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  1. OK. Too much, to, read. But, very, interested. Thanks. I will do a search, in one of my very last "smart", devices, I currently, Almost have no other choice, But, to, own ,............... (There's still a choice, its just dwindling away).
  2. Hi , mary,.... This post is not seeking to learn. Perhaps this post belongs , in, "Praise". I am posting about an experience that I have already been through,. And already, learned, from, As well as praising, some of my , " In person", Leaders, and, pastors, From my past, Who taught me things that I regretfully rebelled, against, And feel like I owe an apology, To. This is, a, "lesson, already learned", " working and striving to achieve a higher calling and standard, Of living", As well as , An acknowledgement, And, and seeking forgiveness, Of past pastors, and elders, at an in person, experience,........ Perhaps this belongs, In, "Praise? ? *,Edit, Title".... "Praise, Report. My leaders, Were, Right" ........
  3. Somebody said, they would find a new church... Exactly my point... What, One with a rock and roll band , and a lead solo guitarist in skinny jeans ? ? That.. Is the kind of nauseating , "church" experiences, I am talking about... I'm not 15 anymore , And I don't plan on staying, 15. I've already been through that stage in my life. It was not, the happiest of my times, And I am grateful for the leaders I did have, Who did instill,. Higher values in me. They were right. About all of it.
  4. Edit* If anyone is coming here to try and, "change" me, Or, "change", my opinion, that is not why i am here. I realize, I think I may have posted this, In, " General, 'discussion'"... I am not, open, to discussing and I am not open to being g judged in the way the modern, contemporary , so-called, "church", Judges. At least, not with just, Anyone. This probably would have been better suited, for the controversial, issues, side.... I did already post a topic, similar, over in a thread that is not open to newbies, before 100 posts........ Which was received, A lot, better .... Depending, on who you are, And the way in which you type to me , Depends on my discussion level, With you. # hashtag, Triggered. ........
  5. Oh, Beau, You always know how to lighte n up, and calm down, A forum that has gotten out of hand. I'm talking about the shrinking, middle class. The supposed, "back bone" of society. You know, all the, "normal" folk......... And as far, as appearance it starts with something, small. Something, unimportant. Something, that is seen, as, "not a big deal". First it's acceptable to wear this. Then that standard changes. Then the next standard, changes. Then the, next. Pretty soon, We are in the year, 2020, Living in a time that looks nothing like what it once, was, With the most, beautiful places you can ever strive to live, is now riddled with homelessness, and is in shambles. Unimportant, or what some might think is unimportant, details, Is what slowly eats away at a society, As a whole. Other than that, I'm not sure what to say. It took, several, hours, for the Titanic to sink, Longer for it to be built, However it happened in just a moment, on the big ole', Lovely, Hollywood, Screens. As long as we still have life preservers on our boat, I still have , Hope.
  6. Or actually, Flip this,. A,man, gets all the women, he wants, By behaving, badly , Or gets a lot of them, Which is also, Still not, attractive, Or healthy.
  7. I would like to refer you to a post, about, "Why do Christian women, still go for bad, boys?" Posted, by a man. When a man points out, That Christian women, Don't always behave, In a Christian, way, He is empathized with, He is exalted on, high, He is considered oppressed, By his, buddies, And the women are just, "bad girls", Rejecting, Probably, him, And looking in all the, wrong places and going for the wrong type, of guy..... When, a woman , Agrees, with, this, Or points out, That hey , There may actually be a reality , To this , She is still, Supposedly, Satan , And demonized, By other, women, And she is still, somehow behaving, badly , For agreeing, With the original, Concept. Either way, Women bad, Men can't get the women, they want. There is a point, to. It, And besides... It is kind of, Not cute.
  8. When a country has been on the brink of socialism, and or, communism, The worst thing that a millennial woman, Can say, Is not how they are unhappy with modern technology, Or the modern appeal of everything. Yes, everyone pray, And I would also proposition everyone to maybe think that they are pretty, Or handsome, Just the way, they are.
  9. To be completely honest, Our country has been on the brink, Of, socialism, And the worst thing, a, Woman, Can say, about, another, woman, Is, "I don't like overtly inappropriate, dress, and I prefer light, makeup, and I don't like it when men drastically alter their appearance, either, Because they are already, Attractive....... " That's the worst thing I can say ? I will pray for all of you, And continue to pray, For my house, and my finances, And my, country. Oy very.
  10. However, I will say, , Makeup can be used to draw attention, up and away from the body, And focus attention on a woman',s, face, So that is 100% , accurate. As, said, By, a, Duggar woman.
  11. Plain is pretty. Ayin. Women don't need, bells and whistles, They are already, pretty. However, I, will, say,........
  12. To be completely, honest, coming from Christians Themselves, a meme about, do not judge, With everything else, Crossed out, Is appropriate, Here.
  13. Obviously, I am already aware of a situation like this, And this is not what I am referring to , @DustyRoad. Also , I am not judging , Unnecessarily, Or without, Conviction.
  14. True, edited to say the church is usually right, And God is always right.
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