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  1. No language barrier,but faith barrier The guys who condemning me here,the same kind of person condemned Job in BIBLE Maybe i should pray for GOD forgiving them as Job did But bcs they are the Christians and wrong useing the principle of Christianity I am afraid to live with them in heaven if they do not realize and repent their sin So guys Read the book of Job The judgment ,is already in BIBLE And we worked together fullfilling a testimony of BIBLE The testimony of book of Job Amazing the BIBLE Described the human so accurately No matter them traveled on camel thousands of years ago,or them travel in plane today
  2. Y say y are the Christian full of love and mercy Y can forgive the Cold-blooded killer But enjoy the welfare and protection for the women of the developed country ,and say y are in the same situation as the women in the third world Y learn these from JESUS?
  3. the man of sin In Thessalonians I think i already know who he is But i can not say bcs Political correctness come from SVC Maybe i will reveal my study before i die just for avoiding the persecution from Vatican root The middle age ,never gone,but from far-right to far-left Sad humanbeing Never rational
  4. What means Multiculturalism? I am the Multiculturalism My native Culture is a mixed Culture: Marxism+ Confucianism+ Buddhism(this is the Current situation in china) And Spiritually i am a Protestant Worldly i am the big fans of india But Multiculturalism does not means Multi-ethic-ism The only ethic i accept is Protestant Ethics So i can not understand the left wing,stand with the strict monogamym,but do not blame a man has 4 wives?and y call it is the Multiculturalism, i can not understand! The Culture and the ethic are totally different issue,i can mixed Various types of Culture on my own,but how can i mixed Various types of ethic in my one little head?
  5. As a peoson born in Buddhist Culture and is very intrested in india and believeing in JESUS I plan to make the detailed comparison in every aspect of these 3 religions /cultures I have already write the post in chinese forum,for years,but too disorderly I plan to neaten well and translate into english,and i think ,in this area,i am unique,and this is one of my callings
  6. I listen the sermons worldwidly ,most are the western pastors And widely communicate with the chinese Christians throughout china,more than a decade Seldom do i goto the public church And underground church?they collect donations from the west,keep the money ,and throw the Theological Books like the garbage ,the pastors scramble for the followers like the Cockfightings. The male Christians lure the Simple girls in the name of JESUS Arguing in forum and getting angry with so called “brother in LORD”,called the Muslims to beat his “brother in Christ” The chinese ,call themselves as the Christian,still the chinese,nothing had changed, No matter which church he enter i have experienced too much
  7. I am chinese and very interested in india Allthrough all be called religion The Hinduism is totally the different world,campare with the Christianity, I do not know how to explain The relationship between Buddhism and Hinduism ,is very similar with the The relationship between Christianity and Judaism The Buddhism is the main religion in china,i have lots of experience to argue with Buddhist They accept Jehovah GOD is the the Creator of the world ,and they think Jehovah GOD is the same Creator god named brahma in Buddhism,and ofcourse the Creator god in Hinduism I watched lots of indian films and TV shows,i feel the Hindus,have the same viewpoint The film<The Matrix> Is based on theory of Hinduism,mixed with Christianity and Buddhism So y can not persuade them Bcs they think their religion can contains the Christianity
  8. My thoughts? I knew SVC form the Buddhists In chinese forum,the chinese Christians fighting with the Buddhists violently And the Buddhists show us the SVC,blame us do not obey the Vatican I were confused and asked GOD And GOD leading me to observe the European Refugee Crisis
  9. The church does not preach the condemnation of sin strictly,is not the church about truth Would y pls recommend such a church to me?
  10. This is not the problem of y ,but is the problem of the world I used to complain to be a chinese woman,living in a third world country and as the woman grouply be eaten by chinese men But i realize that without suffering without understanding So do not try to compare with me My life ,is drawing by GOD leading me to the truth Even i tell y all i know to y ,y can not understand,bcs y have not the experience,and this is the sin of humanbeing
  11. This process ,maybe only means the theology to most of y But to me,it means life So i know The door is very narrow And in this age,i feel lonely,bcs the true believer of GOD,too little Most of y ,want to establish the righteous of y own,and neglect the righteous come from GOD
  12. So Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden........ Are all been forgiven???
  13. Every sin ?including idolatry, Pagan faith, atheism...?
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