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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a brand new creature in Christ. I came to Christ on the 1st of January 2020, so I'm really a brand new baby that needs to be fed on the word. The devil did not wait long to show his ugly face and deceive me. I had blasphemous thoughts about Christ. ( Profane talk) I did not utter the words but I was thinking it. I am sure the devil remembers that I am well aware that God can read your mind. Satan surely remembers that I read up on the one unforgivable sin, that is blasphemy against the holy spirit. ( even though I'm convinced that sin is not valid today as it was when Jesus was still on earth.) The bottom line is the devil got to me. He casted those thoughts in my mind ( profane talk about Christ) and it messed with my faith as i had asked myself does a saved person do these things. It stole my peace and rest and it certainly robbed me of my joy. I confessed to God in prayer about this and asked him to strengthen me and help me. The same day as I looked into this I found that uncontrolled thoughts are a demonic problem. I also discovered that other people went through the same thing. So it became clear that this is what the devil does. His actually more cunning than I thought and it appears that we in a battle against him for your own mind. I found some useful ways to refocus one's mind when it drifts into negative territory. The best ofcourse is to meditate on the word and put on the full armour of God at all times. Satan the thief does not sleep. When we recharging our batteries, his plotting and planning his next scheme. That begs the question. What powers does the devil possess? What can and cannot he do? Can he hear my prayers? Can he see my future plans I wrote down in a book etc Surely one does not want to spend time focusing on the devil, while you can/need to focus on God but if one knows the powers he owns, you can probably be more aware and kind of arm yourself against his sly tricks.
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