtube. I don't believe that she was genuinely saved in the first place. She had no background in the prophecies that reveal Jesus as the Messiah. I believe that it is vitally important for every Christian to understand the Old Testament prophecies, foreshadows and typologies that verify the truth of Christianity. The book of Hebrews is a wonderful place to help anyone hold onto their faith. Personally, I am a non-denominational Christian and I have ministered in a variety of denominations. I practice a very simple first century Christianity, which means I just read my Bible and follow Jesus and His apostles. I don't go much beyond the first century in my theology unless it confirms and affirms the scriptures. I'll try to get on when I can as I am limited in time. My purpose here would be to encourage others in their faith. Much love to all of You in Jesus' precious name. - Biblican
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