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  1. Dane


    ...would like to know how to insert profile picture and update info etc. - but maybe not a "forum topic".....
  2. Dane


    Thanks George and David! This place seems to be both good and interesting. Glad I ended up here and look forward to come here Dane
  3. Dane


    Hello everyone! I ended up here on this forum while searching the internet with an urge to interact with Christian people. But a quick chat wasn't possible :) I struggle with fighting inner demons, recognising and repenting sins, trying to read the bible and trying to make sense of it all. Like in I am NOT in a position to throw the first stone (I know, of course) and I know that I have a beam of wood in my eye. So for a long time I have been "quiet" because I felt I had to go through my own process before it was meaningful again to "have an opinion". But it is a bit difficult to be in a very antichristian setting (Scandinavia). Like my struggle seems almost sectarian, if that makes any sense? Well, anyway - hope this text shows that I am not a robot. Dane
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