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  1. I will be praying for you, I also regularly struggle with a lustful sin that I have noticed the affect it has had in my relationship with God, I too have slipped in and out of my faith. I found that frequent prayer to God helped a lot. Ask him to soften your heart and open your mind and eyes to see the love and grace he has for you. God loves us so much he will wait an always be there to forgive us, having a strong love for God is a conviction in itself to not sin. I hope you're path back to a strong relationship with Christ is filled with hope and Joy, life is not worth living unless it is for the God who created us. - Ben
  2. Thank you so much for your wise words desopixi, I believe this website has become a great help even I feel tempted and even though my battles are still hard and struggling, I am fighting to get better. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. - Ben
  3. Franco, I recently joined this place for help and support because I also struggle with the same addiction. God is always willing to forgive and he always is waiting for us to come to him, it is only ourselves that can turn away from God, he will never abandon us in these hard times. There are days where I have no problems and I find it's hardest for me when I have free time to myself, I find trying to keep myself busy prevents me from thinking those bad thoughts and keeps me from being able to watch porn. You will get through this Franco, submit yourself to the Lord and as for forgiveness and strength, he will guide you to every blessing he has in store for you.
  4. Thank you so much David, your wise words will be noted and I plan on keep myself occupied so my thoughts will not quite themselves to sinful things. - Ben
  5. Thank you show much Amanda, praise God for your support in reaching out to me. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, everyone here has given me good advice and I believe this page will become a strong part of helping me break my addictions and move towards God. - Ben
  6. Hello brothers and sisters of Christ, I am writing this prayer request for prayer of a very hard and painful struggle I've had with temptation, lust, and sexual sin. It had been eating at my heart and mind for over 6 years now and I want it to end, as I can not have a life worth living for God with these sins I carry. I have asked for forgiveness many times and tried to turn away but I fear that I have failed God, it scares me to think that and I want to pursue a great and obedient relationship with him. Please pray for me, and thank you for spending time to read and pray for me, God bless you. - Ben
  7. Hello my name is Ben, I'm here to look for prayer support and wisdom in my Journey with God, I find my faith and my strength wavers at times but I know got is good and patient. I praise God for this forum for me so I can find other brothers and sisters in C hrist for support
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