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  1. Absolutely! In fact that would be an understatement. I know he is the risen Christ. He died for our sins to save us.
  2. About fifteen years ago. It started with sleep paralysis while living in sin. I won't go too far into that part of it but I will say that I believe sleep paralysis very demonic. I was surrounded by the darkness. It was terrifying. Well one night I have had enough of sin. I had a moment of serious repentance and wanted to get my life on track. I started to pray to God in my bed. I was not a Christian but I believed that there was a God, be it Buddha, Yahweh, Hindu Gods, Spaghetti Monster or whatever. I honestly thought that Christianity was the least likely of all of the religions to be true. Well as I prayed I started to hear voices answering me. Well not in the ears but in the mind. Absolute clear voices. I was astonished. We had dialog. I was asking these two voices about the spirit world etc. They were answering me but there was a sinister vibration about them. They seemed friendly but I knew they were evil. I learned that I had some spiritual discernment at that moment. During this dialog there was a dark emptiness in air. I could feel the hatred of me from these seemingly friendly voices, both male. Well the whole feel of the situation started to change. I felt something very good approaching. I started to see these blue crystals appearing with my eyes closed. They were folding outward towards me like they were growing. Almost rolling. Then I hear one of the voices say "What is he doing here?" and the other voice said "I don't know". I suddenly knew and said "God is here". Those two voices were now completely gone, they fled. I hear my name called. Then I hear it again and I know the voice. It is Christ Jesus. He doesn't announce who he is, there is no need to. He begins to speak and I feel a love that is absolutely overwhelming. I mean absolutely overwhelming, like nothing I have ever felt before in my life. A love that you never want to leave. A love that you want to feel every second of eternity, for ever and ever. And the most incredible part to me is that I feel like I know him, and he knows me. Like from before I was born or something. I'm astounded at this. So he calls my name twice and I answer..."Yes?". He says "You have sinned against the Lord". I hang my head in shame. In fact I feel like the lowest form of life on earth at this moment. Completely unworthy to be in his presence. But keep in mind during this I feel this love from him. A love unimaginable. "You have sinned against the Lord". I don't have to ask what my sin was. I have too many to count. I don't even question it. "You have three choices" he says. "You can die, go to prison or live with pain, extreme pain. But I will be with you and will bless you and many people will come to the Lord through you". I choose option three. Well here I am today, living with extreme pain. I am no preacher. No one has come to the Lord through me as far as I know. I am an introverted person. I am a baptized Christian now and love the word of God. I am now attending a church regularly. I don't really know anyone there besides the Pastor who baptized me and a few people I have met there. I am in the word everyday, devouring it every chance I get. I don't know what Gods plans are for me but the pain sure has came true. I expect that people will bash this thread and I don't care. I think it's important to share what happened to me. I don't care if 99.9% of people don't believe it. The 00.1% that does is the one God wants me to reach.
  3. Just trying to post something to be approved so i can post
  4. Hello, new from Oregon. I'm just starting this thread so I can post. I've got thing to say!
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