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  1. Does any have less respect or a lesser view of people like Jay Sekulow, Sarah Sanders, etc. for how they appear to be a mouthpiece for Trump? I know that Sekulow loves the Lord and has done a lot for Him, and I believe the same about Sanders. However, both of them have unknowingly or used plausible deniability to essentially lie for Trump or at least repeat his lies. How can a Christian be a mouthpiece for a proven liar and moral degenerate such as Trump? I know Sarah Sander had to have known she lied multiple times. At the least she repeated lies that I'm sure she knew full well they were. Maybe she reasoned in herself that it's Trump who is lying and not her.
  2. That's great that sports helped you while in Chicago. I'm sure it is a blessing to a lot of people. I just see so many people make idols of sports, and really when we think about it, people are paying homage to their idols when they wear sports jerseys, etc. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wearing jerseys, I just think some people place too much energies into those things.
  3. What do you guys think? Especially at this time of year and even beyond it seems like Americans focus and talk so much about sports. It's almost sickening to hear these analysts on ESPN talk about sports like they're dissecting a lung or something. I mean it just SPORTS!!! Contrary to common thinking, it ain't life. Sorry, I just get so tired of people putting so much energies into these stupid stuff of this life.
  4. Amigo42

    Being saved

    Yes, when one is truly born again, their spirit and soul are reborn through the power of the Holy Spirit. People are baptized in water and physical symbol of the inner baptism that should've already occurred. However, it's all about the heart, and God knows our heart. So, we can't fool Him. We must ALLOW the Spirit into us by full repentance and giving our hearts to God. This we will experience being born of the Spirit as Jesus said.
  5. What do you all think about Christians who make the theory or theories of evolution fit the Bible instead of the other way around? I've heard people twist themselves into theological pretzels trying to contort the Bible to fit evolution. For example, some Christians buy the preposterous concept that God made life evolve over billions of years instead of a literal seven day time period. This view is so unreal and comical in reality.
  6. Good morning. Have a blessed one.
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