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  1. the russians were and are the deceiver and robber,always!
  2. if the Americen fear,do y know how happy jim3 will be
  3. Several days ago I watched a documentary about a group of Copts who specialized in garbage collection in Cairo,they really live a very miserable life, and when I knew that they are the Christians from the Apostolic Age,and their history be the Christian is as long as the Europe,or even longer, I was really been shocked Bcs in BIBLE,GOD said: Exodus 20:5You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me,6but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation* of those who love me and keep my commandments. So I tried to find more information about them, then I found that in Islamic Egypt the whole nation of Copts were and are under the persecution generation after generation And here is the Copts in Wikipedia: and also ,here are the links of the “garbage collector” so ,my question is: why GOD did and does not take care of them ,and blesses them bcs of their faith ,just as he promised in BIBLE?scine there are the very early nation who converted to Christian faith.
  4. why i should depend on GOD,now i totally understand

  5. Under the evolutionism,do the western world still believe in GOD? Recent days I watched a lot of documentaries about the nature (from BBC and discovery channel),and all I heard is evolution, evolution, and evolution. So when I awake in morning,2 questions come to my mind: 1- all are the evolution,so there is totally no GOD 2- and then I aware that a person get this kind of information day by day,year by year,it is almost impossible to him to believe in GOD in china,lots of people hate Darwin’s theory,bcs the atheism(which is based on Darwinism)almost destroy our morality,and make china extremely corrupt,bcs the evolution,and we are just animals ,the very purpose of our life is just the survive and make our DNA pass down,so we do not need any morality,for survive,the Chinese can do anything evil (as evil as you can image)to earn money ,and according to evolution,you can not say it is worng, and also bcs of evolution(which brings atheism),people do not believe in gods anymore(the traditional china is polytheism) ,and do not fear the punishment from gods any more,the sinful nature of human being is like an opening Pandora's box ------as terrible as you can image. So when lots of Chinese aware the consequence of evolutionism ,they became the most radical anti-evolutionism,and the strong controversy about the evolutionism lasting for a long time in Chinese forum. surprisely, the most strong evidence the evolutionists give,are come from US,which we think the Christian nation,look at these: so my question is how can a person ,whom raised in evolutionism and living in evolutionism,believ in GOD?frankly to say ,the reason I believe in GOD is bcs I see the deadly consequence of atheism,but the people in western world do not have such experience and understanding,so although the mainstream of western is still be proclaimed as the Christian,but is it only the tradition,not the real faith?
  6. The 2 witnesses will be here on earth during the time of Tribulation when Christians will be absent, and what remains will be the unrighteous. They will be here to witness of the Messiah to the Jew. The Antichrist and the wicked world will hate them and kill them, but they will rise again to the world's astonishment. They will be here to witness of the Messiah to the Jew. ------------- pls explain me more about this
  7. Why the 2 Witnesses in Rev. will be hated by the whole world? Almost 1/3 of the world population are Christians. Although I know that the west world is drifting away from GOD But the very foundation and ethic of west is the Christianity And that will never be upside down And the Christian population is grow very rapidly in Africa and east(such as china and Korea) And this tendency seems will lasting for a long time So why the last 2 prophets, the living prophets ,the living Biblical people, the living people of God,the 2 Witnesses in Rev will be hated world-wide? the people read Bible and worship God everyday do not welcome God’s prophets ,it is can not be understand.
  8. In Bible ,GOD promised that the Israel will be re-establish and the descendant of Abraham will never lose their promise land again ------As Christian,we should obey GOD and working according to Bible,working with GOD to fulfill his plan(which was written in Bible) But what they did are directly contradict to Bible And now they are the obstacle of GOD’s promise and prophecy ,their too abundant “mercy”directly contradict to GOD’s will which was written in Bible,they have not read the story of king saul?
  9. Here is the news: American Presbyterian Church to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions claiming they profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine ----------I can not understand that Is this GOD’s will that the Jewish people re-establish Israel in the promise land? Is the re- establishment of Israel is the greatest miracle and testimony of Biblical prophesy? What these Churchs/Christians want to do? They hope Israel be destroyed, and the Jewish people lose their homeland again? and the credit of GOD(who promise the re- establishment of Israel and Israel will never be eliminated again)be destroyed before the eyes of whole world? They do not aware it will shaken the very foundation of Christian faith(which is based on GOD keeps his promise and fulfills his prophecy )? And,all in all They never have read the Book of Joshua? I can not understand.
  10. What’s y opinion about recent Israel/Hamas conflict
  11. The history speaks for itself - by their fruits you shall know them.
  12. the Crusades were for the Christian faith? I do not know the history of Crusades very well, but recent days took part in an argument about them(in Chinese forum),I said that the Crusades were for the Christian faith,but a guy told me that I am worng,they are for the wealth but under the name of JESUS, So who is right,he,or I? Pls explain me the reason of the Crusades.
  13. Our safety and happiness,depend on GOD’s faith and law

  14. i asked in 2011(according to Gideon's story),and in 2012,GOD launched a huge sign ,so i think if y ask for needs,not for testing GOD,it is ok
  15. we are all sinners,and no one is good