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  1. Hello I am Casper and I have just joined this forum. I am 38 years old and live in Sweden with my wife and two lovely children. In 2015 I had a big change in my life, because I lost both my arms at the shoulders in an accident. Right after the accident I struggled to find a reason to live, but God showed me a way. I gradually realized that I could be just as happy without arms, and I started to train my feet to be my hands. Now - 4 years later - I have learned to do almost everything with my feet and toes, and I love my new life I have started to do charity work to help others who struggle, and I have realized that my story can be a great inspiration to other people. That´s why I consider loosing my arms to be a gift and the best thing ever happened to me. Early on I decided to be very forward and open about how I live without arms and how I do stuff with my feet, and I love when people are curious and ask qustions. So if there is anything you want to know, just ask I joined this forum to meet other believers and share my story. Greetings Casper.
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