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  1. chinese culture hates women oh,not hates,eats chinese culture eats women
  2. It is not I but the westerners appealed to emotions not the reality,who obliged the German Chancellor Merkel to open the door of Europe widely for this boy’s death?
  3. 1/3of the mankind,1/4of the mankind,what make y think these people are all deserve to die Or let us discuss with more specificly and visually If this kid die before y eye,how do y feel? Atten pls, 1/3of the mankind,1/4of the mankind,there do will be involve in lots of little babies
  4. They never received the correct teachings. ------------------------- I do not think so,Bible is always there,and not complex,even a kid can understand what it says “y should do good,and do the right thing,if y do evil,do sth wrong,y will be punished” When we were little kids, parents taught us in this way,diffcult to understand?
  5. If y are living in the age of REV,and see the massacre from GOD with y eyes,what’s y feeling about it?can y still praise GOD ,and stand with GOD?
  6. It is extremely difficult to me to understand why in REV. GOD will kill without distinction,now little by little i think I may have some understanding The corruptted east and the over civilized west(the westerner pursue their own righteousness and neglect the righteousness from GOD,that not real humble and love and kind,that’s dull minded toward GOD and boasting themself)
  7. The political correctness,there is a Prophecy says that today’s west is over civilized,and someday it will be killed bcs of it,and now I think it may come to true Neurotic political correctness
  8. said if he becomes president he will legalize gay marriage --------------- What ???OMG,I am far more shocked! Do y know what this means?this means GOD gave the opportunity to US,and the Americans choosed to disobey GOD And we all know according to Bible, what this Process means
  9. Do not worry about GOD’s chosen people, my experience is :GOD leaded ,GOD is leading, and GOD will leading,yes ,it is not the religion,it is the truth about the eternal life
  10. I surely know US used to be a Christian country and I am deeply moved by it,bcs my university was founded by the church of US and it is do a story of glory testimony,and is one of the reasons I seeking GOD What I want to observe is toady’s world,I feel Europe is almost hopless,it will be Europe-stan,so I turn my eyes to US, frankly to say ,the gay marriage became legal was shocked me very much,And I am sorry to say that,maybe this is a signal of sth
  11. Frankly to say the living GOD never gave and gives me chance to choose,it is HIM choose i ,not i choose HIM
  12. Dear dude,trust me y need a doctor of mental disease
  13. Rich is never the vital issue Saudi Arabia is rich,but as a woman,if I am the citizen of Saudi Arabia ,I will curse my Birthday. -----oh I am sorry I am wrong,the women never be the citizen of Saudi Arabia,they used to be the furniture in the house in that country,but I heard that last year the status of women were promoted,now the status of women are equal to the mammal. If y are a woman,do y want to live in petroleum heaven???
  14. I'm surprised that our TV makes you think America is a Christian nation ????????????
  15. And other question: A Mouth ago I asked 2 brothers in LORD,they are all very earnest toward GOD One brother named yuan,and other named dong, I asked yuan: brother dong was graduated from the seminary,and according to the HR rule, if y will work in the same department in heaven,most probability he will be y superior .and bcs there will be no born and no death in heaven,and of course no retirement, no retirement means he will always be there and y will have no opportunity to be promoted do y will happily and willingly in this situation forever? brother yuan answered me:GOD appoint the people according to his honest(I do no t understand clearly what his mean) and the same question to brother dong and he answered: I feel satisfy I can go to heaven ******** So ask yself the same question: Image y will be someone’s subordinate in this forum,and totally hopeless to be promoted Decade after decade.a hundred year after a hundred,thoustands years after thoustands years How do y feel?
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