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  1. Maybe i am speaking from personal, experience, and personal interactions.
  2. Right. Unless people stop supporting the thing in which is inspired, most likely, by, Satan, (a bit of a stretch, maybe, or, idk,), It will continue to thrive. Part of being a capitilast society, is supply, and demand. If something is bad, don't buy it. If you are a Christian, and even have to question it, Don't buy, it. Don't support, and be apart of, and watch things that jesus, the true jesus, would not be proudof. They' will never go away, Unless their franchise goes away, And the only reason they have a franchise, Is Because people buy, And watch, And support, it. To myself, And other, Millennial, Somethings,... Yes, He's, Really, really, cute, And yes, Youhad that one, special, moment, But, Unless he's calling you, Unless he is seeing you, Unless he is asking you out, And unless, He has married you, Stop getting on twitter, And responding to his, tweets, Or even more than that. A bit, ot, off topic, But, kind of the same notion. If a man wants something, He will buy it. If a woman, does, or doesn't even know, if she wants it, Or even know exactly, what it is she's buying, She will, buy it. We get a lot of irresponsible, Spending, Of money, And time, Going on, In this capitalist society we got goin' on here. However.... I would also not want to live, Anywhere, But, a capitalist, society.
  3. I like the way you think, @ Justin. When i am medicated, I am fairly normal. It's when i am unmedicated, That i start to becom e, "abnormal". I am still concerned with being a female, and having to have a smartphone, though. Bein g normal, means i want a normal, traditional family, life, as, well. Don't wanna be posting all over facebook, with, tons of frienss, with different opinions. :):
  4. Does anybody else even wanna talk about the cost of this type of living ? ? ?I am on disability, As i said, Live with parents, With a smi, diagnosis, And this kind of stuff in particular, reall weirds me out . I have a basic, phone, So my frienss don't bother me, with, social media invites, and they have to call me, but they still usually text, anyway, and also because it cost, me, $9.99.!!!!! lol, I know of people,.through word of mouth, Who just replace, ridiculous and up, Cell phones, I don't have the budget myself, To do that kind of stuff, And they have more than i do, And they're still in financial trouble!!!!!! It's absolutely insane. (absolutely, corrrect emoji to use, @BeauJangles
  5. I have a flip phone, that came with the twitter app, and i just disinstalled it, and it feels fairly private, But, i got it about a year ago. I actually found a place that sells quite a few flip phones, and even a nokia phone, modern nokia phone, albeit, But, still a nokia. I am just concerned that they won't catch backnon, Or that there will no longer be a demand, For them, And then my privacy plan, Just goes even further,Out the window. My flip phone has internet access, but it's incredibly difficult to use, and i am OK with that lol.
  6. Where do you find such a contraption, And how do i get one ? ? ? ? I mean, a phone, With no, internet !!!! So true!!!!!
  7. My issue, Is the apps. I don't even want to have to own a phone that has the capability, Or more like, The, Force-ability, To have to have, the social media apps on it. Whether my phone is tracking me or not, The main point i am referring to, is not having to have to, or be forced to have a phone that is pre-programmed, Or even has the functionality, Of putting some of those apps, on it. In fact, I don't even know how to find a phone that is straight talk, With no internet. It's all, Very, Very, invasive, And like, Forcing people, To come together, Almost,........, Which actually inevitably forces them, apart. It's also not good for single people, Especially, Female. Which raises a whole host, Of other topics, And issues.
  8. Sorry, *edit. The smaller churches seem to be open for prayer, srudy groups, During the week,But it is a difference that i have noticed, over the course of the past while, Wherein they used to havenan actual service, and then people would mingle, after. Even the mega-ist church, that was here, that i did appreciate going to, They switched their wednesday night services, to a different service that i have no idea if it is still an actual, service, or if it's for parents, while their kids are in the kids' service. I am known, For being, really, queit, And not speaking up for myself.... As a result, I have kind of, been,.... "Left, Behind".... (No relation to the movie)... No relation to the movie... Unless in which case, we are considering the rapture. In which, case, sometimes if i wake up and feel alone, i start to get paranoid tha my family, (my parents), got raptured, and i really did get left behind,... again,... lol, i'm, kidding,.. sort, of, lol... i just feel, so, alone. i can be surrounded, by, people, and so isolated, at the same, time. :(:
  9. Sorry,I Can't seem to, "like" this post, So i'll reply with a real, typed, "thumbs up". Unfortunately, where I live, Smaller, More intimate-like, Church settings are either having prayer group during the week, at night, no service, Or they are filled with, More,." Contemporary", Female,.Christians. Or if they are not, contemporary, They have already been married, and started their own families, And are no longer available to chat or talk like we used to. I can think of several, Reasons why i would want to vent in this way as well, Even if i'm not fully capable of explaining, Or even fully grasping all the reasons, why. If the ladies lounge is completely silent, though, Then i guess there's no point. I made a friend in person at a smaller church, where i'm from, But like i said, Most of the churches around here are closing during the week, Or not open as often as they once were like during the week, Or they're mega churches, Or they're episcopilian or something, Like that. I am not sure which one to go to, And the friend i made within the past year or so, I pretty much attached to one, From on of the churches,.And she's more like a mother-figure, Than a wise, Young adult. I don't have many of those, In my life, (lol) (it's kind of the truth,) And if i ever did, Those are the ones who now have their own lives lol. Thanks,.@ omegaman. Any other advice would be welcome.
  10. Well, i would need the password,.And apparenrly no one posts over there.
  11. I still little things that are infused with some type, of, something. And i'm also on medication, So i don't usually. And if i do, it's very, very, rare.
  12. Oh, Totally. Never thought of burning receipts. Also, I try and limit my budget to not use bank cards, But everything is online. it's slowly becoming really difficult, To buy anything in person, However that may be a good thing. If i onl y buy in person, I'd have a lot left over !!!!
  13. I absolutely hope so. I don't have much to say about it, I just absolutely hope so.
  14. I am kind of just needing to vent about a guy, And would prefer to do so in a private forum. Also, I don't think you are supposed to post that stuff, here. I was over on another christian forum site,.And felt extremely uncomfortable there, And a few people have already mentioned that they felt the same, Which is why they ended up, here. I mostly just need to vent, Not really looking for too much advice, Just a place to talk about it, Somewhere that isn't a social site, Where everyone sees, Who maybe aren't all Christians. Especiall being, My age. I have a guy I'm really missing, And would like to give a little background somewhere. Not too personal, Though. Are you a, MOD ?
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